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Body Lift

Apr 13, 2021
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What is body building?

Body lifting (torsoplasty) is a plastic surgery that removes excess skin from the abdomen, back, thighs, and buttocks.

Important! The goal of body lifting is not to remove fat deposits, but to adjust the body shape after losing excess weight.

Indications for the operation

Bodilifting is not done for everyone. You will need it for those who have flabby and sagging skin that has arisen as a result of a sharp weight loss of 30 or more kilograms.

Often come to the office of a plastic surgeon:

women after childbirth;

elderly people;

people who have had a stomach resection;

survivors of severe illnesses.

All of the above affects the condition of soft tissues. The skin sags, becomes flabby and only the operation is able to remove such shortcomings.


Remove sagging skin surgically can only be those people who have no contraindications. Absolute values include:



heart disease;

vascular diseases;

serious kidney disease;

problems with blood clotting.

Temporary contraindications: infectious


skin diseases;

cuts, wounds;



Attention! It is not advisable to do a circular lift if you plan to become pregnant or lose weight in the future.

Preparing for body lifting

You can not lie down on the operating table without prior preparation. These include examinations (laboratory and instrumental) and a number of restrictions that the patient must follow.

If you want to do body lifting, you should:

stabilize your body weight;

get rid of all dermatological problems;

give up smoking;

cure infectious diseases;

visit the hospital for diagnostic purposes.

Be sure to visit the anesthesiologist’s office. This solves the question of what kind of anesthesia will be used. It can be general or local.

General anesthesia examination

Those who plan to do body lifting under general anesthesia will have to take: a

clinical blood test;

blood for AIDS, RW, hepatitis;


blood on the rh factor, group;

biochemical analysis;

urine (general analysis).

Also, they must undergo:


abdominal ultrasound;

a cardiogram;

ultrasound dopplerography of the lower extremities.

The examination ends with a visit to the therapist.

Examination under local anesthesia

If the operation is performed under local anesthesia, then the patient is referred to:

clinical blood test;



blood tests for HIV, hepatitis, RW;

a cardiogram.

In this case, it is also necessary to consult a therapist.

Attention! In the presence of chronic diseases, the list of examinations increases. There is also a mandatory consultation of a narrow specialist, depending on the pathology. For example, a neurologist, gynecologist, cardiologist.

Operation progress

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how bodilifting goes: They

do anesthesia. The drugs and the type of anesthesia are selected in advance. General anesthesia is usually used.

Make cuts. On the eve of the operation, the surgeon and the patient discuss all the options for incisions. In torsoplasty, they are made in a circle, covering the entire body. Make them so that then the scar tissue was not visible under the underwear. In the back area, one incision is made along the upper edge of the ilium, the second-above the sacral zone and at the gluteal muscle. On the abdomen-above the pubic area or the skin fold. The navel is not touched — the skin around it is cut off.

Remove sagging skin. Initially, remove the skin with adipose tissue in the lower back and back. Then the patient is turned over and the abdominal area is worked on.

The remaining fabric is shifted. Immediately there is a fixation of the navel at a certain level.

Perform a dressing. This will help protect the sutures from infection. Sometimes drainage pipes are installed. This is done in order to remove excess fluid.


After bodilifting, the patient is placed in a hospital. You will have to stay in the hospital for at least a week. All this time, the patient will feel severe pain, so it is mandatory to take painkillers that the doctor will prescribe. He will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection.

In the future, for 3-5 weeks, you will need to wear compression underwear, which will minimize swelling and help you recover as soon as possible.

About a month is forbidden: to

play sports;

lifting weights;

take a steam bath (in saunas, baths, baths, take a hot shower);

visit swimming pools, rivers and other bodies of water;

take alcohol, smoke.

After 1.5-2 months, you can already do all the usual things. At this time, there is no swelling, pain and all complications are excluded.

The final result will be visible in 1-2 years. To keep it as long as possible, you need to monitor your body weight.

Possible complications

Complications are extremely rare if the plastic surgery is performed by a qualified surgeon and the patient is carefully examined and prepared beforehand. In the case of any violations, in the postoperative period, there may be:


large scars and welts;





seam divergence;

loss of sensitivity;

fluid accumulation;

heart or breathing problems;

the appearance of flabby skin again.

To avoid the appearance of complications, it is necessary to take seriously the preparatory stage, the examination and the choice of a doctor.

Bidilifting prices

The cost of bodilifting is different. It depends on the amount of work, the degree of flabbiness of the skin, the qualification category of the doctor and the clinic. Also, the amount will include all medicines and equipment used.

Popular questions

Let’s look at the most relevant questions that patients ask plastic surgeons.

What areas can be used for body building?

The lift is performed on any part of the body. Most often, this is the inner side of the arms, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, chest.

Will the scars remain?

After bodilifting, scars will definitely remain, but how noticeable they will be depends on the qualifications of the surgeon and how the recovery period will pass.

When can I start playing sports?

You can do sports no earlier than in 2-3 months. Not counting walking.

Why is it undesirable to get pregnant after bodilifting?

After the operation, the skin is no longer capable of strong stretching. This can lead to complications later in life. It is also worth considering that the skin will stretch again and the lift will have to be done again.

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