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A Power Like No Other

Nov 4, 2021
Reading time 5 min.

Awakening is the direct experience of Divine Power. This is the power like no other, yet it includes all other experiences
of strength which manifest in form within the human experience. We know the mind is powerful, we love the strength and beauty of its creativity. Have we stopped to wonder, from where does this power come?

I turn on light-switches, lamps, my laptop and my oven roaster in full expectation that bulbs will energize to offer light
and electrical appliances will whirl to life giving heat and mechanical performance. How many times do I contemplate
from where this does this power come?

The power of electricity is invisible, it escapes the attention of the thinking mind which has raced from “finger-click” on power button to “what’s next”, what will be accomplished when the laptop powers up, the roaster temperature reaches 350-degrees Farenheit?

The thinking mind, attached to and completely absorbed by the drive to achieve an outcome from use of electrical power completely misses the multi-step process involved in the delivery of residential power to my home. The power generation, transmission, increases and step-downs of voltage through transformers, the distribution, measuring and metering,
the protection of breakers and fuses, the access points of wires, outlets and switches.

“Who cares as long as it works?” I hear the thinking mind’s attempt to brush aside any deeper reflection. A deeper understanding of how-things-work becomes very important when we turn on a switch and nothing happens. When the laptop won’t power up, when the roaster doesn’t become hot, when the lightbulb stays dark, when the washing machine won’t cycle. Trouble-shooting relies on a deeper understanding to isolate components which no longer work so that repairs can restore service.

Awakening could be seen as a spiritual reconnection service which uses Awareness as an in-built tool for trouble-shooting.
We reach a point in our human lives when “things just don’t work.” The forward momentum is interrupted. We experience this disruption with the emotional reaction of “crisis”. The egoic identity of “me” sees Life only in terms of an outcome, its plan
called “my life”. Its imagined success as the human dream, much like the life of an appliance. Flip this switch, light comes on. Turn that knob to cook dinner.

The egoic identity is very much like a computer program, having inputs and outputs which achieve the goal of its software.
Find a partner, build a coupled unit or family system to secure emotional security. Pursue a career to build psychological prestige, to increase mental knowledge, to lock-in the security of planned income to support a human lifestyle.

Have we ever wondered, what lies beyond the programming, beyond the superficial yet very compelling agenda of the egoic “me”? What might be a higher purpose of the momentum of a human life? As we awaken, we begin to see the interplay of multiple layers of Consciousness. Psychologically, we begin to recognize parts of our human conditioning that have been hidden in unconsciousness as if we have been sleeping. We see the defensive mechanisms of denial and repression that
held unconsciousness in the grip of sleep. We might feel its energetic movement “upwards” as it breeches the surface of our subconscious, we might notice it play out in our dreams or fantasies. We may watch it flow into conscious awareness,
reflected in our social interactions like a 3D-training role play.

In spiritual terms we might recognize where we’ve been asleep, where we’ve been dreaming, how we appear to be awakening. We may burst with laughter to see We Are That which never slept. We may be filled with awe to see the creativity which creates the human dream. We might experience “openings” or mystical experiences where the human life is observed with neutral detachment so that it appears to be an illusion, a dream against the backdrop of the Formless essence of our Being.

We may feel relief and gratitude that we’re not imprisoned by human life. We might feel overwhelmed by the inherent Power
of the Truth of Who We Are. We may finally see that every discontent is an innocently-believed, uninvestigated, fearful egoic thought and yet be transfixed by the momentum of the human life which seems to continue.

A turning point arrives in Awakening, when Awareness discerns its Source of power. This “clear seeing” arises
from the formless dimension, beyond intellectual thought. Although we might be more accustomed to the thinking mind,
we’ve never been separate from Being. When we’re ready, when we’ve suffered enough, when we are willing and open
to find a better way so that we might live from the core of our Beingness in peace, we will transcend the suffering of the
human condition. This mysterious process will happen in appropriate timing to manifest in a way tailor-made for each of us.

Call it a miracle, call it Grace, call it spiritual evolution, the expansion of Consciousness is available and waiting for our earnest call.

Volumes have been written about spiritual awakening. Each word is “pointer” to That which cannot be adequately described with language, yet it can be directly experienced. The tiny version of power we’ve experienced as a human being using our intellect is like a birthday candle held next to the sun. Wisdom, the Intelligence of the Universe is so much more vast, deep
and powerful than the little human mind can grasp.

It would seem to be too big but it remains accessible, available and ever-ready to make Itself known, realized and recognized. Inside each of us is a sacred center, that inner core of Spaciousness that is connected to That Source of Power, which is never separate from Who We Are.

What does it take to reach this power, to experience our Source?

Just a moment of Stillness. We can turn within, focus on our breathing, feel the inner energy field of our bodies and wait,
in earnest. This is becoming Present. That Which We Are awaits our invitation to arise. The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle describes Presence in detail as well as the human conditioning which covers over our awareness our essence as pure,
formless Being.

Take a moment to listen to the Power of Now on Audible, youtube or grab a digital copy from the amazon kindle store or your
favorite digital outlet or listen to podcasts featuring Eckhart Tolle. If you don't feel a connection to his work, remain open.
What's destined for you will find you, for Awakening is available in as many ways as there are manifestations of form.
You might experience peace as you sit in nature. You might be inspired by a verse from a song. You might be given a book
or run across someone you feel drawn to because of the peace which radiates around them. If you feel a sense of aliveness while listening, reading or being in the Presence, Awakening has already begun within you.

This beautiful mystery of spiritually Awakening leaves no one out and the process will unfold through unimagined serendipity.
After all, Awakening is not separate from Who You Are, It serves That of Which You Are. It just takes a moment to tune into the Present Moment, to reconnect with your inherent Power Source.

With You as Awakening Unfolds

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