June 10


Further my article on day three; by developing the three inner virtues, excellent outer results are obtained in all four spheres:

1. In relationships;

2. In resources;

3. In health;

4. In adapting to the Environment

In the life experience of any human being, five elements are present:

1. Purpose

2. Destiny

3. Mission

4. Function

5. Intention


There is a purpose of love that brought us to the world of matter; it is the perfect objective of learning two things:

a) To be happy with oneself, i.e. not to depend on anything or anyone in order to enjoy inner peace and happiness.

b) To love one’s neighbour as oneself, i.e. to respect the rights to all beings in the Universe.

How do we learn this?

Here we can see the perfection of the Absolute’s educational design.

To perform the exercise of learning to be happy within ourselves, we need to live in a place, with certain people and circumstances, where everything that happens around is more or less aggressive. In this way, we will realise that our problems does not lie in what is happening around us, but how we relate to it, and the rejection and resistance that we set in motion.

As for the second part, loving one’s neighbour as oneself, this means respecting them just as they are, not seeking to change them, not putting up resistance to others. We need to live in a place where people around us think differently, have varying customs, and create different things. That way, we will learn to love them as they are, without judging them or condemning them.

This is how the purpose of love is fulfilled. it is the real reasons why we human beings are here on planet Earth!

More than 2000 years ago, the Master Jesus taught us when he said: “Love your enemies”, they are not our enemies, they are people who think differently.

Being happy means experiencing zero suffering about what happens, and loving means zero resistance to others. Wisdom is the same as love, not feeling.

Those who have love care deeply about others but they do not suffer, however, those who possess goodness but not wisdom care deeply about others, but they suffer enormously.

Those who do not care, the indolent, the indifferent, possess neither wisdom nor goodness.


This is what we come to learn from the world of matter – how to manage the seven tools of love to attain invulnerable peace. It is a great opportunity to learn what we are missing.

All of us bring to the world a destiny that is inevitable and highly valuable.

Our culture teaches us to try and avoid destiny instead of showing us how to harness it. They key to harnessing destiny is: “You have the capacity to enjoy whatever you do, **because that capacity is within you**”.

However, if someone says to their child: “You must always do what you like”, this will generate a huge block in them.

Destiny is an educational design whose purpose is to enable human beings to verify and discover information that governs the Universe and its perfect order. It is therefore the best opportunity for transcending all human limitations.

Instead of complaining about the difficulties that we face in life, we must take advantage of them as a great opportunity for transcending them, and then they will disappear for good.

If we do not learn from difficulties, far from disappearing, they will become more complicated; they will persist and become more permanent.


This is what we can teach in the world of matter. We should enjoy our mission intensely, whether or not it is part of our function.

Our mission enables us to recuperate a large amount of the vital energy in the exercise of learning to be happy. Our mission is what we already understand, what we already know; it can therefore be used to serve others while brining enormous enjoyment.

Both our mission and our destiny are represented in our personality: The latter through our belief system and the former through understanding. As we progressively transmute our ignorance into understanding and wisdom, we will increasingly have a bigger mission and therefore more satisfaction.


This is what each individual does to support themselves, it consists ofputting all possible enthusiasm, and joy and love into what one does, even if it is not part of one’s mission.

We know that all living things have a function within the order of the Universe. It takes wisdom to accept it with joy, enthusiasm, and total capacity for action and service.

One’s function does not consist in “earning one’s living”; living is not “earned” because it is a divine gift. What one earns is what supports this biological entity, this body. Thus our support is guaranteed as a result of our function.

Those who are happy and enjoy what they do, will always have an abundance of resources at their disposal.


This is what we want for ourselves or for others. Intention must be directed in a way that does not interfere with the destinies of others, nor seek to avoid our own destiny.

Intention is the most complex element for human beings today, because feelings, the idea of kindness and other ideas that are cultured has erroneously conveyed to us, lead us to continually to try and interfere in the destinies of others.

If we were to accept that destiny is something extraordinary and not “bad”, that is the best opportunity we have, to fulfil what we come to the world to do, we would stop trying to change the destiny of others.

When a son or daughter wants to fly the nest and both parents object to it, how should we act, so as not to interfere? We always want things to go our way. In this case, the parents consider that it is not the right moment for their son or daughter because they do not have a steady job, for example, and they do not want them to leave the home.

The “I wants” are the cause of suffering. An “I want” is also the unconscious selfishness because we want others to be happy doing what we want them to do.

What would be the wise and loving thing to do in this case? To say to the son or daughter “what matters most for us, is for you to be happy and find your way, so we respect your decision. We want you to know that if you want to come back, the door will always be open”.

In short, wisdom means being clear about our purpose, taking advantage of our destiny, enjoying our mission, accepting the function and holding the intention of not interfering in the destiny of others.

All this must be practised in thoughts, word and deed.


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