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Jun 1, 2020

“You hurt, yet not with blood, yet still you breathe, at least you breathe, Keep breathing, please! You shake and shiver, a fearful lone quiver, yet you still breath, at least you breathe, Keep breathing, Please!”written by Anthony Mayfield.

I have begun my reading with an excerpt from a short poem that caught my eye and resonated with how I was feeling. I am not your usual social media guru. I only concentrate on the content that lifts my soul to the Heavens. I love positive articles where I can feel at one with others, who are working so hard to rise above this dark cloud that has gotten a grip on the majority of human beings.

We are working through an epidemic but this is not one that is visible to the eye. Social media is one of the biggest culprits in broadcasting fear, hate and negative propaganda because they know how quickly their messages of mass destruction will be dispersed and that their messages will intensify these negative feelings.

I wonder how many people know that this dark energy has a pulse. The more attention given to the energy raises its vibrations. Those vibrations make people like myself (Indigo and all others whom this resonates with) sick to the depth of our souls. We literally become crippled by these intense feelings radiating from this dark cloud.

On the other hand, there is a light in the darkness as social media has also made it possible for our group of humans to have a platform in support of each other. We have been meditating all over the world at the same time once a week, to counteract the wave of dread and fear.

Never before have I witnessed so many people from all over the world, uniting in prayer and meditation. This in itself is a miracle out of epic proportions, and The Creator of All is acknowledging our manifestations and prayers on a daily basis

There are great lessons to be learnt by all who inhabit Mother Earth this year.


As for all the movement in the heavens this month, we can expect a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride. It is time to remove our rose tinted glasses, see the truth for what it is, and adjust accordingly!

We can expect a degree of conflict because we are going to have to re-establish ourselves in society. It’s more like finding our position in the greater scheme of things.

One of the reasons that the Indigos have come to Earth, is to speak our Minds (the truth). For so long people have not spoken up for themselves. As a result, humanity has lived under the tyrannical control of those with power.

Now is the time for change, and we are the Spiritual Warriors in charge of initiating this shift.

Always speak your mind whilst gauging how others react to your declarations.

We need to call on the “Spiritual Realms” to guide and support us ensure that we communicate in a manner that others can relate to.


This specific card keeps make an appearance whilst I have doing my daily reflections.

Even though we have strong hearts, our energy still remains the most sensitive on this planet, which is why we feel so intensely in situations where others feel calm.

We need to learn how to energetically shield ourselves from all this negativity.

Calling on our Guardian Angels when we are in need of support will ensure that they are at our disposal for energetic shielding; and be rest assured that we are being spiritually and emotionally protected.


As Indigos, we can sense when someone is being controlled or manipulated. We have an innate ability to see through unnecessary restrictions and rules, yet we have the innate ability to unknowingly impose our own restrictions and rules upon ourselves.

We are being asked to release control over our desires.

Perhaps this comes from releasing something that no longer serves you.

Our prayers are being heard. The Universe will bring change into our lives.

Freely dream big for yourself and this planet with confidence of being guided and supported by our Spiritual Family.


It is time to be open-minded when thinking about our place in this world.

If you feel guided to go in a certain direction in life, then give it a try. Remember, there is nothing wrong with changing your mind at any given time through the course of your life.

Your powerful Indigo energy will work for you instead against you if you shift your mood and energy.

I hope my message will reach out to those who are stuck in a place of absolute despair.

If you are in a place where you have managed to close and shield yourself so tightly, against the world, especially those around you. When you feel like there is not another person who could ever understand you. When you are feeling so lonely because you cannot resonate with anything that is going on around you; nothing makes sense anymore. When you have built a mote around you and you cannot escape, no matter how hard you try…

Breathe, just breathe. Listen to your breath… Please.

You will hear a whisper in the deepest parts of your soul that will throw you a lifeline. Go within to find your inner light and turn it on…

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