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Massage Therapist verse Masseuse (Is There Really Any Difference?)
Apr 21, 2020

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I looked at the two terms on Google earlier today and found they both spoke of massage as their primary focus.

Outside of the fact that a Massage Therapist is likely licensed and certified will a Masseuse is not, according to the strictest definition there is not really a difference.

However when you consider the connotation of the word things change.

Here’s how:

While the literal definition leads to a common them the connotation of the two terms differs vastly.

A Masseuse may come with “extras.”

A Massage Therapist does not if they are concerned about keeping their license.

We believe that with our high degree of professionalism Graceful Touch massage therapy was able to secure an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau in our first year of business. This is a milestone we are very proud of achieving as a result of the hard work we have put into the entire launch of our business efforts here in Rapid City, SD.

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