Arm Lift
Apr 13, 2021

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Armlifting-literally translated from English means “lifting with your hand”. This name fully reflects the essence of the exercise. The athlete must lift a large weight with one hand, without helping himself with any devices, or with his free hand.

The difficulty of training is that the entire load during the grip falls only on the hand and forearm, so they should be as developed as possible.

For armlifting competitions, as well as for training, a special projectile is used, which is called Rolling Thunder (literally translated from English – “rolling thunder”, but athletes call it “Thunderclaps”).

The projectile is a load of various weights, which has a round rotating handle, with a diameter of 60 mm. It is for such a handle that the athlete needs to lift the projectile, demonstrating the maximum strength of the grip and hands.

History of occurrence

Some athletes mistakenly believe that the history of armlifting began in 1920. According to this version, the ancestor of this sport is Hermann Gorner, nicknamed “The Mighty”. During his speech, he demonstrated a block weighing 330 kg, to which a handle was attached.

After Mighty was able to lift this weight with one hand, his achievement became considered a world record. In the future, many athletes were able to break his record.

In fact, the history of armlifting began in 1993, when the company for the production of simulators “IronMind” released the simulator “Thunderclaps”.

Initially, the simulator was used for training aimed at developing strength, and then grew into a separate sport. Perhaps the popularity of armlifting is justified by the fact that it is never possible to guess the outcome of the competition. The strength indicator in this case does not depend on the appearance of the athlete and on the degree of muscle development.


The rules of armlifting are quite easy to remember. At the same time, you will not be able to perform the exercise without preparation, despite its apparent simplicity. During the approach, the overall physical strength of the athlete is not important, only the strength of the grip is important.

For the exercise, you can only use the original rolling produced by the company “IronMind”. Before the competition, the organizers unpack the original packaging, making a video about the appearance of the box and the projectile itself, as well as its first use.

The order of the exercise is as follows:

Starting position-the body is straightened, the legs are shoulder-width apart, the projectile is between the legs.

When taking the handle, the thumb should be on top, and all the others should be parallel to it on the other side of the handle.

It is forbidden to hold the handle with any other grip, except for the closed one.

During the exercise, the fingers should only be on the handle, you can not touch the non-rotating parts of the projectile, even accidentally.

After lifting the load, the body should fully straighten up

As soon as the athlete hears the judge’s command, he must calmly lower the load to the floor, you can not throw rolling.

During the exercise, the feet should remain in place. A step to the side, even a short one – is a reason not to count the exercise.

In armlifting competitions, the athlete is given one minute to perform the exercise. During this time, you can make several attempts to lift the weight.

During the lifting of the rolling, it is allowed to suspend its movement, and then continue its lifting. However, if the load goes down during the stop, this attempt is not counted.

During the competition, you can use magnesia. However, you can not bandage your palms.

The free hand should not touch the hip or other parts of the body, and certainly should not help in lifting the rolling.

You can learn more about the rules and methods of performing the exercise in training videos or directly in training with a personal trainer.

World Armlifting Association

World Armlifting Association-started a new stage in the development of armlifting. It was created in 2010, not so much to support athletes, but to establish a new sport on the world stage. They developed their own standards and rules, and became organizers of large-scale competitions around the world.

To date, several dozen tournaments have been held around the world, in which weightlifters, arm wrestlers, strongmen, wrestlers and other athletes have taken part. The first president of this organization was elected Filimonov Alexander Anatolyevich, who at that time was the president of the Russian Armsport Association.

What is the attraction of armlifting for its fans?

If you ask the athletes what they like so much about armlifting, surely each of them will name their own reason for loving such competitions. This is a truly unique sport, where everyone who spends enough time training and practicing will be able to compete.

Armlifting records

In Russia, the first armlifting championship was held in 2010 and was organized in Podolsk. It was at these competitions that two records were set, which to this day no one has managed to break.

Records are recorded according to the World Armlifting Association:


+110 k-Alexey Tyukalov-148 kg (own weight) weight 123 kg) Russia-Finland (note: Absolute record)

110 k - Kulyasov Sergey-120.5 kg (own. weight 98.4 kg) Russia

90 k-Bashun Viktor (Viktor Blud) – 115.5 kg (own weight) weight 84kg) Russia

70 k-Alexey Laptev— 100.5 kg (own weight) weight 68.4 kg ) Russia


+90 k-Kopaigora Grigory-103 kg (own weight) weight 99.4 kg) Ukraine

90 k - Omelyanenko Oleg -97.5 kg (own weight weight 84.5 kg) Ukraine

70 k-Alexey Laptev — 100.5 kg (own weight) weight 68.4 kg ) Russia


+60 k-Lyudmila Gaiduchenko – 68 kg (own weight) weight 91.2 kg) Ukraine

60 k-Dvorskaya Yulia - 50.5 kg (own weight) weight 55.9 kg) Ukraine

Veterans (+40)

+90 k Oleg Melentyev – 135.5 kg (own weight) weight S. V. 142 kg) Russia

90 k Khasai Khvich – 98.5 kg (own weight) weight 89.9 kg) Ukraine

Example of training programs

For training, two types of vultures are necessarily used – with a diameter of 5 and 7 centimeters. Before the start of training, a warm-up is mandatory, then the athlete proceeds to holding the neck, holding the rolling, and finally-holding the selected weight. The program and the specific weight are determined separately for each hand.

Training begins for the hand that the athlete has weaker, in order to pump it as quickly as possible. When choosing a weight, you need to start from the fact that it was really hard, this is how you can increase your strength and endurance.


Novice athletes of armlifting often make mistakes in training, which can lead to injuries, as well as incorrect performance of exercises that will not be counted at competitions.

The exercises should be performed as slowly as possible. First, the slow performance of the exercise will allow you to pump up the muscles as quickly as possible, and secondly, it will avoid injuries.

During training, the roller should not touch the leg or other parts of the body. You can not help yourself to lift the load, the projectile rises only by the effort of the hand and forearm. After lifting the weight, the athlete must fully straighten up, only in this case, the performance of the exercise will be counted by the judges.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the free hand should not touch any parts of the body.

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Ashley Bell
May 18, 2021

I had no idea that armlifting could be so interesting! thanks for this article!

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