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Sep 10, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
Reading time 6 min.

Greetings Core Spirit Family;

I have decided to remedy my own life and go after that, which my heart desires; no matter what other people may think about my decisions . My passion is to be a Practitioner and help lead others through this maze called life; but more than that, I want to prove to you, that you can get through the maze with some very valuable tools, a lot of faith, and most of all by not allowing yourself to listen to any negative comments from anyone!

I am putting myself out there from this point on because life is short and this is my heart’s desire. I am using “MY LIFE” circumstances as an example of how to overcome all obstacles by facing my fears head on; and moving forward, one step at a time in order to achieve my goals.


If you are dealing with an issue that seems clouded or confused, this simple spread can quickly provide enlightenment:

We pull the Sun and Moon cards out of the deck and place them side by side with some space in between them. We then shuffle the rest of the cards, and deal a single card between them to show you what part of your life is being eclipsed. I don’t deal any of the cards; I only use the jumper cards as clarification, because it comes straight from the Universe. We then request another card to show us how to bring light back into our lives, illuminating the issue, and resolving our problems. I am using the Wizard Card Tarot for interpretation.

My question: What is clouding my success with regards to becoming a successful practitioner?

The Sun Card represents the Sun: Our source of light, heat, and radiant, life-giving energy. We measure our days by the rising and setting Sun.

The Moon Card: reflects the light of the Sun, it’s often perceived as a mate or companion to the Sun.

Which card is eclipsing my success?

_The Page of Pentacles – The Personification of Earth:_ My Moon is in Taurus and the Page of Pentacles is the personification of earth, she embodies the steady, dependable energy of all three earth signs, Taurus being one of them, and her grounded energy connects to the suit of Pentacles to the world of matter and physical existence.

Like all pages, the Page of Pentacles is young, which means that I am in the beginning stages of my practice, but I have the patience and perseverance to achieve a solid foundation, for what I require to achieve.

Despite her high level of skills, however, she’s usually extremely careful – even cautious – and she doesn’t take many risks. She is consistent and conscientious, diligent, and deliberative. It’s in her destiny to safeguard and protect the physical world.

The message in this card is simple. I must stop being afraid to take chances, and put myself out there. It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and think out of the box.

How can I bring light back to my life, illustrate the issue, and resolve my problem:

Two of Swords: Moon in Libra - Lord of Peace Restored: The lunar goddesses merge in the Two of Swords, a card of deep reflection, contemplation, and intuition. When the Moon steps in to serve as sub ruler, she merges with Justice, the archetypal goddess assigned to the sign of balance and equanimity.

During the first ten days, of the month, Libra is ruled by the Moon – the heavenly orb of intention, and reason. So while the woman in the card (that would be me, as I am Libran) is focused on a rational and balanced discernment, she’s blindfolded and forced to rely on her intuition in order to come to a decision. This makes it a card of carefully considered decision-making and discrimination so it symbolises a difficult decision or choice between two paths.

I also have the Six of Wands: Jupiter in Leo – Lord of Victory as the overall energy for this reading (The card at the bottom of the pack, after selection of cards.)

This card is telling me that if I am looking for a guarantee of honour and acclaim, I have found just that in the Six of Wands. Like the Lion, Leo’s signature creature, the hero of the Six of Wands can overcome quarrelling, ignorance, and pretenders – and step into the spotlight as a confident, optimistic, and inspiring leader. Jupiter, the great Benefic, gives the young hero of the Strength card a forum for leadership and acclaim.


I am in a dead end job. Have been there for almost 22 years and they have done their level best to hold me back, regardless of my qualifications due to political reasons. I live in Cape Town, South Africa. My self-worth and self-confidence has taken a knock because they tried everything in the book to beat me into submission, but failed dismally. The Covid 19 lock down gave me all the ammunition I need to turn myself around and I found myself wanting to share this with other like-minded individuals.

During this time, Core Spirit was monitoring how I was responding to people’s requests for answers to very difficult issues they were experiencing. They approached me to become a Practitioner with them. Even though I have done an Astrology and Numerology course; I have been doing readings and natal charts for all my nearest and dearest for over three years now, but this is a whole new ball game to me.

I do have a huge decision to make, because I really want to make a difference in the world; doing what I am absolutely passionate about. I want to add value to other people’s lives. I also realise that with great power, comes great responsibility, and that my life will change completely; which has caused my indecisiveness.

The outcome of this reading is simply asking me if I am ready to receive all that I have been working so hard towards . I have been trusting and following my intuition in all my undertakings, no matter how bleak my current circumstances appear to be. I have been given the opportunity to put myself out there, and it is now up to me to reach for the stars, and go after what my heart desires by thinking outside the box!


Now I take my quest for finding peace in my life a little further through Numerology for Decoding Behaviour, by looking at my Achievement Number and Core Issues in my life. Until I become aware of and resolve the issues associated with my achievement number, its negative aspects will rule my life.

My achievement number is: 19⁄1

Issues Involving Selflessness.

Am learning to do what I love, rather than trying to be loved or to maintain control. By doing what my heart desires, I will become more compassionate, able to give unconditional love; able to deal with emotions and to use life experiences to help others; able to be of service to others and to let go of the past in order to embrace the future because my life lesson is to “be in the world, not attached to it!”

Issues of the Ego Self

Low self-esteem is the main issue, which can sometimes appear as arrogance, or bullying rather than timidity. Some individuals with this achievement number may be confrontational toward authority, while others may be withdrawn.

I must learn to stand on my own and not let others define my identity or make my decisions. I will encounter situations that will test my courage and faith.

Positive: Centred, confident, innovative, a paradigm shifter, leader and explorer.

Now I have all the pieces of the puzzle to navigate my way forward, as I have looked at my own flaws, as well as finding the solutions to overcome my weakness.

My next step is that of ACTION: I have taken that step by writing this Article, which is my leap of faith…

Blessings, love, and light.

Tania Padley
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