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May 22, 2020

Greeting Core Spirit Family

I have decided to do readings on a weekly basis in support of my Soul Family who are making so many sacrifices to bring truth and integrity to this world; after all that is an Indigo’s global mission.

As more and more truths are coming to light, the more and more anxious we are feeling as we are well aware of what needs to be corrected on our beautiful planet.

Being the loners that we are, we can sometimes feel isolated from the maintstream; as we don’t always understand the mindset of the people around us. We cannot resonate with their conversations.

My message to my fellow Indigo Warriors, is that we are not alone, and I have spent many hours in prayer and meditation asking for guidance; as well as being in a position to assist where I can. This is my contribution to the World:

I am using Indigo Angel Cards by Doreen and Charles Virtue.

Friday, 22 May 2020 @ 06h12 = 9 (The number for the old soul and humanitarian)

Nine promotes reaching your highest potential

I have opted for a three card reading, the past, the present and the future. I do not choose the cards; the cards choose themselves (these are called jumpers).

Today, the Universe has the following message to share with us:


We are being guided to seek greater freedom as when this card appears, it is confirmation that the Universe has heard our prayers and are working to bring change into our lives

When this card drawn, it is a signal that we need to release control over our desires. Freely dream big for ourselves and this planet, and the allow the Angels to guide us with their eternal and infinite wisdom


We are being asked to pay attention to our dreams, both when sleeping and during our waking hours. Our dreams are connected to our true, fearless Indigo soul and our highest potential.

This card is a message to allow ourselves to dream fearlessly even if the contents of our dreams seem unrealistic to our logical mind.

We are being asked to strengthen this connection with our higher self so that we can bring into our lives the miracles that we have always desired.


As Indigos, we have innate manifestation abilities. The act of manifestation is more than just dreaming about what we desire in life – it is deciding that our dreams have already come to fruition on the spiritual level and trusting that with Divine timing they will appear in material form

This card asks us to be aware of our energy (our thoughts and feelings) affects the reality around us, and to realise the importance of believing in ourselves.

When using our natural manifestation power, we feel trust and know that every new day is preparing us for the next chapter in our lives.


As Indigos, we were born to be passionate and nothing can change that. However, this card reminds us to focus on channelling our emotions and opinions in constructive ways for the sake of peace.

We need to find creative ways of releasing our emotions in order to move freely.

Let’s ask the Creator of All for assistance to express ourselves in healthful, beneficial ways. Let’s make sure that we are always fair to ourselves, but also be fair to those around us as well.

Sent with endless blessings, love and light.

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