Encouraging Words
Oct 26, 2021

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This Awakening process sometimes seems hard. It may feel like we’re being pulled to the stretching point and turned
inside-out. In a way, that's exactly what is happening. The ego-mind is silly, it sees Life "backwards and inside-out"
as it strategizes ways to achieve its outcomes. We can forgive the innocent ignorance of the ego and extend this same
Grace to "ourselves" as we awaken.

Rest will be needed along the way with time taken to decompress and play. Rejuvenation and renewal are necessary
"repair and rejuvenation" aspects of change. We may need that extra down time for energies to harmonize, for shifts
to reach completion, for our next footing to stabilize. No gain is ever lost and every gain remains with us.

We’re assured that All is Well, we cannot "do" this spiritually-awakening process wrong. The mystery unfolds in the
perfect way for each and every one of us. The outcome, returning home to Know the Truth of Who We Are is guaranteed
as our divine inheritance.

Various teachers express the Certainty they've gained as the result of their release egoic identification. Eckhart Tolle
mentions that "the ego is an unsubstantial phantom which cannot prevail against the Power of your Presence."
Jesus mentions in Luke 17:1 "the Kingdom of God/Heaven is within you" and in John 10:10 " I am come that they might
have life, and that they might have it more abundantly". Byron Katie says "Everything happens for me, not to me".
The Course in Miracles states in Lesson W98.2:1-2 " How happy to be certain! All our doubts we lay aside today,
and take our stand with certainty of purpose, and with thanks that doubt is gone and surety has come."

Thank Goodness the Truth of Who We Are is unmoving, unchanging, eternal. That part of "us" which seems to be
changing is only the attachment to the egoic identity. The recognition of Who We Are is that which seems to grow.
Our very essence as Being-Consciousness never was, isn't nor ever will be in question or at risk. This is how
we can sit within the safety of the Truth of Who We Are. This I Am, our very Being-Essence is the unflagging
power that never fails to provide support along the way.

Sometimes during Awakening, we’re just bone-tired weary and feel worn out. Our pain-body seems too dense,
our conditioning seems too intense, our ego’s pull seems so strong. Spiritual reading might offer a pick-me-up
as encouragement or we might be just too frustrated for even a little encouragement. We just might need to
take a step back and play awhile. We can focus on something enjoyable, try something different, pick up a
hobby just to try it out. We can shake up the routine, climb up to the ledge of the particular rut we’re in and peek
over it to view new vistas.

Sometimes we get too serious about all this Awakening stuff and end up putting so much effort into it, that we
become weary. Think of the last time you saw a rain shower that dropped raindrops although the sun was still shining.
There were no dark overhanging clouds, just streaming sunshine peppered with droplets of rain. Just enough paradox
to shake up the expectation that rain always comes with darkness, thunder and lightning. Reconnecting with our joy
provides that little paradoxical fun time to break up the expectations of hard work.

A Course in Miracles mentions, “If a goal is possible to reach, the means to do so must be possible as well.”
“The means are second to the goal…yet how can they be difficult if they are merely given you? They guarantee
the goal and they are perfectly in line with it.” “To the extent you still experience it (discomfort), you are refusing to leave the means to Him…You recognize you want the goal. Are you not also willing to accept the means?”

It’s easy to get caught up in the misbelief that it’s up to us to change our conditioning, that "we" have to “do” it.
We forget that our part is so tiny, that we’ve to do so little. We might “work” at Awakening with all of the “doing”
we previously used to pursue goals in our world. We might suffer from performance-anxiety as awakening-anxiety
and become frustrated as though we should be “further along” the path.

A Course in Miracles offers, “The Self That God created nothing. It is forever complete, safe, loved and loving.
It seeks to share rather than to get, to extend rather than project. It has no needs and wants to join with others out of
their mutual awareness of abundance.”

The fear that we really might be the ego circles around to judge our “progress” and we fear that “seeing the ego”,
means we are the ego. Patience, patience, patience with our tender selves is needed. This is mighty, the shift that’s
happening and we’re doing okay. A Course of Love reminds us, “Your mind can just not accept that happiness as well
as meaning is due you through no effort of your own.” “This is the invitation to greet our Self and to find our Self
within this day. It asks only that we be open and allow giving and receiving as one to take place. It asks only that we
listen to our heart and let our True Self be heard.”

So, if we’re weary, we can rest. If we’re bored, we can sink into the boredom to watch it with neutral observation
of we can try something different. If we’re restless, we might activate the body to dissipate its energy while also
relaxing the mind, easing up. Play a bit, laugh a little, take a big, mighty breath. Growth comes as it comes,
we can allow and accept What Is, welcome the unfolding of the Truth of Who We Are. We're so worth the discovery!

With You as Awakening Unfolds

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