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Eight habits of Mentally Tough people
Nov 22, 2021

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They know what they control, they know what they can influence and they know what they can do nothing about. They do not spend their time “fighting windmills” wasting their energy where they have no impact.

They consciously take into account their emotional state and do not let the emotions of others dictate their actions. They are aware of where they are on their emotional “highway” and manage the manifestations of their emotions.

They set SMARTER goals; goals that are not only Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Trackable, but that are also Easily Readable. Major goals and commitments are kept visible to ensure prolonged focus.

They concentrate on their priorities; what is important and urgent for them to achieve in a given time-frame. They do not get side-tracked by trivia or urgencies that can be treated by others.

They make regular sorties out of their comfort zone in order to experience new and different situations. They are aware when they are developing “unhelpful” habits and are always looking for the means to develop and grow.

They review their failures in order to identify transferable learning and avoid making the same mistake twice. They take measured risks and are willing to “push the limits”

They are assertive; they are willing to speak up to defend their own opinions when challenged while respecting the opinions of others. They acknowledge the arguments of others and are not afraid to admit their doubts.

They have confidence in what they know and are comfortable with the fact that they do not know everything. They are “quietly confident” without the need to be the “centre of attraction”.

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