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Jun 16, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
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Further my article on day Ten…


Everything that is maintained tends towards equilibrium. This is the Law of Synchronisation which permits the perfect coordinated functioning of everything that exists and happens. It is statistic when it provides organisation and enables things to be perfectly arranged where they are meant to be; and dynamic when it contributes the sequence and synchrony for the movement, operation or performance of something.

The Law of Harmony manifests in everything that is maintained and coexists. We can recognise it in all that interacts in the natural kingdom for life to continue, in the day and the night, in the seasons, in the interaction of species, in the principle of non-reaction, in socialisation, in tolerance and, in general, in all events in which a force or energy is involved in pursuit of equilibrium and maintenance of the whole system.

This Law regulates the times of action and recovery like, for example, the length of natural cycles and rhythms, or the arrangements of space so that one individual does not invade another; and it also regulates human relationships, in the agreements that we reach.

Similarly, it manifests in the proportion and harmonic distribution of the components of everything that produces a sense of pleasure and beauty: the Law of Harmony is always p resent in anything that pleases , attracts and produces great satisfaction.

We recognise that we are outside the Law of Harmony when we experience dissatisfaction, suffering, anguish, stress, limited resources, maladjustments to the environment, and difficulty in relationships or emotional conflicts.

Psychological trauma will often be the consequence of being outside the Law of Harmony in teaching processes with children. However, it is precisely by going against harmony that we learn to recognise the existence of the Law.

We are within the Law of Harmony when we experience high levels of personal satisfaction, excellent human relationships based on respect, acceptance, cordiality, and kindness, which produce a deep sense of pleasure.

Also when we act within functional aesthetic spaces, and we set out to enjoy ourselves, learning from the different situations that life presents us with, and we willingly decide to eliminate learned or self-imposed limitations from our minds and overcome psychological traumas and the fear that they trigger in us.

By deciding to flow with the Law of Harmony we can begin a new experience of life in which our relationships are not conflictive. They key technique for Harmony is respect, which is expressed by accepting and supplementing personal experiences with those of others.

Harmony is directly related to bring flexible, learning to give way, seeking agreements and knowing how to compromise, because it is all a process of equilibrium, of harmonisation.

It is a profound mental exercise.

Sometimes we mistake being in harmony for being in love, but they are different Laws. In the centre of the scale there is a point that does not move, regardless of what happens with the Law of Harmony: It is Love.

Harmony regulates the balance between the extremes of the scale, but Love is not affected by it.

We can be in equilibrium without possessing anything of Love, and be in Love without there being any equilibrium.

Tania Padley
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