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Bearing the Stress of Egoic Reaction

Oct 22, 2021
Reading time 3 min.

There’s an Awareness that is awake, deep within.
It sees through the body’s eyes. It knows, with wisdom deeper and closer than the intellect’s knowledge base.
This deepest “I”, the Truth of Who We Are, excludes nothing - welcomes everything – even the ego…with unconditional acceptance.

It’s happened before, it will happen again. An external situation arises, the personality “little egoic me” reacts, attacks! Immediately one experiences the stress, the pain-body’s swirling thoughts and emotional energy surges, felt as sensations flooding the body.

The egoic mind seizes its opportunity for a boomerang attack:
“You shouldn’t be mad/scared/sad/jealous/frustrated/impatient.
You shouldn’t think those ugly thoughts, you shouldn’t be reactive, you’re supposed to be beyond egoic behavior!”
Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

Bring all attention inward, away from the thinking mind, focus on the inner energy of the body.
This stops the momentum of mind reaching outwards towards the never-ending branching of eager, related thoughts.

If the emotional energy presents itself as a certain flutter, stab, slow-burn, sinking, heavy sourness in the stomach,
find it there and breathe. Just feel the texture, the fullness of the emotional energy. Dive into it as you would a cool pool
and float on its surface. Breathe.

The egoic conditioning will contract in an attempt to repress/suppress the emotional pain.
Breathe, Lean In, Dive Deeper. Awareness, as the spaciousness of full allowance will release that contraction
to ease the path of the energy’s flow. This is truly going-with-the-flow.

The emotional energy - alive, free, unrestricted will swell in temporary intensity as its energized motion breaks
like a cresting wave. Energy will push through the unconscious into the subconscious up into consciousness unrestricted, where it can finally, simply, dissolve. Breathe. Feel the aliveness of the inner body.

Thoughts may try to pull your attention away from the inner body to return to the mind.
Recognize the mind’s momentum and “sink” attention back into the body, back to Awareness.
This allows thoughts to swim past without attachment.
Let go of any desire to analyze a thought even if it wriggles, writhes and screams “listen to me, I’m important, follow me, energize me with your attention, y’know you’re right, follow me I’ll prove it…”, just breathe, let go.

The “pull” of the thinking mind once stripped of attachment’s stickiness, soon softens, fades, submits and subsides.
Mind floats downwards to rest in the Heart.
Breathe. Allow. Accept whatever comes in this moment.

If a PTSD symptom arises, allow it to be without fearing it. Breathe.
Awareness witnesses the “birth” of each bodily sensation.
Quiet contentment allows sensations to “live”.
Patience lets sensations “peak” and once kissed with compassion, sensations agree to “die”.
All of this happens without the egoic “little me’s” input.

This is the detached observation of the human conditioning at play.
Not wrong, not bad, not evil, just conditioned, specifically human.
Emotional energy surging, bodily sensations cycling, egoic reactivity spinning, mind moving.
What a play of phenomena. Breathe.

The deepest place of Peace is undisturbed by raucous mental movement.
The ocean floor is unconcerned by the restlessness of waves on its surface.
If behavioral corrections are to be made, this inner wisdom will direct the course through revelation and appropriate action.
If conditioned patterns are to be changed, all is orchestrated from this still place of perfect calm in the right timing,
in the perfect way for greatest good.

Connected to it all, never separate, under Its own authority, Awareness knows what to do, how to do it, when and why,
even though the human mind cannot comprehend why its understanding isn’t necessary.

All is well, before-during-and after the stress of egoic reaction.

With You as Awakening Unfolds

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