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2 min.
Medical intuition
Jul 28 2022
Is your body keeping you stuck?

Did you know your body can contribute to keeping you stuck in your life? Perhaps you are trying to recover your health, create a new business, or change someth…

Sarah Lascano
2 min.
Medical intuition
Sep 9 2021
What is Intuition

So many people especially businessmen, logical thinking people, and linear mindset behavior look at my life, judge it, question it, and wonder how on Earth is …

Colleen Gallagher
2 min.
Medical intuition
Jul 1 2021
Past Lives Offer Modern Healing

If you have a chronic health condition – chances are, it has had an impact on you in the emotional realm as well. Since modern doctoring tends to compartmenta…

Tammy Russell
Medical intuition
Jun 30 2021
Misconceptions of Health Concerns

Chemo is often being recommended but it has made people so sick, it has made people search out almost futuristic thinking - advancements in Cancer Theory for o…

Ian Hosein
2 min.
Medical intuition
Mar 22 2021
Medical Intuitives and their abilities

A Medical Intuitive is a psychic or intuitive counselor who specializes in perceiving information concerning the human body. A Medical Intuitive can energetica…

Demi Powell
1 min.
Medical intuition
Jan 12 2021
TOP-5 CORE SPIRIT BEST practitioners, August 2020

We score our practitioners according to their activity: including published articles, added services and provided videos for Сore Spirit. The best (most active…

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