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Everything You Can Do With Essential Oils & More
Feb 27, 2020

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There are a lot of different ways to use essential oils and some of them are not talked about every often. This is an unfortunate situation since oils can really make a difference in an individual’s life. Since there are different ways to use oils, you will also need to be aware of what you should not use essential oils for. This can be done with some research and talking with others. Focusing on how we can use them is exciting and helpful for any essential oil user. Get ready to find out more ways to use essential oils and how they can benefit your life.

Here are 5 different ways to use essential oils in your life:

Your Home Life

Home is a word that has a lot of meaning behind it. Going home should be a pleasant experience and a good way to ruin this is to come home to a home that does not smell so great. Essential oils can make your house smell great when you come home without the harsh effects of candles and other scent diffusers.

You can also use essential oils in your bedroom, in your food, and for cleaning. You do not have to use them for everything in your house if you do not want to. Use them where you see fit and where they benefit your home the best.


Some people love to exercise more than others. A good way to get yourself motivated or enhance your workout is to use Young Living Essential Oils along with your workout.

Whether you are doing an intense cardio workout or just want to do some relaxing meditation, essential oils can be used with almost any workout. Essential oils can be rubbed on your wrists before you workout to motivate and uplift you. Fresh, citrus scents are great for smelling great and beating the smell of the gym.

Outside Care

Yes, this area is definitely an area that does not get talked about enough. You can use essential oils for a number of things that take place outdoors. You can make your own bug spray to protect you and your kids from bugs and bug bites.

If you are more of a plant person you can protect your plants with essential oils to make sure that your lovely plants are not eaten by pesky bugs. If you have seedlings that are not quite ready for the harsh weather of the outside and are currently inside your home, you can use the same spray on your plants inside.


Whether you have kids or you interact with kids, you understand that they are still learning how to take care of themselves and keep things around them clean. Essential oils can be used to keep yourself clean and also keeping those kids clean. You can use oils in your own hand sanitizer and also cleaning products.

If you have kids of your own or are having them over for an afternoon, you can make crafts using essential oils. This can be done with cooking a meal and making body care products.


Everybody is going to get sick sometime in their life. It does not matter how hygienic you are, even if you carry hand sanitizer and wipes around with you everywhere you go. Getting sick is never fun and can knock you off your feet for several days. Whether you have a little sniffle, some allergies, or the flu, essential oils can help you get better.

If you are extremely sick you should go visit your trusted medical professional. You should also go to a trusted medical professional if you haven’t gotten better after several days. Essential oils can help you stay comfortable during an extremely uncomfortable time.

Using essential oils can enhance your life and make your life a little easier. What are some of your favorite ways to use essential oils? Comment below to start the conversation.

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Jonathan Tayron
May 20, 2021

Sometimes you wonder how many useful properties essential oils can have. Thanks for the enlightening article, I know a lot of useful things about essential oils, but in this article I learned new information for myself.

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