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How To Be a Happier Individual In 2020
Dec 9, 2019

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Most people often wonder how they will be happy with their lives. You are not alone if you have an urge to be satisfied. Happiness does not present itself; a person creates it. Satisfaction is independent regardless of the circumstances that you are going through, and it comes from the mind.

Acquiring some happiness is within your limits. You can decide to choose something to do everyday that makes you burst with joy. You should decide to have delight in the world that bursts with bad news, stress due to money, uncomfortable obstacles, woes from work, and struggles from relations.

Below are ways that you can practice to be a happier individual in 2020.

Be Gracious

Among the strategies that are the spices of being happy is gratitude. Having gratitude is when you choose not to focus on the things that you do not have; instead, you focus on the things that you have. If you enjoy your life and learn how to be thankful for the zeal and happiness that you are experiencing, then you have gratitude.

When you have gratitude, your health will improve. Additionally, your well-being will increase, and you will be more optimistic about life regardless of your current circumstances.


Though it is the nature of human beings to focus on their weaknesses, learn how you can focus on your strengths. Channel all your energy and time to your positive attributes. You should know that there is no perfect person. You will be frustrated if you majorly focus on building your weaknesses alone while forgetting your strengths.

It is an impossible thing to be a master of perfection at everything that you touch. Instead, let your focus be on your major strengths and channel them towards getting more opportunities in life. If you want to feel that you have reduced frustration, more balance, and accomplished, which leads to happiness, then ensure that you focus on your strengths.


Start with meditation if you crave with being happy. Furthermore, spend between ten to thirty minutes every morning in meditation. Your well-being will improve, and you will have a perspective of a life that is happier.

If you meditate, you will relax, and your spirit, body, and mind will be one with you as you will feel their connection to you. In your meditation, employ gratitude. Have positive thoughts and, importantly, listen to soft music.


Though it is hard to forgive, have a forgiving heart, and let go of the past. You will feel better and happier every morning when you have fewer grudges with people. View forgiveness as the gift you are awarding yourself but not to the events or people that you are trying to forgive.

If you practice forgiveness, your general well-being will significantly improve; you will strengthen the immune system, and also your anxiety will reduce. Check out thrive reviews on how to be happier.

Be Receptive

Accept situations as they come. Give yourself into feeling sadness or anger when the time arises. Do not struggle to hold your feelings though it is vital to let things pass. Though there are constructive ways and helps you in dealing with annoyance, locking it all inside will not help you in any way but bring more harm to you.

Findings show that when you let your feelings fade away rather than feel them, you will get overpowered by feelings of sincere regret. The 2015 results also state that crying is therapeutic. If you become more receptive, you will be happier.

Good Music

If you listen to good music, you will be happier. Listen to the music that you love. Through good music, your level of dopamine will increase, and you will get more feelings of pleasure and happiness; thus, you will be happier with your life.

Being happy in 2020 is not hard; have gratitude and be optimistic in life, and you will be more pleased.

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