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How to do an energetic cleanse?

May 6, 2020
Angelica Neri
Core Spirit member since May 1, 2020
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Ayurveda gives us the tools to cleanse our physical and mental bodies. But what often gets left out is the soul aspect, which is truly the most important. All disease first begins with a spiritual disconnection.

Let’s explore this idea with what is relevant today. We are in kapha season, which means there are more respiratory diseases. (Interesting to consider given the current pandemic.) But if all disease is a spiritual disconnection- what does that mean for us if we have a respiratory infection?

Our Ayurvedic template says that a Kapha imbalance means there is excess Earth element. Spiritually, this can mean we are overly attached. Without judgment, bring awareness to areas in your life that express attachment. Do you carry resentment towards someone or a situation? Does your mind keep replaying something that has happened in the past?

Are you seeking comfort in materialistic items to compensate for your emotions? (This can be groceries, food consumption, retail products, etc.) Are you resistant to even admitting that you carry this with you?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this can be related to a Kapha imbalance. And if you are seeking tips to cleanse this dosha from a mind + body perspective, read our post from Tuesday, ‘Kapha Season’.

But remember, all imbalances start from a spiritual disconnect. SO, it is equally important to connect to our spirit or soul. One practice that has kept me spiritually connected has been the energetic cleanse. Being a healer, I am consistently working with other peoples’ energies. It is vital to my own health to differentiate between their energy and mine as well as detach from my clients. Implement our 3 steps below to practice non-attachment and release what may be clogging your auric field.

3 Steps for an Energetic Cleanse

Intention Setting- Set an intention for your space. It may be helpful to journal on the above questions ahead of time to get clear. Remember, our words carry energy too, so speak with tone and intention. What do you want it to feel like? What energies are you letting go of? What energies are you radiating?

Cleansing Techniques- Burn palo santo, sage or incense and whirl around your space in a clockwise direction while saying your intention. Open a window or door to let stagnant energy diffuse.

Make a Consistent Practice- If you are a healer or work with energy regularly, we recommend doing an energetic cleanse at least 1x per day. A consistent energetic practice is VITAL to our mind-body-soul connection. Otherwise, it can lead to burn out and disconnecting from the truth of our own energy.

What is your favorite way to cleanse?


Angelica + Rachel

Angelica Neri
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