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A Divine Intervention

Jan 24, 2023
A.C. Byrd
Core Spirit member since Jan 17, 2023
Reading time 5 min.

When the Intelligent Energy Known as “God” Made its Presence Known

Growing up, my family was highly spiritual, but not religious. Over the years, we would routinely attribute to “God” any event and occurrence that was inexplicable in ordinary terms. Like when my father “saw” that my brother had gotten into an accident before anyone had informed him about it. Or when any of us would have a dream that later turned out to be true. For our family, God was more about things like intuition, energy, synergies, and perfectly-aligned coincidences.

Even despite my strong spiritual awareness throughout my life, however, my belief in God had always been based on faith. That all changed for me in July 2010. That was when my belief in an intelligent universe went from being based on faith, to being unequivocally based on fact.

An Infinitely Intelligent Energy Creator Creates an Infinitely Intelligent Universe

In July 2010, a severe thunderstorm tore through our neighborhood. At one point, I heard a loud, crashing sound that sounded like an explosion. I then heard glass breaking toward the back of our house, in the area of the kitchen. I crept toward the kitchen to investigate and saw glass scattered across the floor. As I got a little closer, I saw that one of the huge trees that lined the back of our house had fallen and broken several windows.

Even as the thunderstorm raged on, all I could think about was picking my children up from summer camp. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door, but was stopped in my tracks when I discovered that the car would not start. It was a relatively new car in excellent condition, so it was odd when I put the key in the ignition and nothing happened. Fortunately, I was able to contact a neighbor whose children went to the same camp; she agreed to pick up my children along with her own.

When my neighbor arrived, she began to excitedly explain that she had to take an alternate route because a huge tree had fallen across the narrow road leading to our neighborhood. From the fallen trees and scattered branches, my neighbor thought a tornado had come through, but it turns out it was a severe thunderstorm with gale force winds.

After learning how intense the storm was, the thought occurred to me: “What would have happened if I had been able to start the car?” Given the timing, I quite possibly could have driven directly into the storm’s path. I remember praying to God and thanking Him for intervening to save my life, and quite possibly, the lives of my children.

I was eager to share this incredible experience so I called my mother. I remember what happened next with vivid accuracy. As I was on the phone with her explaining what happened, I went to the window where the tree fell. As I was looking out, I noticed another tree in the same area. What happened next is impossible to understand or explain in any words or feelings typically associated with this world. As I was looking at the tree, I was overcome with the sensation that the tree had a presence I had never seen before. The initial feeling was so unsettling that I actually gasped. I told my mother that I needed to call her back.

My perspective then started to shift. I felt a presence everywhere. Not only was there a presence everywhere, but that presence knew me personally. I had never experienced such a feeling before. Yet, as soon as I felt it, a familiarity and knowingness swept through me. I remember putting my hands to my face and having a thought along the lines of “Of course.” It was as if this knowledge was not new. Whatever it was I came to know that day, I somehow already knew it.

From that point, I had a feeling that can best be described as expanding. I felt like I was expanding into the universe. At the same time, I was the universe. I was infinite and specific at the same time.

The experience filled me with what I will describe as divine ecstasy. The intensity of the love I felt continued to expand and grow to the point where I remember feeling I could not bear it. The feeling of expansion felt like it literally would never end. I remember laughing and giggling and smiling and being filled with intense love and joy. The feeling was deeply personal and overwhelming.

At One with the Infinitely Intelligent Energy Known as “God”

I was “one with God” but I was also “me.” The concept felt literally mind-boggling. I was overjoyed to be imparted with this divine knowledge. But at the same time, I also started to remember “me” — the one with children and a family.

Almost as soon as I had that thought, the realization started to shift in the other direction. I started to become conscious of a body. I then became conscious of everything else: my hands, my feet, my eyes, my mouth. I realized that I was connected to a body that allowed me to speak and to see and to interact with this world. I remember feeling deeply comforted by this realization that I still had life as we know it.

After that, I became aware that I was in my home. But even then the divine encounter did not end. Right there, in the dining room of my home, a communication started to take place between me (or rather some part of me) and this “presence” which I interpreted as a divine intelligence.

Although I was aware of the communication, I could not understand it, nor could I control it. I was merely an observer. The communication was essentially taking place through my body. I remember having the thought that I would not be able to interact with my children “like this.” Upon this thought, I was suddenly fully back in control of my body.

Once I was fully myself again, I began to realize the magnitude of the experience. I felt like I had been given a rare and precious gift: I had an experience that allowed me to experience oneness with God. My perception of the experience is that our relationship to God exists along a continuum of consciousness.

At the highest end, which we would call “pure consciousness” we experience oneness with God. On the other end, we experience life as separate beings. No matter where we are on the continuum, the fact is there is only one. We are one with God and we are also God experiencing life as individual beings.

Before this experience, I would pray to God as if He were an inaccessible and unknowable entity. My belief in God was based on faith. After the experience, however, I knew there was no separation between us and God. I knew with absolute certainty that there is, in fact, an intelligent and conscious presence, consciousness, or energy that permeates everything in existence.

We Are All One — The Infinitely Intelligent Energy and Man are Opposite Polarities of the Same Energy

Whether we call it “God,” “the universe,” or something else, there is, in fact, only one — one presence that is alive, intelligent, and conscious. And, more importantly, this presence is a part of us and we were a part of it. There is only one consciousness that operates like a continuum: On one end we are “separate” living beings living in a material reality; on the other end we are a part of the infinite consciousness we know as “God.” Where we fall on this continuum is a matter of perspective, perception, or realization. There is absolutely no separation. We are, in fact, one — one spirit, one energy, one consciousness.

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