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Buy the filter, don't be the filter!
Aug 7, 2021

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Having a water system is something deeply transformational. So much so it makes me a little bit sad! Yes, our water systems world-wide have become entirely inadequate for human consumption. When we accept that we can take the next step. First comes the filter. If you do not want your body to start accumulating what is circulating in your water, you need a filter. It may feel like because the water is being provided to you that it is safe, this is an assumption, and it is false.

The truth is that we need to be self-aware about our water. Testing it is a great first step. You can start connecting with your neighbours and pull together a fund to get your local water tested. This will inform you on the components in the water so that you know you have the right filter. The simplest filter system is using charcoal. Charcoal coins can be placed in water bottles and charcoal bars in jugs. Leaving water out in a jug in the sunlight is great to reduce the amount of chlorine in it.

The next level to ensure your body is not accumulating these chemicals and toxins, is a sediment or layered filter. Slightly more complex to remove more of the nasties from the water that you would rather not consume. These are a little bit more expensive but at the same time universally accessible to get online and in health food stores. A great first step in supporting your body in living and thriving in a flowing state.

To embrace flow within the body there is another factor to consider. Once the harmful parts of water are removed, we are left with a clean but stagnant water. The body is moving fluids around all the time to establish health in every system. What if the water is stagnant? How can we experience internal flow? We experience stagnation in the body when we drink stagnant water. The fluid sits in between cells rather than flowing in and out of them.

When the water has a life force, it is excited! It bounces around and wants to rush in and out of cells. This is golden for us because when the fluid moves in and out of the cell, it takes toxins out and brings nourishment in. Our systems establish a state of flow. Everything from digestion to breathing. With tap water we have harmful components and stagnation that clog our body. It is living filtered water that supports the body in thriving.

Changing your home water system is a simple shift with profound repercussions for every aspect of your life. Why be the filter when you can have one in your home? Why live with stagnant water moving around your body when you can have it rushing in and out of cells? Our tap water is not going to be changing any time soon, so it is time to take this opportunity to live in a thriving body into your own hands!

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