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Reflections on the states of the brain in times of quarantine!

May 7, 2020
Johann Strerath
Core Spirit member since Feb 28, 2020
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How to live the present moment without the anxiety of the future that is certainly unknown? And how to hide from the unconscious fear that the past hides on the deepest of our memories?

Those are probably some of the questions that we, as humans might be currently experiencing in such crucial times, in which everything, and I mean everything is somehow been forced by the Universe to be reformulated deep inside our souls.

In such times of quarantine, both, the memories of the past are as vivid and present in our minds, as well as the anxiety of whatever that we do not know yet, will happen after the pandemic is completely controlled.

How to deal with such inner conflicts that might appear as our worst enemies in our own heads?

As a coach and therapist, I must be honest that I do experience such moments as well as any other human being. However, the way in which I am choosing to feed in my thoughts, my emotions, and my state of spirit every day when I wake -up, are most definitely making a tremendous impact on how my days move along.

Being in social isolation, is in fact an opportunity to work on my deeper self, to continue connecting to my roots, to my essence, to everything that my memories have stored for many years. It is also a gift from life that invites me to look and work on my dreams, on my vision of the future that still does not exist, but that I am constructing while I am consciously breathing and taking the actions to make them solid.

The key ingredient in this short note is to reflect for a moment on the present moment.

By being present, I mean that absolutely nothing else matters in this precise moment, but my breathing, my thoughts, my emotions, my state of spirit, and my body. Being connected to all these four states, which in fact originate in the brain, and interconnect one with the other, makes me pass through the experience of simply being. Without any expectations or judgments, without any fears or worries; without anything that can interfere with the energy of simply being alive that resides inside my inner self and connects me with my higher self as well.

So, in the spirit of not simply sharing this as my own personal reflection, I want to add the questions that come to my mind right now, in an effort to invite whoever is reading this to reflect on them as well.

From the mental state point of view, I must emphasize on the kind of thoughts that I am currently feeding. Am I feeding my brain with negative and invasive thoughts? Or, am I really trying to feed my mental state with thoughts of gratitude, abundance, productivity, and orienting my focus to meaningful results?

From the emotional point of view, I am looking to connect with both, feelings, and emotions that I am currently passing through. What am I feeling, versus, what am I choosing to feel in this precise moment? If for any reason I am feeling sad, lonely, or even desperate, can I choose to feel different? What if I choose to embrace the feeling of inner peace by simply choosing this moment as a gift that the Universe is giving me?

How do I see myself in this moment? How do I choose to see myself? Am I seeing myself as an insignificant human being? What if I could choose to see myself as a unique soul full of potential, creativity, freedom to create a much better version of what I currently think and feel about myself?

And what about my body? When I look in the mirror, what do I physically see? Is that the body that I am currently feeding to protect my inner soul? What am I doing with what I really see in myself as a human being?

Deep inside me there is a soul that needs to live on a physical body full of energy and light. What if I could simply start moving and getting in motion? Would that make a difference for all these bones and muscles?

Despite the reactions that might come along with such reflections, it is crucial to understand that there are no right or wrong answers, there are no immediate solutions, and no sudden results! Everything is happening and transforming in the most perfect moment and its own time. That is the wonder of the Universe in which all of us, you and I are connected!

If I might conclude with a piece of advice though, I would say: Let´s keep it simple! Let´s focus on the present by simply breathing!

By Johann Strerath, May 7th, 2020

Johann Strerath
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