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Unique Ways to Erase Wrinkles and Keep Your Skin Looking Young
Apr 17, 2020

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We all want to keep our skin looking young and vibrant. While normal aging is inevitable, there are factors both in our control and in the environment that can lead to premature aging that causes fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin. There are many steps we can take to help combat these issues and slow down, or even potentially reverse the signs of aging. You are probably familiar with the need to eat a healthy diet, exercise, and keep hydrated. Protecting yourself from the sun and exposure to harmful toxins like those found in cigarette smoke are important as well. However, there are some other, lesser-known, ways that will help you to prevent typical signs of aging and keep you looking much younger than your years.


Adaptogens are a type of wellness supplement derived from natural ingredients found in plants. They are nontoxic and support whole-body health. These remedies are frequently used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and by naturopaths and wellness practitioners.

An adaptogen gets its name because of its ability to adapt to your body’s individual needs. It will perform differently for each person, helping to strengthen and balance your body. These supplements usually don’t have side effects, but be sure to check with your doctor or healthcare provider to determine any possible interactions with medications and to get the correct dosage and treatment plan.

One of the most common, and well known, adaptogens is turmeric. Turmeric is a bright yellow-orange root that is related to the ginger plant. Turmeric benefits the skin by keeping it moist and boosting collagen production. It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory.

Another popular adaptogen is ashwagandha. This root can help balance the body’s hormones and reduce stress. Ashwagandha also helps to firm the skin.

Amla, also called Indian gooseberry, is a good choice for healthy skin. Amla is a powerful anti-inflammatory that is also high in vitamin C.

Finally, Goji Berry helps to prevent any moisture loss. It also increases collagen production and has healing properties.


Probiotics are normally associated with gut health, but they are highly effective at keeping skin looking young and healthy. While you can get probiotics naturally from your diet by eating foods such as yogurt, most people don’t consume enough to get the full benefits and choose to take a probiotic supplement, which is readily available and convenient.

Some supplements provide a blend of more than just probiotics. Browse through these morning complete reviews to read about one such product. Morning complete contains antioxidants and superfoods so you get the benefits of all of these to support your skin health.

In addition to overall health support, probiotics are known to help reduce wrinkles. They can strengthen skin and delay signs of aging.

Essential Oils

These concentrated oils are a great natural method for improving skin health and appearance. Regular application of essential oils can tighten skin, boost elasticity and collagen, and effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles. One of the best essential oils for skin is carrot seed oil that is able to remove toxins, repair damage and tighten skin.

Frankincense can improve skin strength and elasticity, and reduces inflammation. Neroli oil will help with cell regeneration and keeps skin moisturized.


Antioxidants are important for youthful looking skin because they limit the damage done by free radicals. There are many different sources of antioxidants. Some of the most popular, especially for skin, are vitamin C, retinol, and vitamin

E. Vitamin C boosts collagen and keeps skin elastic, which will diminish the signs of wrinkles. Retinol, which is derived from vitamin A, helps to smooth skin and is great for cell renewal. Vitamin E is a great supplement to incorporate because it will contribute to the healing of any damage done to your skin.

Using even a few of these products will have you seeing the benefits in no time at all. Choose a few to try out and you’ll soon be looking younger than you ever believed was possible.

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