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B12: Chapter 11: Always Someone To Name And Blame
Mar 6, 2022

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In respect to what I have said in the last chapter about “anonymous” contributors, thinking they have outsmarted the source all this time—and can continue to do so. Therefore, would not have to face the consequences and be held accountable for their crimes unless they die. Well, in case someone found the formula for immorality.

By now you know my story. At least I hope you read the other chapters. I know it is boring and long-winded. But there are reasons for all the details of my journey. If you had read all the chapters, you would know that I am not some fanatic of a movement. That I am not here to waste yours or mine time, because I have something I want to prove. I no longer have any desire to help those who choose not to be helped. Not because I do not want to, but because I know now that I cannot.

It would just be a waste of mine and their times to try to beat lessons into someone who does not want to be saved. While I can be reaching out and helping so many more people who want to be helped. Who needs it—desperately. Also, I now trust that source can see what I have been seeing too. Thus, I now understand and trust it to do what it needs to do.

I have never been one to give up easily on a trying task or challenge. But I learned to accept now that it is O.K. to let go. O.K. to give up after giving something your honest best shot. That sometimes it is for the best to do so. To know your limitations and respects it. To step a side so that maybe someone else, more suitable for the task, can come by to do what you cannot.

Realizing and respecting this is just as important—as your effort to try your best to accomplish the task yourself. If you at least stopped to honestly try. It is O.K. to then move forward. Not everyone is suited for every task. Sometimes the time you spend on the task not suited for you, can do more harm than good. Because during that time you could be doing so much better elsewhere. Thus, help so many more people than just the one you are stuck on.

One of my purpose and mission is to inform people that source and this planet—is ready to “cleanse” the school of “people” who do not want to be here anymore. Of people who choose to anchor humanity to suffering. To ignorance, to unimaginable prolong unnecessary pain. People who, by their own choice—is hindering humanity’s ability to evolve and ascends.

Therefore, all my painful lessons. To teach me to learn and to come to terms—and be aligned with my higher purpose and missions. I am shown repeatedly, why I cannot fight people’s battles for them. Source and my higher teams had shown and taught me directly—How to accept and understand the reasons why I cannot help everyone. Why they cannot help everyone, and the importance of filters.

I spend a majority of this “lifetime” trying to write a book I do not want to write. Making sacrifices I do not want to make. To fulfill the promises of what I came here to do. Every word and the hundreds and thousands of minutes I spend on this book—Is the effort I made to heal and fix what is needed to be heal and fix—for all. Even for those who cannot yet appreciate it.

But no more effort will be made beyond this “record”—in this timeline, to save those who choose not to be saved. I will, however, continue to try my best to help those who wants to learn. Those who wants to be helped, and it is within my power to help. As I continue my journey in this realm—as I step into the role I am made for. I will try, I might not always succeed, but will try my best.

Like I said, the details of my journey have reasons to make it into the record. One of the reasons is—it showcases that source has a very active role in my life—in our lives. It is not some powerless fictions that is confined to a realm beyond this. It is not some mystical fantasy that always sat lazily around—just observing the “going on” in this realm. It is not blind, shallow, and ignorance in any way. It has intelligent far greater than what we can ever understand. It has a heart bigger than we can ever imagine. Wisdom beyond what we can ever grasp completely—even in a few lifetimes.

I am destined to be here to teach and inform. So, let me give you the message—bluntly, to all those who choose to be “stupid” and “ignorant”. Or think they are too “smart” to be “stupid” and ignorant. Let me make it clear: we are ALL being exam again RIGHT now. The test is here AGAIN, right in front of our eyes. We are given the benefit of being told clearly where we went wrong in our last answers. I hope because we are given those benefits. This time we can do better. That it will not result in the same ignorant answers that will cause the design triggered to go off.

Two current examples are: Xi Jinping, the leader of China and Vladimir Putin of Russia. Remember what I said in previous chapters. They are just symbolic tools to teach like Mao and Hitler. They are both just men. Men, who can only reach as far as their limbs would allow them to commit their actions. Who can only do as much damage as the weight of the weapon they can hold—As people give and entrust them with as an individual. Whose crime is also of sending out their thoughts as far as it can spread to those who would listen.

However, those who listen. Those who took actions themselves are judged in the higher court—as a separate entity. Not grouped together “anonymously” under one man’s name. Everyone who contribute, everyone who benefits or gain from the act of supporting such corruptions to exist, spread, and do the damages it does—is equally held accountable. Unlike the physical court, the higher court does have the ability to trial everyone individually.

Just like Xi Jinping and Putin’s followers. Followers of others corrupted leaders (not just political leaders) of other countries in this realm. Should be aware that just because I did not name them—does not mean they are forgotten. We know obvious names mentions are not the only true committer of the crime they are accused of. Some leaders are as deadly to their people as they are to the rest of the world. But more so, are the cowards and fools who hides behind them and used them to cause chaos.

Some of those leaders, like the previous president Donald Trump of the United States and Xi Jinping of China. Have obvious flaws and their actions are highlighted and recorded—Yet, ignored and played down by the majority who either ignore or bypass them. Or “stupid” and ignorance enough to support and continue to entrust them—with the power to destroy themselves and everyone else. Thus, whose fault is it that they are allowed to continue doing damage after damage?

Side by side I give those examples to illustrate my point, but if someone is a supporter. They are most likely too self-blinded. Too brainwashed by their own ego and by their own narrow mindset; to be objectives enough to be shown otherwise. Thus, they will be most likely to give into anger and offend. And if given the opportunities, they will choose the easier path: that is to listen to corruption instead of wisdom. To be the cause of chaos and violent instead of peace and harmony.

It would be easier for them to hurt anyone who speak truths to shut us up. So, they can continue to have entitled perspectives and beliefs without interference from their consciences (higher self). I cannot stop ignorance people from trying to hurt me as they did in my other “lives/timelines”. From choosing to make the choice they choose to make. But that does not mean I will let them continue to bully, corner, and hurt me.

If people choose not to learn the easy way by pay attention to their lessons. Or listening to the words of the wise. Then they can learn the hard way. If bleeding flesh and broken bones and being eaten from the inside out is what is needed—so be it. Again, I am not here to scare anyone. I am here to help humanity evolve and leave the fear-base phase behind them. To do that I lay out our brutal truths face up for you to see, reacts, and choose your actions.

Just remember no matter how harsh, how brutal my words are. They are just words. No one has to read what I write. No one has to “hear” what I have to share. But know those are not my lessons to learn—and this is only my temporarily stop. It is your choice, your actions, and you who will continue to hurt bearing the consequences of your crime.

And yes, stupidity is a crime! Being irresponsible is a crime! Ignorant is a crime too—in the higher court. It is a crime because WE choose to intentionally commit it. Especially, now in the age of advance technology when most everything is recorded, and truth are easier to find. And resources are available in abundances to educated ourselves with—but WE choose not to make the effort.

To all the wise, self-aware, and informed people.

What does it say about humanity that some of us still choose to support such obvious degraded examples of humanity to be our leaders? What does it say that some of us choose to still ignore the consequences of our responsibilities and contribution to that problem? By our avoidance and refusal to timely act. Instead of waiting to react to obvious signs of a foreseeable event and possible horrific consequence. Those leaders have access to world destructive weapons, and if they choose to exercise their authority. Who do you think faces the consequences?

Delusional and irrational individuals cannot be predicted. Thus, their greatest crimes are allowed to be committed. Because the majority of the rationalize population choose to stun our duty and responsibilities. Choose to let our intellect and ego underestimate those we see as “inferior” to ourselves. Choose to be “above actions”. Choose to “not feed into” the behaviour—Not knowing we are doing exactly that—By trying to ignore our responsibility to teach that the behaviour is unacceptable in the first place.

Those glaring examples I have mentioned illustrate how sick some of us have become, to not be able to tell obvious right from wrong. The strength and privileges we are bestowed with to do good. We use it to twist and corrupt truth to suits our ego. So, that we can continue to indulge in our excuses. We torture and murder each other in the name of selfish truth and beliefs. For the sake of petty jealousy, greed, and hunger for imaginary power and material things that will mean nothing—when we leave this world as we come into it—with nothing!

From what I am taught and shown by my guardians. From my perspective of a HUMAN, living among my own peers. First-hand experiencing what this higher power must have experienced and could seen. Let me tell you: Our creator knows we are out of excuses. We have no more reasons to suffer other than the fact that we choose to do so. Some suffer to learn; others choose to suffer to indulges. There is a difference, and we need to learn to recognize it so we can help ourselves.

We have allowed ourselves to think we are desperate for far too long. To excuse away and justify the actions and consequences of the bad choices we make—but we are not. We arrogantly rush through our lessons with impatient because we conceitedly believe ourselves smarter and wiser than we really are. Thus, we make the same mistake and arrogantly ignore our own failings. Hence, instead of acknowledging it so we can learn from it. We learn nothing. Thus, the lesson will be repeated until we do.

The battles we should be fighting is never only eternal or internal. Defined as this or that. “He” or “She”, “them” or “us”, “good” or “evil”. The questions should not be: Is it “nurture” or “nature”? But who do we choose to be? What choices do we have? How do we choose to react to those choices? What do we pick?

Just remember there will always be another name we can blame. Another “Mao”, another “Hitler”, another “Putin”, or “Xi Jinping”. Their names and the symbolisms of their positions can easily be replaced. Because “they”—are not the problem! They are not the root of “our” problems. We are! All of us who choose to contribute directly or indirectly by doing something or doing nothing.

They are just like the wrappings for the candies that need to be changed. Thus, as long as we choose to ignore the roots of our real problems. As long as we continue to pretend, we do not own our problem. Pretend ignorance and choose to be mindless and unaware. Continue to snub our mundane and higher responsibilities and duties—to both ourselves and others, here journeying with us. As long as we choose ignorance, choose mindlessness. Still chooses the wrong answers. There will be another “evil” for us to name and blame. Because we have choices, and we can choose to bypass what is being taught. But that does not mean the higher power will choose to stop teaching us the lessons we are put here to learn.

To all those who want to believe in the story of Jesus, let me remind you that Jesus was murdered at the hands of those he was sent to save. They believe they were desperate and had to accept the decision of someone else. Even, if it is wrong and they have the strength to fight it (proven by the changes after his death)—they choose not to! If Jesus is real, “God” send Jesus to us as a test. A test we failed then. Will we allow ourselves to fail again?

“God” set us up in an intangible position that allow us to believe that we are desperate: to test our learning abilities. To test our willingness to make sacrifices and hard choices that we normally would not have to make. So, we can learn what we need to learn. Thus, to see how far we will go or how easy and willingly we fall prey to our tempting nature.

It is easier to think we are desperate because it is an excuse. Excuses are easier to make. Because it is the laziest approach to justify the reasons why we cannot exert the effort to do what we are meant to do. Easier to think and say, because we can abuse the rights to do so. To do our parts. For all those who want to continue to use mindless excuses. Let me say:

For every crime we have committed against ourselves and to another. If by the time our life ends, and we have not learned the lessons we are here to learn. Then the consequences we will face; we cannot blame anyone but ourselves for our choices. I honestly believe that our creator is a very generous entity in that **we are given every day—until the day we die. To prove we can be a better person than the previous. Every breathe we take, till the very last—is the result of that generosity. ** So, we really have no reasons to blame anyone but ourselves. If we choose to not use the time, we are given wisely for what consequences lies awaits us.

The world we carelessly leave behind; is the world our children will make their homes
and call their future.
And the world we will be reborn to again
and again
until we complete the purpose we came here for.

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