Ditch Your Leggings To Look FAB In Everyday Classics, No Excuses
Jun 6, 2021

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I often wonder how do people decide what to wear on any given day. Every day no matter where I am, I see a sea of Lululemon leggings. We do our groceries, run errands, pick up children, or have a coffee date in our yoga pants. How come? What is it about tight leggings that make us gravitate towards them every morning? Yes, they are comfortable, but they are also workout clothes that are not flattering, polished, or chic.

I like clothes and thus often pay attention to what others are wearing. No matter where I am, I notice similar patterns. There are always groups of sporty young women wearing leggings and tight tank tops, teenagers who are wearing sweat pants and t-shirts, and polished women wearing dresses and high heels. And although I see a few parties rocking amazing outfits, the majority wear leggings and sweatpants.

I understand that these two items are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. I think some people spend their days in nothing but workout gear. And although I do not want to judge, I do wonder why.

Excuse: Leggings Are Comfortable

I understand that leggings are super comfortable. I recently bought a new pair of Lululemon's workout leggings, and I have to say that they are incredibly comfortable. It is almost like wearing nothing at all. They are my second skin, and I did not know this was possible until I bought them.

I wear Lululemon leggings each time I workout, and then I quickly change into my regular clothes. I have no desire to wear sweaty leggings outside for everyone to see and smell. I much prefer a simple look of jeans and a white tee.

And yes, compared to leggings, jeans are stiff, or more accurately, they used to be rigid. Nowadays, you can find the softest stretch jeans in any style and at any price point.

But although jeans and dresses work for me, I am not suggesting you need to stick to these two as well. There are other options that you might consider changing into after you workout.

  • casual wide-leg pants
  • linen straight pants
  • maxi skirts
  • rompers
  • polished Lululemon pants (the brand carries polished looking pants)

Excuse: Leggings Are Easy To Wear and Maintain

Yes, workout clothes are easy to wear and maintain. Often these garments are made from synthetic materials created to withstand stretching, bending, and pulling. The elastic material bounces back to its original condition in a matter of seconds. No one needs to worry about unflattering soggy bottom.

But synthetic latex material is not the only material that can withstand our demanding lives. There are excellent fabrics that deliver chic and practicality

  • Denim (durable, lasting, and easy care)
  • Linen (durable, lasting, stays clean longer)
  • Lyocell (eco-friendly, easy care)
  • Cotton (durable, easy care)

Excuse: Leggings Pair Well With Sneakers

If you are wearing workout clothes because you want to wear comfortable shoes, I will let you in on the secret. You can wear comfortable sneakers or trainers with dresses, skirts, or jeans.

Gone are the days when dresses had to be work with high heels, sandals, or fancy shoes. Pairing a dress or skirt with sneakers is fun. It adds dimension and an exciting twist to any outfit.

Excuse: Workout Clothes Are The Best I Have

I understand that sometimes workout clothes might be the best and most expensive garments we owe. The latex industry has a considerable share of the consumer market, and we love a new pair of lululemon pants. No matter the price. I get it.

But, having great workout clothes does not mean we have to short-change our whole wardrobe. Invest in a few fabulous dresses, a pair of classic-cut jeans, a few t-shirts, and a blazer. We owe more clothes than we need. Instead of buying lots of cheap garments, invest in fewer items that are timeless, chic, stylish, and worth the price tag.

Why Bother Dressing Up?

Well, for starters, it is fun once you get the hang of it. But the main reason it will make you feel better. When we see ourselves organized, well-dressed, and put together, our outlook on life shifts. The air gets a little bit pink, the harsh corners are smoothed, and life's challenges look more manageable.

The way we look also affects how others see us. How we are perceived and treated often depends on what we wear. A sloppy look tells others that you do not care about yourself or others. A polished look makes a positive impression and improves your chances of success.

I know it is hard to let go of your favorite yoga pants or sweats, but do it to better yourself. Invest time and energy to improve your lifestyle to be noticed, valued, seen, and ultimately recognized for who you are after a good dress gets you into a door.

Fashion and style are powerful tools that open doors and present opportunities. People subconsciously lean towards others who wear polished, simple looks. And even though the facade might not reflect who you are at 100%, others perceive your clothes as a window into who you are. So project the best possible version of yourself to achieve more, get further, and smile while doing it.

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