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Difference Between Imagination and Visualization
Dec 29, 2020

What is the difference between Imagination and Visualization?

Imagination can be defined as the image in action inside your head whereas visualization is all about visuals in your inward eye. The latter is possible when some instances have already occurred in your life or if you have the image in your mind.

Imagination and its types

Imagination can be bifurcated into creative and synthetic.

1 - Creative imagination is all about inventing something new like a stool or a chair and the idea behind the cause was to sit comfortably rather than sitting on a rugged surface.

2 - Synthetic imagination is all about creating an upgraded version of a particular object or an idea say a chair or any book. The same object was created in a different synthetic way with new looks. For example: today we can see various kinds and styles of fan but the first fan used was a handmade fan.

What are the sensory organs?

Every living being has five sensory organs, they are: eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and touch. If we compare a human being and an animal, the animal can make use of the senses much better like smelling, sharp hearing or vision during the night etc.

What makes us different from an animal?

As the proverb says, a human being is a thinking animal; the answer to the question is the power of imagination that we possess. Whenever we are stuck due to some problem, we instantly jump on to solutions and get perplexed but rather we can calm ourselves down in a given situation and then think or imagine the various outcomes.

There are many people who don’t believe in the law of attraction and that is fine because they would have taken more effort to achieve their dream. Nevertheless we can consider that an image that we hold in our heads can make us go towards or away from a job, or a person or a situation.

For instance, if a person has an experience of drowning in a pool but then he or she got saved or is alive. The memories which he or she carries about the incident will always be there and will be triggered whenever they see a water body. So the best thing to do is to undergo therapy to restructure our image which has been anchored due to past references.

So from the above context, it’s very clear that many of us would be stuck from taking actions to move forward and this inaction will put your life to degrade or to go back in reverse gear.

So if we choose to move forward in the New Year, 2021 with the resolutions, decisions, and actions then we must make bigger pictures of ourselves, get hold of it and see or visualize the target that you want to achieve.

This is as simple as the law of compensation; what you give out comes back to you in equal amounts. So focus on giving our energy in a compounded way towards what you want to be.

Therefore, rather than thinking about things which are not working for us, it is good to focus on things which you desire for. We can visualize or creatively imagine any thought and hold on it for longer times.

If a photographer holds on to an image of award-winning, then his or her actions will be directed towards taking actions accordingly. If you are a designer then you can affirm yourself of your clients always choose you and you make an excellent design or embroidery for them.

Similarly, if you are a motivational speaker, you should visualize that your clients are happy with the work you or the talk you provide, or by your presence.

Whatever we choose to be happen in our mind first, so if we affirm a particular thought automatically our new thoughts will be anchored and our destructive self-image will die because we do not entertain it anymore.

In conclusion, you can visualize something that you have already imagined in a creatively or a synthetically as discussed before.

So keep practicing gratitude, visualization, and imagination and your life will change from wherever you are right now.

“As withIN, so withOUT”.

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You can only visualise something that you have seen before or imagined. Also focus on positive outcomes as the picture in the mind changes completely. Hence the negativity can come from…

Visualisation of past traumatic memories.

Imagining a new scenario/scene something you are scared of

Or Telepathy someone else thinking about you in a way which is creating fear and doubt.

Remember you have a free will to reject or accept thoughts.

Loads of Love

Eva Glain3y

Hello! Thanks a lot for the article! And I'm still wondering - what is more likely to attract negativity - visualization or imagination?

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