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Jul 7, 2020


• Everything that happens is within the Law.

• The “I want” leads us to discover the existence of the Law.

• What we need leads us to the discovery that it is necessary to obey the Law.

• It is impossible to miss what we need to grow spiritually.

• Being aware of the existence of the Laws of the Universe and of Life helps us to free ourselves from suffering, conflicts and fear.

• Respecting the experiences of others and being ready to serve them not subject to any conditions is to express love in human relations.

• Nothing is created; everything is manifested or un-manifested from pre-existing.

• The Law of Polarity makes it possible for creation to exist or manifest. The masculine principle is transmitter and creator and the feminine principle is receiver and container.

• We act within the Law of Evolution when we undertake or allow learning.

• In each place only that which must exist and happen does and nothing happens to anyone that is not meant for them.

• The key technique for harmony is respect, which is expressed by accepting and supplementing personal experiences with those of others.

• Instinct is not rational or emotional, but automatic.

• Expect something and you will be disappointed.

• The real opportunity is the opportunity to learn.

• Through activities (roles) we learn what we need (destiny) and we fulfil the purpose of love in life (mission).

• When we recognise we do not know, it is possible to set about learning and opening the flow of information of wisdom to us.

• I can’t stop suffering unless I accept; I can’t accept what I have not understood; and I cannot understand unless I had the experience, or I know how the Laws of the Universe operate.

None of what has been said here should be believed nothing should be taken as true or fact; we must practice and verify whether in our own lives this information works and produces satisfactory results.

As long as we do not know, ten we have no alternative but to believe, but it will be wiser to believe in something that brings us peace, harmony or a hope of something better, than hold on to beliefs that bring us suffering.

With this information we have three alternatives for action:

1. We can keep in our library.

2. We can carry it around with us and show everyone.

3. We can integrate the information within us, so that it becomes how we act.

Only in this last case will we obtain satisfactory results!


Mental reprogramming to flow with the Laws.

In order to flow with the Laws and manage vital energy it is helpful to repeat the following phrases very frequently:

• “I have all I need to be happy.”

• “I won’t allow any situation outside me to disturb my peace and tranquillity.”

• “My happiness only depends on me.”

• “People are not good or bad. Everyone does the best they can according to their level of ignorance or wisdom.”

• “I’m the most important person for me and I’m committed to making myself happy.”

• “I’m grateful for everything I have because it enables me to access increasingly better things”.

Training to become “wise”

Once you have this information, you must verify whether it is true through the internal and external results that you obtain from your experiences.

To act as “the wise” do, practice exercises to desensitise feelings with mental reprogramming in difficult situations. When facing your own mistakes or those of others, try to find what is positive behind them, i.e. learning, so that your conflicts disappear and you are able to stop suffering.

Think always the best, say what is appropriate and do so when is necessary.

Exercise to recognise the Law of Warning

To learn to recognise the Law of Warning, we have to develop the skill of observing repetitive details, and the ability to learn from simple tasks in order not to complicate our personal destiny. Therefore, in any uncomfortable situation that life presents you with, you should always ask yourself: “What is it I have to learn”? “What is it I have to change?” “What is it I’m not accepting?”

To recognise the warning you must observe the signs, which may be anywhere. For example, if someone you know offers you a card and tells you to ring them, or if you lose your wallet despite being very organised.

Exercise for inquiring of life: The Law of Two

This involves making a list of things that you would like to do but that you have not yet done. Give yourself the opportunity of inquiring of life whether what you would like to do is available to you or not.

If it is, it will be perfect, if it is not, you just accept it.

For example, you would like to travel to Africa. By finding out about the trip and how much it costs, you will understand whether you can do it or not, and in either case it will be marvellous, because life is answering your question.

With this exercise we want to verify life’s answer, not the one we want or imagine, in order to learn if can do it or not, and in either case it will be marvellous, because life is answering your question.

With this exercise we want to verify life’s answer, not the one we want or imagine, in order to learn to obey the Law.

If you always do the same thing with the same attitude, you will always obtain the same result. Change the information, change the attitude and you will change the results!!!!

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