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7 reasons to promote environmental education

Sep 21, 2021
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Why is environmental education important? Children at school and students in the university should be involved in environmental education for several reasons:

  • it teaches them to appreciate the environment
  • it makes it possible for them to know existing problems in the environment
  • It can also allow them to learn possible mitigation measures that can solve such problems.

Introduction of this education has a huge number of advantages. Here are the most important of them:

Promotes healthy lifestyle among young people

Obesity and depression are becoming the problem of young people, because of less time for exercise and less time outdoors. Environmental education may inspire them to appreciate time spent in nature.

Encourages to be respectful with nature

It becomes more clear for children why it is necessary to respect nature and the benefits it has. Education in Australia teaches children and students how to become more responsible through explaining the danger of throwing garbage.

Makes children aware of environmental problems

It is always helpful for children to know relevant issues that affect the environment. Environmental education gives the opportunity for them to protect nature and contribute to global efforts, moreover, it may prepare children for future education and get helpful skills to become a professional.

Teaches how to be kind to nature

Kindness to animals and other human beings is as important as kindness to nature. Knowing what the environment is and its living creatures is essential for all people.

Develops critical thinking

Exercising environmental education and discussing existing problems allows children/students to analyze these problems and make judgments and decisions, which are based on their assessments related to the environmental situation. As a result, they are more likely to develop useful skills.

Teaches to be responsible

Through environmental education it becomes possible for children to understand why people should be responsible.

Helps the government to achieve its goals

The main goal of any government is to protect its citizens and their property, which also includes the environment. Environmental programs are very beneficial for the government to support and protect the place where people live.

It is noted that students who had environmental education become more responsible in the future. Classes in Australia help students develop the necessary scientific and mathematical skills that are crucial in their lives. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that we provide a safer, cleaner and truly better environment for future generations.

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