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Chakra Healing

Mar 3, 2021
Jessica Olson
Core Spirit member since Jan 28, 2021
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I talk about chakras and energy and balancing and healing often, but what does that really mean?

Chakras are energy centers that sit along the spine. In Sanskrit, chakra translates to “wheel”, so you can imagine chakras as little wheels of light that emanate through the body front to back.

We have 7 main chakras that sit along the spine; root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye , and crown. Each chakra correlates to a color and it’s vibration and frequency affects our vibrational signature. Our vibrational signature is our individual vibration based on our level of consciousness and energetic frequency. This signature is greatly affected by our chakras being fully balanced, healed and activated.

Throughout our life, we experience wounds, traumas and situations which all cause harm to our energetic frequency and chakras. Each chakra can be linked to specific areas of our emotions/physical symptoms and past trauma.

The root , for example, is our grounding and safety center. It’s red and is the densest of the colors because it’s the base chakra that grounds our soul into the body and our body I to this Earth experience. When the root is imbalanced, then we are in a fight or flight and survival state of being. Responding in fear and constantly anxious about feeling comfortable in our body and seeking a sense of security.

The root sits at the base of our spine, anchoring the soul into the body, and all the way at the top of our head sits the crown chakra. This is our portal to the divine consciousness. As we heal, open and expand all the chakras below it, we allow the greatest transformation and connection to our divine source. As we experience the soul awakening and connection to the divine, then we also grow into our psychic gifts, which we all have access to.

This powerful awakening of the super human potential is what society suppresses as a whole. Keeping us on the hamster wheel of survival and working to death, without truly living. When we go inward, we learn to trust our divine connection and higher self instead of looking outward. And when we understand God is the power within us all, that is where the greatest transformation takes place.

Chakra and energy healing has become a passion of mine, and I love sharing the information with others, so as I finish up the first season of my podcast, I will be putting together a chakra healing course so that everyone can experience the powerful awakening that comes with working through the chakras. I’m hoping to have this ready by end of March or early April so stay tuned for more info!!

You can also book a session with me now for a chakra balancing meditation.

With Love and gratitude,

Jess Kannel

The Holistic Frugivore

Jessica Olson
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