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A mystical look at dreams - Images, symbols and the dream connection

Feb 19, 2021

A mystical look at dreams - Images, symbols and the dream connection


As a precursor to this edition of our Ascent into Novelty as written and spoken about by Logan Rayne Carley, it should be noted that this text is an edited (by Logan) version of an original talk titled, “A mystical look at dreams - Images, symbols and the dream connection” viewable on YouTube.

This blog intends to reach new audiences and allow Logan to revisit and review their work to continue the refining and expansion of consciousness while better representing the messages encapsulated by the many mystical experiences in the life of Logan. These are lengthy talks on various forms of experiences and wisdom, Logan is long-winded and goes on and on about the points and details of their experiences to better clue-in readers and listeners about the truth of their life. Also, Logan is continuing to learn how to be a great orator, writer, and human. If you have any feedback, questions or insights, or anything to share, please leave it in the comments. Namaste.


So, our last video (blog) was, “A Message for Awakening Souls” and I want to develop more of those ideas later because I have so many things to say, but as for this blog, we’re going to be talking about dreaming—because dreaming’s so important, right?! As we come more to understand about this world and what the New Earth is and how we are experiencing it, we can dive into dreaming, and we can dive into the dream state, we can dive into waking state, all these different states, and forms of mind, or states of mind. In talking about these things, we’ll speak about developing a relationship with the dream world, consciousness, and spirit. Everything is very connected, and it is all connected very much so to our minds. And, funny enough, this is the very thing that we’re exploring. Mind is the thing that meditation explores, it is the thing that psychedelics use, this is the medium—mind is the medium. It is this thing that has been created that allows us to navigate through information in a world that doesn’t seem informatic. This world might not seem like it is made of information, but it is, and that’s what we’re coming to understand as we have these near-death experiences, as we have these breakthrough experiences, and psychedelic experiences. This has been, I’m sure, talked about a lot before, but if this is new information to you, I’m glad to hear that, but if it is not, that is fine too, we just should come to understand and make more sense of these things.

So, it’s all information, though be it love first, and the dream-world is an excellent relayer of that and the way through which it does that, is through symbols. I’ve been consciously working with dreams for nearly a year, give or take. I took various breaks from psychedelics and at some point, decided to focus on dreaming. I later started journeying with psychedelics again, and just kept dreaming developing slowly where it was at. A lot has happened, and my consciousness has developed greatly since May of 2020. Where I am at now, I haven’t done any psychedelics in many months and, usually every night I am as connected to my dreams as I ever could be. Now I’m not connected to the state in the sense that I’m a full-on-dreamer, I mean I am a dreamer, but I don’t lucid dream nor do I astral project every night. HOWEVER, that’s not to say that I don’t have a very intimate and developed relationship with the one that shows us the dreams, or, with that which is being dreamed. I feel like I’m pretty aware of 5D, and bits of the crazy things that, every night my higher self goes out and does. Honestly, it’s all part of the great plan, all of that stuff. Most likely it is the same scenario for you that’s reading, is that every night you’re going out and helping this planet, and friends, and clearing space in your mind, and healing yourself, and healing others. Some nights you’re learning, some nights you’re teaching, some nights you’re being taught, sometimes you’re teaching yourself, and some nights, you’re just out there enjoying some whack stuff. It can be wild, but that’s the range of experiences, they are as infinite as is the mind. This is a lot of rambling, haha! Let us get into some information?

So, what I have to say is that dreams are extremely important—they are so important, right? Literally, I am dreaming right now, and you’re dreaming that you just heard me say that, “I am dreaming right now,” because life really is but a dream.

This is a whole thing… There’s a video that sums this up a little bit differently, it’s from PAPAJI and I think some people will resonate with it, check it out here.

More directly about my experiences with dreaming…I am going to talk about them and we’ll go from there. I’ll lay out the ideas about how I developed an intimate relationship with the dream world, and what it means to have an intimate relationship with the dream world. It means that every night you’re tripping, every night you’re learning something new about your self, or your mind. It means that every night you’re going deeper and deeper into the mystery and you’re coming back with information that can help you or someone else. Look, we go to heaven like eight hours a night, we can say “eight hours,” but you know how time is… It can feel longer sometimes, or it can feel shorter, it’s all timeless anyway and there is but only one moment in which all is, regardless, we leave our bodies every night. The observer, the inner child, the dreamer, the seer, leaves our bodies and is out dreaming whenever we finally drift off. Because, you see, if I am back here in this bed sleeping, but I’m dreaming that I am in a classroom at this school with my beloved and all these classmates are there, how was I right there in my bed? You see, the body was there, but where was the dreamer, right? And so that’s what we’re trying to connect to is ideas like these, and that is what I’ve been revealed and many things more about this state and others. So that is interesting stuff there, but remember still, that it is all information, right.

So, when I say, intimate, what do I mean? I wake up most nights, or it could be in the morning, and remember almost instantly what I was doing that night. Now, I am detached in a way from the dreams because I don’t fully remember consciously experience them, thought you can, and, I know that one day I will be able to experience them again. I see them and remember them in as much detail as I can while slightly awake, and in slightly lucid state. I am learning these days better and better how to retain lucidity and subtlety, which helps give us access to richer forms of dream information. I can go back in sometimes almost immediately, and keep the dream conversations going. It’s not a “here and there” type of thing, because literally, everything is in the dream world, it’s all what God is dreaming. We are all in a dream world, so there is no separation from these states, only varying degrees of perception of them. Almost always there is a reflection on your “spiritual” performance from the previous day, which I say seriously reflects the state of your mind before you drifted off. Some nights, I’m going through heart activations and have trouble sleeping because I’m feeling the energy and my whole body is tingling. Those nights, I can’t really sleep and go out and dream because of all the tingling energy that is being channeled through my heart center….It’s just tickling and is so weird.

Other nights I wake up (return to this body on the earth plane) at 02:24 after having a very ecstatic dream and I sit there for an hour and I lucidly think about the dreams and process them. I just stay lucid, or I very slowly and gently wake up, without moving or allowing the mind as it is to come back into any other lesser state. I just have learned to stay somewhat subtle and slowly fade back into what my mind is like when awake, and that changes as you truly wake up. You see, the boundary between states these days is so thin. This is all a process that you can learn your self as you gain experience. What I do when I climb back aboard my human-monkey flesh mech is just, while still actively lucid in my mind, mix around all these different truths and encode the information that’s just been revealed. I just stay in my mind while awaking and, for example, will re-remember all three of the dreams that I had that night. What I do, is that: I think about every single one of them. I consciously relive them, I consciously experience them again and tell to my self these dreams by looking at these memories and following them every detail by every detail. I’ll follow everything all over again in order to encode it back into my waking-state-memory so that I can store that information and have it available to tell you right here and to experience again later on. Why you may ask? Because these are divine messages and like all information, they are timeless. What timeless means is that it doesn’t matter whether you learned something ten years ago, or whether it was learned yesterday, or whether you learned it on your first birthday, that wherever there is information that there is some sort of memory. Whenever or wherever there are seeds of information which they themselves are ready to be reaped, or sown, that they will be sewn (or reaped), and, that the information will be available to you if you were conscious in the moment, AND, when YOU are conscious in this moment. If you were conscious in the moment in which the information was being given to you, or in the moment in which the information was being exposed to your spiritual-being in whatever form that may be, through dreams, books, videos, podcasts, friends, visions, images whatever form, then it will be available to you when you need it, and God will know when to give that to you, like breadcrumbs for furthering spiritual discovery.

Some nights, you know, I have to learn how to dream….I wake up and I’m there and I’m having to learn, I myself as a dreamer how to dream. I wake up and I’m looking at the top of my ceiling, and there’s a TV on it, and I’m talking to people and texting them through my 5D-ceiling-TV, or texting other friends on my 5d phone. There are beings there that are trying to get my energy, and I’m trying to just center myself and get away from these feelings of abandonment. All of these core wounds are being exposed and I’m looking in all of these different places trying to figure out why I’m so hurt when I can just actually sit here and say anything that I want and have it come to life……and it’s just then that I realized that I was with my best friend, my beloved, and we were walking down the road talking about how amazing it is to be……

And I mean literally that quick, just that quickly you are awake in the dream-body after having realized you were lucid dreaming and you are there, creating your what you are experiencing, which is how we refer to “reality,” but know that this word is a misnomer, because all things are real. So, we say that we “go to bed,” but actually we are dreaming that we are going to sleep, and in going to sleep, we leave our earthly bodies to go wake up in our dream bodies. Right now, since you are awake reading this, wait, are you awake reading this? Haha, got you! Alright, on a more serious note, since you are reading this, you are awake, but your dream body is sleeping and, and in sleeping is dreaming that you are here, and when you go to sleep “here,” then you will wake up in your “dream body,” and you’ll be “there.” But get this, there is no “here and there,” you’re just always dreaming! It’s kinda like when PAPAJI said, “Now, if you wake up from this dream, then you will not sleep at all,” except that I would say it differently, more like, once you awake in this dream, that you’ll be awake always in the dream body. To me, that is what it means to live forever, this is what it means to stop incarnating, it means that you know that you can’t die, unless god ends you, that you just go to sleep in this body and wake up and you are in that same body, things are just, well, I will say…a little different….

I’ve been there before (normally), and I’ve been there on acid too and it’s quite-quite amazing. And also, it’s a practice that I want to keep working on, so let’s go into more of the details…. That was a bunch of juicy information, onward!

So, I’m quite analytical and I want to say this just to bring us to the idea that at some point in my development I was like a Jungian-leaning type, I mean that I was big into archetypes and symbols and all that stuff, however, I got to a certain point in my development where I realized that talking about the anima is the last thing you need to do to be friends with the anima, and learn from her. So, I stopped and I just started developing that relationship and I fell in love with it, or her, and I’m continuing to try to do that. Why? Because she is the embodiment of God as your greatest spiritual teacher and lover that ever will be, or the animus if you’re from the other side…..well we are from the same side, but you know what I’m trying to say, haha! And so, with this, there are two websites primarily that I was working with that were dream dictionaries and more. I didn’t have the information that I needed to understand the dreams I was having. I was lost. So, what sources did I use to get the information that I needed in order to learn about what was being shown to me in the dreams that I was having nearly every night? Every single night you get a free mystical download of your status report on daily life from what you have dreamed. Simply put, God, or source, or the creator each night is handing you images from experiences in your mind or from their mind that are explaining to you what you need to do, clear, say, stop doing, start doing, in order so that you can make the next step on your journey. That next step takes you where the source wants you to be, which is in your life purpose doing what you can do to fulfill the great prophecy, your part of the great prophecy which is a part that we all play. We all have a part to play, we all have to say something, we all have to do something.

So, how do I get this information? I use primarily two websites: powerofdreams.net & mythsdreamssymbols.com They are brother/sister websites, or partner websites. It’s not just these two websites, there’s plenty of websites and dream dictionaries out there, so just know that when you are seeking, that google is your friend. Please use google and use it wisely. Use it to help feed this beautiful thing up here in your mind what it needs so that it can process and do things that it needs to do, to understand God, or understand what you are being shown by God. I mention these two websites as a great resource to you all. Don’t worry about trying to understand all of the information (which is a lot) on that website at first. Please know that the information that you need will find you, as it has found you in this blog, so long as you search for it when it calls.

These websites are extremely well versed in dream symbology and the like. Their dream dictionaries are accurate and they have explanations of the anima and the animus as shown in dreams. They have explanations or depictions on the meaning of mystical dreams, or prophetic dreams and so much more. I encourage you to go and dive into this information and explore this website. It will help you greatly on your spiritual path and in connecting to the dreamverse, which, as you will surely come to know, is not that much different from what we experience here. It’s all a slow transition, very timely (divine timing) and this information is here to help you, so go explore!

Also, there’s a dream forum there if you want help with decoding and interpreting things. For example, maybe you develop a relationship with the dream world and you understand some of the things that you’re being shown but there’s this one theme or this one symbol that keeps reoccurring and you keep implementing different things in your life, trying to master your mind or listen to what’s being shown to you, but you can’t interpret it so you can’t understand it—obviously—because you keep being shown it. So you could post your dreams there on the dream forum and you’ll have someone that hopefully knows what they’re talking about provide some information so that perhaps you can align with whatever truth is trying to be shown to you.

And as a side-note, I try to be as calm and relaxed as I can be before I go to bed, and also happy because as I understood in my development, everything matters always. I say this to say that it is best to not avoid your self all day, and then, at nighttime, start caring for your self because you get to relax. Try to relax throughout the day and take care of different needs whenever you can so that you can relax your mind. This is a long process and the inner work and self-development or individuation or enlightenment comes with a long process, but I just want to share that at night especially we should care for our needs, especially while we are in bed and are trying to relax. It is super important that we calm the inner child and “separate” everything that happened before we got into bed with the space that we should hold for ourselves while in bed, that isn’t to say that we shouldn’t always hold that type of intimate space for ourselves, as I previously mentioned. The path itself is a process that will teach you. As you develop your relationship with the waking-state and the dream-state of mind you’ll understand that better, so take it slow, but remember that effort is important as well.

And so, what did I do? I, for an extended duration of weeks, until this became something that I could do without writing or typing, would, every night, go to bed with a pen and paper next to me or my laptop opened. I would have my laptop plugged in and ready to type the password and start typing on an open, fresh word document right away so that when I woke up I could sit while typing what was just going on in the dreams. I did this so that I could go back to bed and later wake up again and sit down and objectively look at this information that I was seeing and look at it and say, “Wow…look at these themes and these symbols,” or “wow…I clearly see this visual representation of some theme or of some thematic-like representation of an idea.” I promise that there’s something that’s trying to be expressed that doesn’t know how to express itself. And so, God, through us and us as dreamers and beings on all levels, creates with us this dreamspace where we can act out and roleplay these reenactments of our mind or of our psyche so as to make progress as spiritual beings, again, on all levels. So, we are being shown important life-lessons by this guy, or by this girl, or by this teacher and this other teacher, and this oddly mysterious thing, and this scary thing, and this guy that’s chasing me, and this monster, and all these different symbols. Just to name a few: teeth, and hair, and knives, and shields, and books, and basketballs, and animals and so on. There are so many things, so many symbols. It is anything that you can name as Papaji says, “name and form.”

So, there are so many things and you can contemplate yourself on those symbols that you’re recalling from having dreamt. Write the whole dream down IN AS MUCH detail as you can, okay? You wake up and you IMMEDIATELY write this stuff down. If you’re not trained in this art, which takes time to develop, then the dream memory will fade from your mind almost instantly. And, even being developed in this, if you don’t stay in the space and with the intention to learn and remember it, it still quickly slips from your conscious mind. I’m at the point now where I, out of habit and well, curiosity and love for what God has to offer, instantly re-remember my dreams and seek to, upon awakening from them, look over them right away to see what I can learn. Usually, unless there is some big lesson overcoming lifelong patterns and big things I have to work through, then I can usually see the meaning right away. Some nights, as I have mentioned about the infinite range of experience, I just enjoy what it is to have dreamt of beautifully mystical things and just appreciate the spiritual life that I live. As I mentioned, though, it is important to know and trust in the process—we will all get there at some point, so if you’re not there yet, that is fine!

To go more explicitly into the details of it, you should write down every single thing that you can remember—no editing nor deleting or any of that. This memory is perfect the way it is and rather just your ability to articulate it will hold you back from expressing what is there, but don’t let that be an obstacle! It could sound like a third-graders gibberish…..cool! Write that down! Just whatever wants to be said—it doesn’t matter how illiterate you are, and it doesn’t matter how articulate you might be. Just say or write whatever comes out whenever you’re writing this stuff down because it’ll come out, I promise you it will. I’ve written down some very crazy things, captivating things, and I can always go back to it and make it look more beautiful. You can always go back and more perfectly articulate that which is trying to be articulated, but just looking objectively at the information you first wrote down you get the idea, you get the wavelength—the energy level of that which was trying to be expressed, and that’s all you need. The symbols are there, the information is there, the memory is there which contains everything you’ll need, all of the relevant facts that you’ll need while searching for that thing that you’re trying to understand.

And, so with this concrete information written down, I would go to those two websites and from there I could see all of the symbols in the dream dictionaries, and then I could try and a make connection or tie with the information that was being presented with the waking-state affairs of my life. The waking-state interactions and circumstances that needed repair or mending, I could understand where God was pointing for areas of improvement in my life. So, I see the dreams, write them down and then come to understand them by reading into them and I would make this connection with God—the dream shower. They are the one that presents to us these dreams every night. I would make a connection with what was being shown to events in my every-day-life. And usually, in my self-development, I would consciously, to some degree, know that I was dealing with, or struggling with, or needed help with, something. I would maybe have a small intuition that there was some point, somewhere, that I was trying to work out. You’ll notice a small premonition or slight intuition about your self that God is showing to you through the dream and through your conscious mind while looking at the dream, and then you have to dig that up and see what it is and make all of the connections that you can from that dream. It’ll come up and you’ll read over and understand it, and then you will have that information. With this information that is right in front of you, you can then, with laser-guided intentionality, do what needs to be done so that you can set straight whatever it is.

There are so many things that we can do and improve on and this happens every night. We, fortunately, by the fate of our loving God, have a constant source of information coming in almost every single night. They’re downloads of information, we get downloads of your psyche, of your mind, of your spiritual path—every single night. This is extremely important. We are not separate from God, and we can develop a relationship with this and you can carry that relationship into your waking state every day if you try. I know it is possible because that is what source has guided my development to in this life, you can do it and continue to develop too in an amazing way.

So again, to rephrase, information matters, the dream-world matters, your dreams matter, your dreams do matter and the source has your dreams, your aspirations I mean, they are important to the creator of the universe. They are tucked away in this little container in their heart somewhere, and you are trying to find that because that’s what you want, you want God’s dream of you, to be your dream. You want to dream what God is dreaming for you, and you already are. You want it so all of your stuff can be fulfilled, and you can be happy and in heaven on the new earth, and that’s what we’re going for, but there’s a long path to get there that we’ve got to be dedicated on, and committed to, and devoted to following. So this pursuit I have described is one of the ways that, we as mystics, as informystics, as mystical infonauts, as cybernetic shaman, as psychedelic shaman, as meditators, as contemplators, as exercisers, as yogis, as beings in a beautiful world who are trying to understand God and contemplate and understand and realize the fact that—we are literally god’s children—this is the stuff we need, this is the relationship we need to develop to go further on our path.

Let’s move forward into speaking about the relationship and the intimacy of it. At the earliest stages of this newfound spiritual pursuit, I was waking up and writing down in a word document these dreams and then the next day thinking about it all quite a lot. I spent time contemplating my situation in my own life and the different life scenarios that I was in. I would think about what I was experiencing in “real life”, or waking state, think about what was going on, what issues it could be pointing to, and then see what I could change. These symbols and images could point to relationship issues, it could point to some of your needs, it could be desires or traumas, it could be aspects of your self that are repressed, could be emotions and so many more things. It could be anything on this spectrum of our being that I spoke about in the last video/blog, which is many things. Remember, I spoke about us in that we are consciousness embodied. That means we’re just these words, but also to some degree, I am the keys that are being pressed to type these words. I am also to some degree these hands and so there are all of these layers of what we are. So, each of those layers has so many things to share and we have to be in alignment with all of that in each sector. This is what we are trying to get to. In getting there, a lot of things that you need are in your mind and are not accessible to you readily, unless you take up things and pursuits like I am mentioning. So, you can develop a relationship with your self, with God, and with your highest dreams by doing these dream journals. Write this stuff down explore your mind, your life, your dreams, and your love—you deserve it.

I said explicitly before that dream-world, and again, I use dream-world metaphorically, because everything is a dream-world. I said that the “dream world” was a great relayer of information. In bringing this up again I want to show that it has shown me when I was on point with my analyses and my dream depictions or interpretations.

I was on a spree one time, early on in this process, where, I had decoded maybe five days in a row with utmost determination. I had spent a lot of time really reading into a lot of the dense material the dreams had shown me, and I received a dream that was, well decoded, but it was directly for me. Whereas before I didn’t have that connection, I had just thought that dreaming was this, or that dreams were that. However, the dreams that just a few days before were almost unimaginable depictions of images and mundane every-day things showing up from my life, became an area where God had just shown me that what I had done mattered, and the dream showed that. I won’t go into the details of the dream, because all of that is always so contextual, but the message was that my interpretations were, “on point.” Through this one dream, the source was saying to me in a way, that, “Logan, you’ve done a great job decoding all these dreams, you’re right on point.” And you too can develop a relationship where you wake up and you realize that you’ve just been blessed.

Things like that are very reaffirming, spiritually, self-wise, and just as a great confidence-giver in you and your truth. I had great respect for whatever this was, I didn’t really understand it as God then, but I had great respect in a spiritual sense for having received that. It was saying, “you’re doing good, you’re on the path, you’re right where you need to be, keep going, keep doing what you’re doing, it is working—because you’re here!”

In saying what I’ve said that this far—don’t only use those two websites. In your relationship and with your dreams, you’re not going to find a fitting explanation of every symbol that you ever need. All of the information ever isn’t there, but the info that is, can help you get to where all of the information is. What I mean to say is that you should use google to find, for example, a “dream symbol eagle,” or “dream meaning cake.” So again, I use primarily powerofdreams.net and mythsdreamssymbols.com but know that there are so many websites on all of the earth that are hosted by so many different amazing people. There is so much information that we can reach, and that can reach us. So be versatile. What is most important though is that you will know when it is good information that is right FOR YOU. You’ll understand the dream when you find the right definition of the symbol because it will click with you. You will think of and run through three or four scenarios of different symbols and life issues and then **BOOM** it will click and you will revel in awe and glory of this newfound apprehension of your life, and God.

You’ll say, “Wow. That makes so much sense, how beautifully orchestrated this visual painting, this visual imagery, a slideshow of images…how beautiful that someone could think about all this stuff in my mind, in my life, and arrange it in a picturesque show of symbols and information this way.” God loves you, and God presents it to you, and me, and we can contemplate them, and think about it, understand it and then come back here and work on what’s being shown to us. This is all very cool stuff, so keep exploring, keep thinking, keep imagining, keep dreaming, keep meditating, and contemplating the contemplator.

So, think, and try to come to that conclusion. In doing so, you will find what you need, or what you need will find you. If you seek, you will find—no doubt. If you are looking for the truth, you will find it, and that is the truth.

Also, remember that you can always, you your self, contemplate these symbols and what they mean. Our lives and minds are so complex and full of synchronicity. Thinking about what the symbols mean to you is also a good way to come to these points. Additionally, there are biblical interpretations of dream symbols that you can find on many websites, and I would recommend those too. There is also outright dictionary definitions of symbols and both of them work, because they both have the truth, and they’re both information and it’s not about what the website says, it’s about what your mind says, it’s about what your intuition says, it’s about what you know to be true. Most likely, you will read seven different websites worth of information on the symbol of a spoon, or on the symbol of a cup, or of a boiling cauldron of water—and so what does that mean? Well, you have to look into your mind, look into your life, and read through that lens the information you’re seeing on the screen and when you’re doing that, the information on the screen will suddenly pop out to you, and both of those will kind of converge into this one truth. Then, when you see that, you can take it to where it wants to be, and do what needs to be done.

Upon finding it, you can incorporate that teaching, that truth, that lesson, that law, that alignment into your being and move forward and clear it, or remove that misalignment. This is what we’re doing as spiritual earth beings, we’re healing, we’re clearing, we’re aligning, we’re coming into a union with God, we’re coming into a harmonious union with our Twin Flame (also God), we’re coming into heaven, we’re coming into perfection, we’re realizing all these different things.

It’s as if we have parts of our selves that are over here and others over there and still others off the screen this way, and right here, but where everyone should be in is oneness or wholeness. There are so many different things we have to incorporate, align and adjust to. Some of them are big, some of them are small, and some of them could just be a mere misalignment with a thought about the past, or whatever—anything! But you have to align that, and in discovering the truth and talking about the truth, and exposing the truth for what it is, you’ll come to realize these things and do what needs to be done.

Let us just go over a few more things before we wrap this up. Again, I encourage working with your dreams. This is extremely pivotal. I mentioned, if you’re a meditator, if you’re a psychedelic user, a psychonaut, or an astronaut, or an ergonaut, if you’re someone that uses these things, or, basically if you are someone with a mind, this is a pursuit you should follow. You have a mind, whether or not you have full access to it is another thing, but that’s what we’re trying to do—is free our minds. This information, this blessed, beloved, golden information that we’re being given every night is a great tool, a pathway to the light.

We can use this information we’ve been given and go where we need to go with it so that we can free our minds, and then help free others. Even once your mind has been freed, there is still a mission, and certainly, there’s still truth to be explored. There’s such this stigma or something around waking up and there is nothing wrong with, or without it. Where you are on your journey is perfect, you couldn’t be anywhere else! Because even when you wake up, even when you’ve been freed, even when all these things happen, there’s still more that has to happen, the path never ends, ever. There are still things to be done and once you do all that stuff, right, once you do all that healing work, once you start expressing those desires, and expressing those truths that want to be expressed, then we’re just left with what? Then we are just left with our truest aspirations and goals, which are, in the most literal sense, our dreams. And, we still have to dream all of our dreams, because we’re dreaming them here on earth right now, and that’s the beauty of it all. Doing all this inner work is taking us to our dreams, and that’s what we’re trying to dream. I’m trying to dream my dreams, and I’m dreaming my dreams right now——trying to help you dream your dreams.

Let me mention a few more resources and branches of this line of spiritual work. I recommend doing some homework and looking into lucid dreaming and astral projection. I would look into melatonin, 5 milligrams a night or every other night helps you get lucid and relax mentally before you go to bed. I would find a self-care routine before you go to bed every night. Brush your teeth, wash your face, wash your feet, comb your hair. Try to get as comfortable as you can in your bed. I think the best way to sleep is with your legs crossed and feet touching, flat on your back, and elongated as can be. Or with your stretched-out-legs kind of over each other. It’s important to look into the sky, look into the upper worlds, and the spirit and breath will guide you where to look.

Let’s just try to return to the gentle essence, let us stop tossing and turning, and be careful and nurturing, kind to our selves. And with this, we can just sit right there in our beds and stare directly into the back of our eyelids. From here, breathing calming, we allow whatever information that comes to our mind to come. We sit with it and be patient there and just breathe through it. We rub all over our bodies, our selves, and touch all of your self, and love your self however it wants to be loved. It’s important to be calm and in that loving space before you blast off at night, because you want to calm your mind from having had a workday or doing whatever in the daily life you live. You made it you know! Let us relax now and treat our selves to peace and positivity in that loving space at night.

So many things upset us—we’re sensitive creatures—so, it’s important to settle back into your nest before you start dreaming again. You’ll notice that right as you do those healing mediations, or listen to fifteen minutes of 639 frequency Hz on YouTube before you go to bed, as you do that stuff, right, you’ll calm yourself down and make the space more amiable so that you can interact with it more. It isn’t limited to that, those are just a few examples. Some more would be: speaking kindly and gently aloud to your self, singing softly to your self, doing breathing exercises, cuddling, listening to soft music, saying sweet things to your self or to one another. It’s about being amiable and receptive to your self and to your mind, to God and to the dreamscape. Melatonin, I find, helps greatly with that. It gets you lucid to a degree, but know that the headspace is something that you have to work with. You also can make a dream tea, find some type of herbs at a local vitamins store and get some extracts or leaves and try that. These are just some different ways to interact with it that I am trying to layout, you know, whatever suits you. You can do nighttime yoga to relax and calm your beautiful mind if that is your type of thing.

One thing that greatly healed my mind in a very pivotal time of my life, was Lion’s Mane mushrooms. You can find those online at fungi.com with Paul Stamets’s line of work, or you can find them in a local vitamin store. It is called Lion’s Mane Mushrooms. Two capsules a day helps with healing your mind and bringing it to a place that is more conducive to having dreams more often. Getting enough water, drinking some water before, not staying stimulated, don’t smoke cigarettes and tobacco a few hours before going to bed, or be caffeinated—if you can help it. Remember, sleep time is time to calm down…..we’re going to bed to relax, heal and settle in for a peaceful long ride.

Aside from all of this, just know that it is an ongoing process. An ongoing work of alignment with the path and that takes time—it’s a process—so take it as a process, and do your work, your inner work. Inner work is a full circle of things, and dreamwork is part of it. Listen to those dreams and clear that space, clear your mind of all of that old programming and stuff.

So, I think that I have said a pretty good bit of things here, and shed some light on something that I am a big fan of, dreaming. This is one of my favorite times each day, one of my favorite things to do is go to bed every night and then wake up the next morning and have something to think about. It gives me something to talk about with my self and share.

I get to wake up and have known something more about my self, or something that I have done so that I can learn to be better with my self, and be more holy. There is a bunch of awesome information here that we have been given, so work with it. As always, take what you can and what resonates with you, and leave the rest—no judgment.

Some of the upcoming works you can look forward to watching or reading about are, “How the body works,” “Methods of Meditation,” and, “A look at self-love.”

If you have any questions or anything, then feel free to leave them wherever and I’ll try to get to them as quick as I can.

Stay at peace, and stay blessed.

With Love,

Logan Rayne Carley

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