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Arguments Arise In The Longing For The Peace That Isn't Lacking Or Missing.
Nov 11, 2020

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The seeking to be right is the seeking to make “others” wrong is also the seeking for the truth in fear of being caught up in believing of untruth. It is the running away from fear if you will, however, even deeper than this story of the seeker is ultimately the longing for peace. The peace that is longed for isn’t lacking or missing to begin with, it is merely the peace that surpasses all understanding. In other words, peace doesn’t need to be understood for peace to be what it already it is.

As long as there is the idea of separation there will be a “me” who is always a desirous idealistic seeker for something “better” that is oddly enough wanting life to be more complete, as if completion can be incomplete. This is the longing for wholeness and arguments will seem to be happening as long as there is a longing and search for wholeness. This longing is conceived to arise in the form of many things such as “love,“ ”peace,” “ happiness,” “bliss,” “enlightenment,“ or the acquiring, attaining, or achieving of something like a job you are passionate about, the purchasing of your dream home, the finding of the one who you idealize as the perfect mate that you will sweep you off your feet and be the one you will build a family, home, and lifestyle around that share it all with that will make you happy and feel more complete.

However, upon the attaining of all these things we often find ourselves having a problem with them and discovering this isn’t what I thought would be. Perhaps the thought that the mate doesn’t turn out to be the one who we thought they were and we are off again in search for the one, in search for the perfect job or career, in search for the “actual” dream home or dream car. We try to fix our loved ones, especially our children who are not behaving according to our idealistic point of view of how our children could better match our ideals for how people should behave. We argue with perfect strangers and those closest to us. This all seems to be an avoidable fact of life yet we perceive there to be a serious problem with what we conclude to be an imperfection that something needs to be done about it and that is solution is somewhere in the future, but it’s not present here and now, the imperfection is what is claimed to be our present condition and we fight with it, try to avoid it, try to fix it, try to understand and know it, in order to do away with it or learn from it to transcend it because there seems to be a fear of the untruth, imperfection, unhappiness, non-peace, or whatever may be identified as being a serious problem that is wrong or evil, hence deadly and having the most serious of consequences for not having matured enough to know the difference and act accordingly.

Non-acceptance, or resistance, is the root of all arguments, the fighting with life as it appears, the avoiding of what is and our seeming resistance to what is appearing in this moment. The personal story about “my problems” with the way things are in “my personal experience” of what is called “my life” is what seems to be the cause that brings about an effect that “I” shouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense that is happening to me. This is an argument with the story about life not an argument with life as life doesn’t argue with whatever seems to be happening which is obvious in observing life as it seems to happen. Life isn’t arguing with itself, nor are humans as the human is only a self-image of what calls itself a “human brain.“ It is the person, the ego, the mind-body-persona mental construct that claims life is happening to “me.”

How does one transcend, avoid, or overcome the ego and the arguing with life? You don’t. You have nothing to fix and make better. This sounds like a hopeless message, but it’s not a message of hope which to seek hope is to say you are hopeless and in need of hope just as it is to seek happiness is to claim that happiness is missing and that you are unhappy and in need of finding happiness in order to be happy. It is an argument with unhappiness, an argument with hopelessness.

Even when the “me” falls away and is seen through for the illusion that it is, that there is no one in the body, arguing only seems to be what’s happening although no one is there arguing their own point of view. It is only a story that has nothing to do with you.

Even what is identified as being an “argument” is only the conditioning of the mind which apparently THIS, what is and isn’t everything, is still there interpreting with an illusion of knowledge and understanding, the mind’s claim that all can be made perfect or made better with the acquiring of knowledge and understanding. However, it’s the mind that isn’t a mind, but THIS, the unknowable appearing knowable. Knowledge and understanding are not something that’s missing that needs to be found. The newborn baby doesn’t live in a world of absolute hell without knowing or understanding anything. The newborn is attended to by everything our mind calls our “essential needs.” The crying of a newborn is often perceived as being a communication of suffering and calling out for a need to be met. That’s the adult human brain making those claims, just ask a newborn what they mean when they cry and they will tell no stories to answer such a question as to what their cries allegedly mean which implies there even has to be a meaning to begin with. What newborn is clamoring for understanding and knowing what anything means and what purpose does it serve? That’s the mature human mind making those claims.

What is happening then when a newborn cries or adults argue? What is happening when humans are seeking to know the truth? What is happening when war arises and humans kill each other for their beliefs because they can’t seem to agree and feel threatened by possible destruction or unimaginable suffering due to the beliefs of other humans? What is happening when humans strive and struggle to seek out peace , love, joy, or something just a bit more perfect than how life is appearing now?

Who claims to know what life is, and knows what’s happening that they understand it completely, but the mind? If you ask a person where do your thoughts seem to come from don’t most seem to say, “My thoughts come from my mind,” and that most others will appear to agree with them?

Where does this mind appear? Nowhere as it is an only a conceptual thought that never manifests as an apparent object like that of the brain. Yet what calls the brain a brain, but that which we call the mind and thought? Where does that which is called the “brain” appear? That is what thought calls “life.“ The brain appears to be an object in life is what thought claims. Yet it’s a story told in the form of language, and language is words that are mere concepts.

Life is THIS. What is THIS? In this sense, “THIS” is being used as a pointer to everything that appears and doesn’t appear. What appears is an object of awareness. What doesn’t appear is awareness. These are not separate things. They are not even one thing. They are not things nor a “they” as there is no separation. Can there be seeing without the seen? Can there be the seen without seeing?

I will use “THIS” as a pointer to an all-inclusive everything. I will also use “wholeness,“ “life,” “aliveness,” “appearance,“ ”what is,” “nothing,“ or “awareness.” It doesn’t really matter what I call THIS as THIS is indescribable and thus is beyond even the word and concept of “THIS” or any other word I may use.

Even THIS appears is happening, yet isn’t happening as THIS appears and isn’t known “to appear” according to the mental narrative or story being told about it. THIS energetic aliveness, THIS unknowable wholeness is what is and isn’t knowable. In other words, what seems to be known and interpreted with knowledge is not “wrong,” but when it’s considered to be real, true, or fact is when what is and isn’t is denied in favor for an illusion of separation, the story and dream about being an individual knower that has knowledge about what THIS is. The story is an idea, a thought, that THIS is separate, unwhole, and incomplete and something needs to be done about it and that someone or something is to blame to for being this way. Knowledge and understanding requires the isolating of THIS and identifying THIS, the unknowable as not what is and isn’t. Only the knowable is thought to be what exists and is known to be real. What is said to be unknown is often said to be known as being unreal or called “ignorance” and a highly negative connotation.

It’s like losing yourself in the delusion of who you are not which is not to say that there is a “yourself,” yet “you” are the wholeness that THIS is and isn’t known to be the unknowable.

Knowledge, arguments, facts, everything that seems to be known also seems to be coming and going, always changing. It can seem that the “me” can gain and lose thoughts, memories, feelings, that “my” knowledge can seem to change, the facts can seem to change from being a fact to being a misunderstanding when “new information” comes to light. Having said that, where was that fact that never was a fact?

Is what is known ever really known? To whom is THIS knowledge known, who is the separate knower of THIS knowledge?THIS knowledge that isn’t THIS, but apparently is missing from the human brain, but a present universal undeniable fact that exists somewhere outside of the brain, that isn’t what is and isn’t?

Yet what is completely ignored and rejected by the “me” is that literally everything is unknowable. It’s not that knowing is missing as experience of awareness is the knowing of experience. Awareness never comes and goes, never changes to being unknowable to knowable. It’s effortlessly known to itself, completely. This knowing isn’t something missing that needs to be found and attained. You are effortlessly aware even if the mind doesn’t know it with all its claims to be a conceiving and perceiving entity, which it is not. It is not a thinker, knower, or doer of anything. It’s only a story, apparently. The separate mind, which claims to be “my mind” isn’t a conceiver, perceiver, knower, thinker, or creator of anything at all. It completely ignores that there is no separation found whatsoever anywhere at any time in your direct experience.

When thoughts, memories, feelings and knowledge seems to have been lost and doesn’t appear upon some independent power of “free will” claimed to be inherent of the “me” it’s often said, “I don’t know know,” or “I forget and can’t seem to remember at the moment, maybe it will come back to ‘me’ later?” These unfounded claims are backed by yet more unfounded claims which defies the human mental conditioning of how we allegedly know what’s real or unreal by backing it with evidence. Evidence is only a claim as well.

The unknowable and the knowable are not two, as it is the unknowable that appears as knowable only when distinctions are being made and a claim to knowing separation is real.

THIS unknowing is completely disregarded as the “me” is obsessed with seeking knowledge running away from the unknowable as it claims to know the unknowable is separate and opposite of the knowable. The belief in the mind’s story of knowledge is somehow undoing, unraveling, and destroying the unknowable alleging to make it known is simply false and never what is happening. What is doesn’t need to be known as what is happening, as what is already is what is and isn’t.

The “me” which is a mental construct and projection that the mind fancies as being the creator of then plays as if it is a person who seems to be arguing with life and trying to dominate and control other parts of the brain as if THIS aliveness is not the wholeness it already is. It’s as if the “me” argues that THIS is only really just two, me and not me, me and the world, me and the rest of life, me and God, me and other than me. The “me” always has some other ally or adversary. Life is taken to be an object, eternally separated hopelessly divided by life and death. The mind’s story of the individual includes fighting for it’s separate independent life refusing the obvious subtlety of this apparent “knowledge,” which is too ordinary and simplistic for the mind to accept, that everything is clearly THIS aliveness that belongs to no one, and has no point of origin nor has an ending to grieve over and fear as some inevitable end to life. Who knows death of the body is an end to life? This clearly is not an end when it is observed that no dead body ever leaves existence. When it seems the body is dead and inactive and decays this is what is said to “no longer have life” and the person is said to be dead. Many religions tell a story that the entity in trapped in the body allegedly leaves the body, allegedly leaves the realm of “physical existence.” These stories are only ever known in existence so what does the mind know about existence or non-existence? When the mind says the body is alive the seeming changes of the body is said to be growth and maturation. In death of the body it is still apparently changing, but now the changes are said to be decay not growth or a maturing of the body. It’s these stories that make nonsense claims that make separation seems as if it’s real when it’s observed while ignoring the mental narrative of these thoughts we see clearly there is no real difference, the body still appears to be changing despite that no one seems to be in the body, and there never was anyone in the body unless you keep believing the mind’s claims to know what it doesn’t know nor understand. It only claims to know and understand, claims to know that there is a knowledge and an understanding as well as an independent entity who allegedly is the obsessed separate seeker of knowledge and understanding.

The energetic activity of “seeing” alone is not alive, nor is what is seen as being inanimate actually dead, that is to say without life. That which is called “soulless” such as a rock not being alive by that which claims to be an independent entity, soul, or spirit claiming to know the difference when the brain which is part and parcel the body itself and appears along side all that is said to not have life in itself all appears in what “humans” call life or existence. There are no objects with life of their own. Life is not separated by the living and the dead, the animated with life and the inanimate without life. Only the “me” claims to know such things it doesn’t know at all. The seen is never without the seeing, they are inseparable, not as if what “knowledge” alone says that seeing and the seen are two,as what is ever seen without seeing?

All that the “me” claims to know, that very appearance of “knowledge” turns right back around in the faceless face of the “me” and points out that “you don’t know or understand anything you claim to know and understand.” You only know what appears in this very moment as that is what is presently appearing as life, YOU. What is appearing in this moment? What sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings are arising in this very moment? It takes silence and awareness, ignoring the mind’s narrative while also accepting whatever thoughts might be arising without paying them undivided attention to describe what is arising. Do you really need a description of what seems to be happening to see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, or feel it? You already know it without any need of that. You don’t have to do away with the thoughts. You don’t have to completely ignore. Just simply acknowledging them is accepting them without needing to believe or disbelieve them. A thought is arising as part and parcel of what is and isn’t, the wholeness that THIS is, equally unknowable and knowable.

The “me” refuses to accept (be at peace with) the unknowable which is unconditional love, the peace that surpasses all understanding as it cannot known and understood as it really is in it’s fullness without the illusion of separation. Nothing is ever just known and understood unless the all-inclusiveness that everything is already is ignored and then the appearance is limited and isolated to a story about apparent separate objects. What life only appears to be in the mind’s story about knowing. The unknowable, what is, doesn’t care to know. It’s not as if knowing will make more or less whole what is already completely whole, yet knowing for the “me” has never been whole or made THIS more whole.

The “me” in a hopeless attempt to continues holding onto the delusion of “I know that I exist and I know what this is and it is incomplete as it is something that should never be happening that’s happening to ‘me’ that I can lose ‘my’ life.” The “me” who claims to have a separate life will fight for this knowledge as it’s separate unique life the “me” claims to have is entirely dependent upon that knowledge that it says isn’t the unknowable, which it is and isn’t. The illusion of the “me” having a life is entirely dependent upon that illusion of knowledge otherwise it’s argument completely unravels and falls apart, and there is nothing more terrifying for the “me.” Without THIS illusion of knowing that ignores the unknowable, separating knowing from the unknowing it really is, the “me” would never have the illusion of knowing that it has a life and existence to begin with.

THIS aliveness doesn’t need to know or argue with the “me” about what it claims to know, and thus the “me” is stuck in the illusion of itself trapped by it’s illusion of knowledge, asking questions and answering the questions itself, depending on it’s illusion of separation seeking out of hopelessness in hope to make itself whole. The “me” is attempting the impossible, to undo the wholeness of the unknowable aliveness that everything really is. This questioning and answering from the dream of “me” knowing “I am, I exist” reveals it’s knowledge for the ignorance it is, not so much a duality of polar opposites which the “me” will never see the obvious that THIS is the aliveness and nothing is alive that isn’t THIS. No “thing” has life in it, nor are things appearing inside of life, there is just life, undivided without a second. The “me” identity that is obsessed with identifying “everything” into being things and then constructing an illusion that makes these separate “things” seem “real” and “known” to be with or without life is simply is not anything at all, but a dream of individuality that is never happening.

The unknowable doesn’t care whether there is a claim being made of a known separation. The story of the separate knower includes a vow that it is a separate self that will unravel what is and what isn’t which only seems mysterious to the mind. The mind claims to be in need of making known to what it claims are the mysteries of life that are not mysteries at all, they are the content in an apparent story. The mind then proclaims to care, really care about unraveling these mysteries because then the idea is the mind will gain a better control over life, and if no one cares about seeking to be better in life then that makes them careless, unloving, and “evil.” But what does an illusion know and why does it not care that there is no need to care? In its claim to being a separate entity who puts no greater value than on the search and attaining of knowledge and understanding ironically it will never know and understand that what is and isn’t already is all that there is and isn’t. Knowledge and understanding thus will do nothing in helping the “me” to save itself and the world which is all, but a dream. THIS already is the aliveness that the “me” can’t know or understand and see that what it knows as being a world of “humans” (what are really just bodies with no “me” in them) is literally everything and has no separation as everything is THIS aliveness that is. The mind grieves the idea what the “me” claims to know everything as “things” simply is not isolated and limited to what THIS is and isn’t, which are not the separate things the mind claims to know them as. The mind isn’t even a separate object, it is an activity not of the brain, but within awareness as the “brain” appears as an object of awareness in awareness.

The only one who needs to argue is the one who isn’t a who or a what to begin with. Arguing just appears to happen to a conditioned mind that projects the illusion of there being a “me” and “other” in the deluded dream of separation that is never what’s happening. And simply put, the “me” along with the mind that projects the personality illusion, never was “real” or “unreal” nor has a life in an subjective and objective dualistic existence.

There is only THIS aliveness and to know and understand THIS wholeness is simply to accept it is unknowable appearing as the knowable as it is appearing now, in this moment, not in time and space. And even knowing that much is still unknowing when the revelation is accepted that all that can seem to be known is never known all at once and limited to some thought that attempts to grasp and know it with some understanding. The “me” can try all it wants to know this wholly without isolating what’s not two and it will seemingly demonstrate that such a feat can never be done. THIS also reflects there is no doer undoing what’s never being done, especially nothing being done to some illusory dream of “me.” All that is appearing to be happening is not happening to “me” according to the story of the individual.

THIS is the unconditional love, the perfection and total fulfillment that the “me” claims to be seeking, but doesn’t want to find what isn’t really lost as THIS unconditional love that is, is unknowable in it’s wholeness and thus is unfindible and indescribable. It just simply is! What the “me” really seeks is already lost, the dream of separation. There is no such thing as a real separation. In all the separate seeker’s seeking all that it finds it even says of it, “I thought I knew THIS was it, and would end all my unhappiness and totally fulfill me, but it turns out THIS is not what I thought it was.” There is only ever a temporary reprieve from the endless seeking of the seeker and a temporary feeling of fulfillment and happiness upon the claim of having attained or achieved something. All the while the illusory separate seeker continues to reject what is and isn’t for what it really is, while also rejecting that itself is not an “it” or a “self,” but a dream of being “me” and that the “me” is no one . The “me” seeks the end of the “me,” but avoids the unknowable unconditional love that alone is what the “me” would claim to know is “real” and would claim to know the separate self as “unreal.” Nothing is actually real or unreal. These are only concepts, content in the story, part and parcel the apparent story. In other words, the content is not ever what is happening and thus is not apparent, but the story is apparent. That is not to say that the story is real and the content is not real, the story just seems to be what’s happening without ever knowing that is happening at all. There is nota need for it to be known nor a need that anything ever needs to happen, but nonetheless it seems to be happening and that is quite the unexplainable miracle that is unknowable. Why is that not enough for the mind? Why does the mind insist on being a separate entity that “what is” is already is what is? What the mind claims to be seeking isn’t even missing and this suggests the mind doesn’t want what to find what it claims to be seeking. And what is that? Well the mind will only lie about what it claims to be seeking as it cannot know and understand what is unknowable and does not need to be understood as that activity has nothing to offer what is as what is already is what is and isn’t. Making it known will not make it better than what it is, nothing appearing as everything. The mind can argue with life all it wants and life obviously doesn’t care about the mind’s arguments. Life doesn’t resist the arguments. It doesn’t try to change the arguments and do away with them. Awareness accepts the arguments unconditionally and holds them lovingly without resistance. It’s the mind that resists itself, one mind versus another mind, the human mind versus the world, the mind of man versus the mind of God. All these arguments are accepted and allowed and the only resistance is yet a thought of the separate mind arguing with itself in the illusion of itself which is not real.

There is no real argument, only an appearance of one that is only a dream that has nothing to do with the aliveness that “you” are. Not that you are aliveness or have a life, simply life is, simply YOU are, which is nothing appearing as everything. Everything is not really a thing, and yet there is nothing that isn’t THIS.

THIS energetic beingness, THIS aliveness that appears as everything, that the “me” will never know or understand, but claims to understand and knows THIS aliveness as a “sense of self.” It’s not a sense or a self as it is not a “thing” happening to another “thing” (namely someone inside of a body). The senses that seem to be happening is everything that seems to be happening, is wholly indivisible and is entirely “you” that isn’t an individual or entity. It’s nothing that’s identifiable, yet all that seems to be identifiable is still clearly everything beyond the appearance of being known in wholeness, but only appearing as this thing or that thing to the “mind” that isn’t only ever just a mind. It is not an it, but is ‘THIS’ (not the word) which already is what is and isn’t, nothing knowable appearing as everything unknowable, and vice versa, nothing unknowable appearing as everything knowable, and is never actually a duality, nor a non-duality.

The next argument that arises rather than identifying with it simply observe it, hold it as the object of awareness it’s appearing as. Accept it even if you must seemingly accept that you can’t accept the argument. It does not require any effort whatsoever. When has awareness ever needed to be controlled with effort? You don’t have awareness, you are naturally THIS awareness. When the argument arises rather than giving your undivided attention the argument and identifying with the alleged separate individual trying to argue their personal point of view, turn your attention that which is aware of being aware. Notice how awareness happens without effort, without needing to be controlled, without needing to resist anything, nor is awareness clamoring for anything to be included. It doesn’t require understanding or knowing, and yet there is still a subtle knowing that is alike to what the mind describes as “knowing” as it requires no seeking or efforting whatsoever. Awareness is just simply what seems to be happening.

You don’t need a practice as that would only be story of the separate individual claiming to be doing something in order to get something. Just notice this appearance of the story and allow the practice anyway without excluding there is nothing being done. Practice accepting whatever arises whether that is an argument, suffering, a catastrophe, a family tragedy, a moment of unhappiness, a moment of joy, peace, or simply a good feeling. Practice acceptance even if the story is that you can’t accept something accept that you can’t accept it and keep up the practice while also observing what seems to happen as a result of THIS practice that no one is really doing, and is only seems to be what is happening. Arguments will not cease, but nor will arguments seemingly block the peace that is the ever-present awareness that you are.

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