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Achieve a Happy and Successful Life through Karma healing

Dec 10, 2020
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Stop living up for other’s expectations!

Look at your life and think about

- What frustrates you right now?

- What do you feel right now regarding your life-condition?

- How do you feel about yourself?

- What do you want to change about yourself and why?

Most likely you are criticising yourself because of the so-called standards of the society, the expectations of others.

But that is only your part of the story, your imagination, your creation in your mind. Not even back it up from others, because they are might jealous or not enough confident to tell you the truth what they really think of you.

If you really think about your situation and look at the whole picture, you are living someone’s dream life. Someone out there would love to have the job you have, the children you have, the love you have, the body you have.

Stop making stories and see your values! You are amazing, you are unique, you are where you need to be. You are growing and expanding continually. Do not allow others to stop this process.

You made mistakes because you already started to get out of your comfort zone what is an amazing, great initiative. But you were not enough conscious yet, your third eye wasn’t activated, your belief system was still the old one, your habits just started to change.

The basic of the success is to start acting consciously and eliminate mistakes and failures by seeing the future intuitively and clear the blockages and old belief system. These will attract the right people into your life who will be your mentors and masters. Also, you will replace your negative habits with positive once by studying other successful people’s habits.

So, the 4 basic steps how to get to the state of your happiness:

Step 1. – start practicing Samadhi meditation, which will make the process faster and more achievable by clearing your chakras from blockages, activating the pineal gland and start producing necessary hormones for overall wellbeing

Step 2. – start clearing buried emotional traumas from your unconscious mind by source memory healing/karma healing. Even though you do not even know they are there, but they are the root of most of your issues right now. These will also help you healing ancestral karma from your DNA.

Step 3. – start to live consciously, mindfully by practising forgiveness, affirmations, and gratitude. These will reset your belief system and habits in your subconscious mind.

Step 4. – start reading the book of “1 HABIT for Entrepreneurial Success”.

I just became #1 best selling author by being the contributor to this phenomenal book.

People are continually living by other’s expectation although they do not even know what that is. Because it is a story in their head. There is not enough communication between parties to know the full information.

The truth is they want you to be happy! Nothing else matters. When they see you happy they will set you free. But you do not need to wait for that, you can set yourself free through the steps I wrote because it will change the energy in the family field as well and change the whole setting of your life.

Are you ready to jump and dive deep into your fulfilling and liberating future?

Then let’s rewrite your past to create your new future!


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