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Bringing Love Where It Has Never Been Before

May 18, 2023
Betsy Ern
Core Spirit member since May 18, 2023
Reading time 3 min.

Just as darkness cannot exist where there is light, Love overcomes the darkness of the Soul in all its manifestations. Love is the salve, the healer, the alchemist that can overcome and transmute all that is thirsty for its incomparable qualities of Mercy, Grace and Compassion.

This transformation begins within You. You are the parent of your inner children, those who may hold burdens that block the distinctive and spectacular gifts and talents the True You brought here to this Earth in this place and time.

You must understand that burdens such as these — I am not lovable, I am not worthy, I am less than — do not come from Love, do not come from Source, do not come from God or wherever you may consider you come from.

Even if you think of yourself simply genetically, understand how miraculous it is that you came to be here now considering what your physical ancestors had to go through to get you here today. They were Survivors of great struggle and attendant pain. They survived war, famine, persecution, disease, and so much death — death of children, death of mothers giving birth, death of sons going to war, death of daughters taken as spoils of war — so much death and destruction, some of which — too much of which — continues in this world.

You indeed have these often younger parts of yourself hidden away inside you who are holding pain, some of which does not belong to You, but is carried down through the ages from your ancestors who had reason to carry the burden.
To overcome such darkness in the world is not only to get directly involved in “making it stop,” but to work on oneself First, to bring Love into one’s Self, in order that it may then flow to others, both energetically and person to person, group to group and on and on. These weights that may be held genetically and spiritually must be addressed. This is the Work you are doing, whether you realize it or not.

Every interaction, situation, and relationship you navigate brings practice and lessons on moving toward Love.
The question is whether you are looking only outward or also inward for solutions. You see an issue, you want to resolve it. This is the work you are doing, the work that must be done in order to heal the entire Planet. It has to happen one person at a time and begins with those who actively seek to do it.

Healing yourself means going to those parts of you that haven’t felt the power of Love, were deprived of it when you were growing up for whatever reason.

The whole of you needs to feel Loved by you, as you are now their caretaker. As some parts of you hold pain, other parts have taken on the role of protecting these burdened parts, and all of these parts grow tired of fulfilling these roles within you. They will be relieved to know there is someone else to step in — the essence of You, with your direct access to the power of Love.

Bringing Presence and Love to yourself will allow your burdened parts to relax enough to allow Love to flow to them as well.
You will see that acknowledging these burdens will allow you to release them — it takes much more energy to avoid facing your inner burdens than it does to recognize and release them. The act of Acknowledging and Validating burdens is Owning them as a valued part of you, a necessary step to releasing them.

Love does not judge you, and there is no shame in honoring your shortcomings, missteps or failures — your parts’ good-intentioned efforts that may have backfired or caused the opposite result of what was intended. Your parts’ intentions are always, always, always simply meant to keep you safe.

Your work is to Love You, All of You. That is the work, to Love you into wholeness and bring that oneness into the World.

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