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Psychic surgery
$180 USD
Full life psychic reading

Tells you past present future love marriage career and family you also get to ask as many questions as you like

Amy Jenner
Psychic surgery
$75 USD
healing session
Seven Chakra opening & Cleansing

In this session I’ll be doing A chakra opening and cleansing. Due to the fact that the Chakras will be open A cleansing is required to balance. These main seven chakras runs up the center line of the nervous system,up your spine line probably about 2 inches inside your body. They have a front and back and it is as follows first Chakra is the root at the bottom of your spin the foundation of you. This chakra relates to your survival your bills, your house, your job etc. second chakra is the sacral chakra it’s associated with the emotional body, sensuality and Creativity. This chakra forms your deepest connections with sensitivity and passion. The Third chakra is your solar plexus at the bottom of your rib cage. now your fourth chakra your heart chakra, and fifth chakra Throat chakra , the sixth chakra third eye, and lastly the seventh chakra crown chakra. I’ll be using natural healing Stones And a Reiki Corresponded doll to connect with you. everything will be done distantly All I ask is that you get in a relax spot as I begin your chakra opening and cleansing .

Reiki Healing By Thomas
Psychic surgery
$10 USD
healing session
Psychic reading

Hello, I am a remote viewer. Love and Relations are my specialality. I have great insight with my clients also in the work arena and future events. I was born with my gifts. At the age of two (2) was when I started forming complete sentences. I was sharing events of spirituality and things yet to come. I am blessed with the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudiant, and remote viewing. I use my abilities daily to walk in protection and wisdom. As we come together in spirit, let us seek the truth that will give you peace, promise, opportunity, and a sense of created balance. A caller can expect the courtesy of me listening and looking into the spirit world. I will deliver them answers in detailed description of what I am being shown. Let me see into the spirit world and seek out your questions that the universe would share with you today! When giving your reading, please do not interrupt so that the Holy Spirit my flow. At the end of your reading you will be able to ask all the questions you want. ***ALL READINGS ARE FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.THANK YOU, I am Psychic readings available on the phone Find out what’s in store for you I am an experienced psychic reader and adviser I have many gifts and many years of experience I am a fifth generation psychic healer and advisor I have over 30 years experience or others have failed I have always exceeded I can tell you past present and future help you within your chakra balancing aura cleansing cleansing
Spiritual health reuniting twin flames spell work finances love career goals removing blockages past life aggression and so much more please do not hesitate to reach



Nina Demetro
Registered individuals enjoy all the possibilities of Core Spirit.