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Adding This Spice to Your Meals Will Melt Away That Stubborn Belly Fat
Mar 29, 2018

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If you’ve overindulged this Christmas and don’t know how to shrink your waistline, listen up!

Eating healthy foods and exercising is the best way to beat the bulge, but there are certain foods that can actually speed up fat-burning and help you lose weight.

Snacks such as walnuts, beans, green tea and Edamame beans are all have a very high thermogenic effect, so you literally burn calories as you chew.

And now scientists have found that the spice turmeric can help boost fat burning. The bright yellow spice is great at converting white fat, which stores calories, into brown fat, which can burn energy.

This in turn – teamed with exercise – can help you lose more weight.

A 2009 study found that people with more brown fat have lower body mass indexes (BMIS), so this Asian spice could be perfect slimming aid.

The Korean study also found turmeric enhances brown fat specific genes, encouraging growth of the energy-burning fat.

It can help detox your liver, an organ that helps with fat burning, and lower your blood cholesterol levels.

The super spice can also help whiten your teeth naturally, according to YouTuber Drew Canole of FitLifeTV.

In a four-minute video, Canole explains how mixing one teaspoon of turmeric powder with one tablespoon of coconut oil and a little peppermint oil can create a natural toothpaste that will leave your with sparkling pearly whites.

Turmeric contains both astringent and abrasive properties which is how the yellow paste transforms your teeth by brushing with it just a few times a week.

Basically, turmeric is great all round – so start adding a little spice to your evening meals.

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