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Are Past Lives Real? Reincarnation Article

Aug 25, 2021
Larrissa Aawar
Core Spirit member since Aug 25, 2021
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Hey guys, today’s topic is past lives. I have many clients asking me If past lives are real, & how come nobody remembers them?

Could it be that past lives are bogus? But what if they REALLY do exist? Then what’s the point of starting over again and again? Wouldn’t it be much easier if we remember our mistakes from past incarnations? I’ll give you my answer in this video.

My name is Larrissa Aawar, I am a Holistic practitioner with experience in therapeutic bodywork, meditation, and ancient Vedic and Taoist practices. If this is your 1st time on this channel, thank you so much for stopping by! This YouTube Channel is all about Health & Vitality. And today I have some tips on what past lives are.

So in reality, we don't have any evidence of past lives. Very few people get to remember their life in a different body. And there's hardly anyone who feels they are someone else, a different person living out a different life.

However, there are people out there who practice deep meditation and special breathing techniques who state that they see images from, what could be, past-life recall
They have flashes of memories that would belong to a person who lived a long time ago. Speaking for myself, I have seen my past lives, and I happen to be a proponent of reincarnation.

So why is it, that most people do not remember their past lives? The answer is simple. And here it is: Imagine that you used to be someone else living at a different time period and that you used to have a family, a career, some real estate, some money, and a completely different body. Then further imagine that you had all kinds of experiences, that maybe you had a terrible disease and you had died in an accident.

Or maybe you were very successful or you survived a terrible tragedy, or maybe you were desperately in love, and so forth.
And now you are born again in a new body, and you still have the memory of it all...So here you are, a father or a warrior, a lawyer or a teacher, and now you are in a crib with a pacifier in your mouth. It sounds pretty absurd, right?

Suppose, your past life memories only come to you when you are an adult. So you now remember the house you lived in, your relatives, and certain things you used to like. And all that is now a memory that cannot be brought back. Maybe you had made some mistakes that could not be corrected, or you have some unfinished business, and you are back to fix it. It would be pretty disturbing to have this knowledge.

Some people who practice past life therapy and get to remember a lot of their own past existences, do not remember them in their entirety. It's a defense mechanism because if you were to have a perfect memory of everything that ever happened to you on this planet, and on different other planetary systems, it would distract you from this life and your current life goals.

It would also get in the way of you trying to establish your circle of friends and relate to them in a normal way. You'd be totally stuck in the past, and you'd feel hopeless about your future.

It so happens that the same situations repeat themselves one lifetime after another. If you were to have a conscious recollection of it all, You might have a feeling of being trapped, like in that movie "The GROUNDHOG DAY". The truth is, it's unnecessary to remember any and all your past lives in any kind of detail because you could get overwhelmed by them and it would affect your present life.

I find it interesting that our subconscious tends to stop us from remembering our past lives. If you try to immerse yourself in some of those past lives, especially more than one past life at a time, the danger is in losing your identity as you know it. This would negatively affect your present moment. I do not dissuade you from going to explore your past lives, I only advise you against dwelling on them or over-analyzing them.

Some people might have a hard time accessing any past life information, and this would be the way their subconscious protecting them from some disturbing memories. It is not always crucial to even go to past lives. Sometimes it's enough to do some research on your lineage, to see what kind of negative tendencies you discover, and what type of negative tendencies you had as a child. All that needs to be looked at and addressed in a clearing session. This will have the potential to change your destiny and your karma.

It is a known fact that some yogis in India, who live in the wilderness away from civilization, are capable of remembering their past lives quite easily. They can sit in meditation in a cave for years. They are practically cut off from civilization and they hardly talk to anyone, and they have their fellow villagers bring them food so they do not die of hunger.

These yogis are capable of putting themselves in an altered state of consciousness, and they get outside of the construct of time & space as we know it, they have access to both the past and the future. These people live away from society, they can remember all their past lives if they wanted to, and it would not be a big deal to them. But if you happen to perceive yourself as another person, living as a pirate from back in the day, or an English maiden from a couple of centuries ago, your life would be quite challenging.

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