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Core Spirit Launches Videos
Jul 9, 2021

Reading time 5 min.

Core Spirit has finally launched its most desired feature – video section. The platform now hosts videos from world’s best practitioners on health, wellness, spirituality, technologies and innovations. Core Spirit is now becoming ‘the wellness YouTube’ for those looking for high quality content that serves the purpose of human and planetary enhancement.

Practitioners, mentors, coaches and healers are now welcome to upload their video content, both paid and free. Courses, trainings, lectures and free samples of their work can be shared to educate, entertain and inspire the audience from all over the world.

If there is a concern bothering you, be it back pain, career crisis, loneliness, anxiety or anything else that affects your physical, mental or emotional health, Core Spirit is the place for you to alleviate your pain through healing under the caring guidance of the best practitioners.

If, on the other hand, you have already passed your concerns and are looking for something deeper and greater, the platform will unlock your superpowers and you will learn that you are capable of much more. Live longer, stay young and strong, develop your extraordinary abilities with Core Spirit.

Along with articles, sessions and events, videos on Core Spirit will bring you closer to the goal whether it is to heal your wounds or go beyond the norm.

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