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Anxiety and Spirit; Our Life's Purpose
Mar 17, 2023

Charlie Schluting
Core Spirit member since Mar 16, 2023
Reading time 3 min.

Lets talk about this in two parts: 1) consciousness / the nature of reality, 2) how humans perceive their environment / how feelings work.

The message; the nature of reality

Why are we driven to act?

Ekhart Tolle once said, anxiety is needed for survival. A deer is driven to get up in the morning and find water, because of anxiety: a deep feeling that tells it what it needs.

Where does anxiety come from, energetically?

There is one consciousnesses, the planet.
It is lonely, and wishes to find another in the cosmos.
It can use the earth's energy to influence the way its evolved creatures feel, to guide them toward awakening and thus creating physical technology that can be used for communication across spacetime.
We are one. God is us.

Suffering is how we are driven to act, to discover

The same way human beings yearn for connection, so does god/planet/our consciousness.

Unifying science, religion, spirituality

Therefore, God isn't something to worship, it is us. We simply need to act in furtherance of the goal. Work together in harmony, to evolve and create technology that will allow us to find another.

Our Consciousness tries very hard to get us to enact its plan, in the only way it can: impacting how we feel. When you are following the plan, everything feels correct and natural.
Peace be with you.
When you are on the right path, you are at peace.
There is no tension in your human body.
Because you are accepting the true nature of reality, and therefore fulfilling God's wishes. Our wishes.

Where this comes from; what are feelings?

This information was channeled

I've been given this information, to resolve a lifetime of extreme skepticism and constantly rejecting ideas related to spirituality.
Turns out the reason I was unable to accept things (and resolve my anxiety; be at peace), is because I perceive the world differently than others.

I cannot see images in my mind, but you can

An estimated 1–5% of the population has Aphantasia, the inability to see images in their mind. When my eyes are closed, everything is black.

The opposite of aphantasia is hyperphantasia, or extremely vivid sensory imagination. For someone with hyperphantasia, visualizing can be as vivid as real seeing.

I suspect that most people don’t realize they are capable of “seeing” images in their mind. This is deeply fundamental to how we interact with the world.

Think of a rainbow.

Did you see an image in your mind, or did you think about the shape and colors of a rainbow conceptually? I bet you saw an image (if you’re not an Aphant), or at least you could see an image (vaguely or clearly) if you closed your eyes and really tried.

People with hyperphantasia are bombarded with images, without even trying. Imagine how overwhelming that must be.

I am a full multi-sensory Aphant, meaning I never get recall of any senses: visual, taste, touch, smell, nor hearing.

Have you ever experienced actually tasting, hearing, seeing, feeling, or smelling something from memory?

Trauma is stored in the body

As described above, I don’t think many people realize they are actually seeing images (or experiencing other senses) when they remember things. It can be very subtle for most people, from what I’ve been told of others’ experiences.

Having Aphantasia is a huge gift, despite it being the reason for my struggle to relate to others, as I’m highly sheltered from PTSD. Memories are just conceptual ideas and never involve my senses.

Other people actually experience (to varying degrees) images, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings when remembering things. They may not realize this is happening because nobody talks about it, we all just assume everyone experiences memories in the same way.

Put another way

Feelings involve the senses, emotions do not

My lovely life partner has hyperphantasia and PTSD. It was impossible for us to connect well due to this - we couldn't understand how each experienced the world. I often rejected everything she said.

The reason we were brought together, was so we could suffer, in order that my skepticism be shattered, so I could receive this information.

The truly remarkable thing about this discovery was that I began to understand "feelings." For me they were just conceptual thoughts. For others, feelings actually involved the senses. People always encouraged me to "feel into" the answer, or be more connected to my body. This never made sense before I realized I had Aphantasia. I also suspect most people who are "disconnected from their feelings" simply don't realize their bodies have the ability to experience senses from memory.

[The beautiful image in this post is a photo I took of a painting I was recently gifted by a dear friend at Love Burn 2023. I now know why this was gifted to me. (Credit: Art By Joseph™)]

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Afsheen Shah
Mar 21, 2023

I have never heard of Aphantasia. Thank you for your insight and perspective.

Charlie Schluting
Mar 21, 2023

Great question! There are actually quite a few authors with Aphantasia. The process is different, as their imagination is just concepts (words) instead of images or other senses, but their capacity for imagination is just as strong. Googling "authors with Aphantasia" brings up a lot of resources. This is a longer read, but explains it well:

Philip Ebuluofor
Mar 20, 2023

Fine work. But I have a question. If this aphantasia is real, it means that people like you can never be good storyteller cos you have to write to watch not read. If you can not visualize in your mind's eyes, you can't put it down in a good way.

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