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Jul 1, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
Reading time 6 min.

Greetings Core Spirit Family

Boy have my ears been ringing and doing a lot of things that I have never experienced before, these past few weeks! I too am continuing to see double, triple and quadruple numbers on a daily basis. . I am being absolutely and totally “Upgraded”, in order to begin my next cycle of evolution on Mother Earth…

We are definitely experiencing a shift that we have not yet had to face before in our lifetime;but the most promising outcome of what is happening around us, is that Earth belongs to the Universe, not to MAN. The Universe is sending out all of the necessary healing energy; and MAN is going to be taken to task - there are various laws of the Universe that simply needs to be adhered to.

The Law of Evolution comes to mind this month as we are moving away from “Covid”, which has run its course. Two options here, allow ourselves to remain in the void, or have courage to turn away and make the most of the time we have left on Mother Earth.

The Law of Evolution postulates that experience alone opens the way for understanding and truth; only opposites lead to the development of consciousness; we only move up a level through the appropriate transformation; we are only the result of ourselves; we only argue with situations that we have not understood; the need for understanding alone is the reason for physical existence and we can only recognise balance from imbalance.

The effects for violating this law is social upsets: rebellion, anarchy or self-destruction, when limits are imposed on the experiences to be lived; wars, strikes, violence, revolutions, delinquency, hate, conflicts, when human concepts are imposed.

The “Communication Lines” between the Heavens and Earth have been buzzing with endless information, and the messages for July are as follows:

Angel number 33 is a reminder of our connection of Divine Source and the Ascended Masters. Master number 33 is generally called the number of the Master Teacher, and resonates at a highly spiritual vibration (I seriously have been feeling these vibrations in my ears).

Our Power to manifest and create will be heightened.

Angel number 22 is an indication that we are in reach of our highest spiritual attainment. There is nothing that is beyond our reach, including clairvoyance, prophecy and channelling.

Some people are frightened by these powers, as long as we use these powers in service to others, we will be supported in our efforts and have no reason to fear.

Angel number 444 is another message that we have nothing to fear in regards to our life, work and Divine purpose. When we take positive action towards our highest intentions, aspirations and goals, the Universe works in our favour and helps us to establish solid foundations and advance us along our path.

Angel number 0000 is the Ultimate…A reminder that we are “One with God”. We feel our Creator’s presence. It can also means that a situation or event has come full circle; meaning that something has ended in the way if had begun – something has begun and ended!

All of these Master Numbers were visible in today’s date and time of the reading, so I am certain that you now have an indication of just how much positive energy we constantly have at our disposal. When we turn our focus away from the negative we will then allow the “good stuff” to flow around and through us.


We have quite a bit of action going on in Cancer this month. This is watery energy at its best. Just like the ocean flows and ebbs, we need to guard our emotions, as we navigate the changing of tides within our own lives.

01st July SATURN RETROGRADE RE-ENTERS CAPRICORN - We need to be more organised and disciplined, especially at work.

05th July FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN (SUN IN CANCER OPPOSITE MOON IN CAPRICORN) AND LUNAR ECLIPSE -Don’t take everything personally within your business relationships. Continue working with the bigger picture in mind. Remember, working under pressure is an important quality.

11th July CHIRON TURNS RETROGRADE IN ARIES (UNTIL 15TH DECEMBER) - Accept the person that you are inside and outside. Be your authentic self when dealing with unsavoury issues and characters and your success will be sweet.

12th July MERURY TURNS DIRECT IN CANCER (IT WAS RETROGRADE STARTING 18TH JUNE) - Emotions may have a trump role in decision making, and you may find that your memory has improved. Trust both your intellect and intuition to guide your through this period.

20th July NEW MOON IN CANCER (SUN CONJUNCT MOON IN CANCER) - Today is the day you need to trust on your emotional intellect because you may become highly sensitive. Do not allow your emotions to rule the day!

23rd July SUN ENTERS LEO - With the Sun now in Leo, we have a stronger sense of dignity, nobility and warmth of heart. We may find ourselves being more generous and grander in our gestures and our attitudes. On the shadow side of this transit, we may also be prone to being self-centred. We not allow ego or vanity to get the better of us.


Ten of Wands (completion):

We have been overwhelmed with heavy burdens and have seriously exhausted this nasty energy. Keep your feet on the ground and remember why you are doing what you are doing.

1. What we are trying to accomplish this month: Ten of Pentacles (completion)

Ten of Pentacles is absolute abundance in every area of our lives. We are in balance and perfect harmony with ourselves and others. This is an indication of total wealth, riches and prosperity and great financial security.

This card is an indication of new money coming in. Ten is an ending so this will be the rewards of our labour during our darkest time as indicated in the Ten Swords

2. What we are currently experiencing in our attempt to accomplish our goals: Nine of Swords (near completion)

Swords rule the mind, our internal principles: mind, thoughts, communication. Nine of Swords speaks about anxiety, stress, loss-of sleep and being tormented by our own thoughts. This card crosses the Ten of Pentacles. This is what is going to prevent us from achieving the Ten of Pentacles. We need to change our mind-set, and focus on all the positive aspects and resources available to us on a daily basis.

3. What may be a challenge to us this month (our own unconscious hurdles): The Fool (beginning)

The Fool is all about “Taking That Leap of Faith”; being brave enough to venture into the unknown. In this instance we really need to trust and have faith in the “Unseen” in order to move forward.

4. The type of action we would need to take to achieve our target this month: Queen of Swords (mental clarity)

This Queen is extremely intelligent and values intellect above all else. She has class, is very honest And can also be very blunt. She can be very harsh at times, telling it like it is. She is not afraid to cut out the situations that don’t serve her.

She has her back to the Fool card – they are facing different directions, so this means they have each others backs on in preparation of their new adventure together!

5, 6 and 7 Offer information on changes that would benefit our plans this month:

Five of Swords is a nasty energy. In indication of somebody who is really out to get us! It is facing in away from the other two cards, an indication that this too is falling away… Do not attempt take revenge or engage in any unethical practices.

Knight of Cups talks to us about emotional investments and where and how we should be utilising our energy. This card also speaks about career advancement and new opportunities – something fulfilling is coming towards us.

King of Pentacles is a very stable, fatherly figure. He is very strong, loves commitment and thrives with stability. He is very prosperous, large and in charge. He is the highest in the hierarchy of the court cards. We are being advised to take a leaf out of his book and get dressed for success!

8. The kinds of result we can expect if we follow this route: The World (ending and beginning). So we have come full circle. This is the completion – the end of a karmic cycle. We are now entering into a phase of growth. We are free and need to use our spiritual clarity in order to achieve our long term goals. This too is a card of travel and heading out on a new adventure.“

This is going to be a hectic month where we will be put into the position of ‘hitting the ground, running’. Please do not feel the need to rush into anything. We have all the tools and assistance necessary to begin the next phase of ‘OUR EVOLUTION’. Embrace it and make this cycle the most unforgettable one of your entire life. Make every minute you have count…

Blessings, love and light until next time…

Tania Padley
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