Greetings Indigo Warriors and Light Workers; this month has been one of, where the Heavens above, have brought about a monumental shift for the inhabitants on Planet Earth. On the 18th of June alone, 5 planets went retrograde (Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Pluto), so I guess we are in for some major upgrades in our “Spiritual Evolution”.

The most pivotal energy is yet to come, which will be the Conjunction between Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn on the 30 June 2020. The last time these planets met up in Capricorn was in 1771, during the Russian Plague!; so the next 13 months is providing us with a “Golden Period” where we will be in a position to thrive enormously, so that our desired outcome will remain positive.

With regards to my personal journey, I have never in a million years dreamed that I would be sitting here today, doing what I am doing. I was feeling a little bit apprehensive and then I looked at how many views I received on my last message that I sent to you guys, and boy was I instantly humbled. I have received 33 Likes…

33 is a Holy number, and one highly respected among the Celestial World. This number 3 is the Holy Trinity: Mind, Body and Spirit. The Heavens have indicated that my power to manifest and create will be heightened. Thank you very much for your support because I was really having doubts as to if my messages were resonating with anyone out there in this great big world!

The message for this week is based on the Angel Number 666 (in the date and time of reading); we need to focus on balancing between the material and spiritual world, while having faith in all that we do.

My mission this week is focused on setting “wrongs” right! It has been brought to my attention that some of the “Enlightened” Souls have been allowing their egos to get the better of them on social media. There has been an outcry against the Spiritual Community and it spoke to my heart; because I too have a duty on this planet to ensure that the flow of energy remains positive, for all to thrive and grow.

The suicide rate has gone through the roof and I can imagine how someone who is reaching out when they are in their darkest period, (especially been locked down in a confined space for months on end!) is feeling; because I too, have been on that end of the spectrum in my life. When that soul who is reaching out towards a sliver of light, only to be met with arrogance; then there is a cause for concern.

Please let us all remove our egos when sharing spiritual messages with others; because we will be held accountable if we are responsible for tarnishing another's soul.  Not one sole is superior to any other soul!

These are the areas that we need to concentrate on for the week ahead:


We are being asked to review our lives and see ourselves as the Indigo Spiritual Warriors that we are. It is easy for us to look back on our actions and feel guilt for things we have done to upset others; but that time has passed, and we don’t need to bring that energy with us going forward. We need to see ourselves as “Divine Souls” who are doing the absolute best that we can, given the circumstances of our existence.

As an Indigo, we are designed to fight against that which no longer serves humanity, and this requires nothing more than just being yourself.

Admit what is important to you, and ask the Angles to guide you to these goals and wishes.


It’s common for Indigos to get caught up in their own lives, and forget to show others around them just how much they mean to us. Although we may not realise it, our friends and loved ones are only human, they have feelings and emotions, just the same as us. We are being urged to offer and express our gratitude to the special people in our lives.

We are also being asked to shift our focus away from what we lack in life, and instead appreciate all that we do have and all that we have accomplished. 

When you can get touch with this higher part of yourself, many more of your dreams will come true.


Within you is ancient and powerful wisdom about the true rules of right and wrong!

As an Indigo, we came to this planet to make BIG CHANGES, and we are not alone in this mission. As we learn more about the changes that should be made to society, this card guides us to share awareness with like-minded others.

The more Indigos who know their true purpose (because people like you awaken them to it!), the more effective this collective mission will be.


As an Indigo, we have innate manifestation abilities that this card guides us to use it, to improve the current situations that are surrounding us. The act of manifestation is more than just dreaming about what we desire in life – it is deciding that our dreams have already come to fruition on the spiritual level, and trusting that with “Divine Timing” they will appear in the material form.

This card asks you to be aware of how much your energy (your thoughts and feelings) affects the reality around you and to realise the importance of believing in yourself. 

When you are using your natural manifestation power, you feel complete trust and know that every new day is preparing you for the next chapter in your life.

Let us work together and do what we came here to accomplish. The Master Number 11 also made an appearance during my reading. 1 is all about leadership, optimism, positivity and intuition; 11 multiply these attributes to a higher power. We have all the resources at our disposal for a positive outcome.

Until next time, may the “Force Be With Us”. Blessings, Love and Light.

Article byTania Padley