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Top 10 Feng Shui Accounts on Instagram

Jun 16, 2020
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Feng Shui is a traditional ancient Chinese practice. The philosophy of Feng Shui looks at our living environment and working space and seeks balance with nature. The five elements from Taoist tradition are earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. Feng Shui works to balance these five in your home. If you want to improve on or several aspects of your life, Feng Shui can teach yo how to arrange your space in the way that will allow and foster positive change.

Here is our selection of instagram accounts that are not only beautiful but also teach about the secrets of Feng Shui.

1. Bridget Saraka


Let’s start with probably the most unusual Feng Shui account that we found on instagram. Bridget specialises in home decor and seamlessly combines Feng Shui with vintage. If you like that style, follow her to learn about her thrift store treasures and DIY projects that you can easily integrate into any design style.

2. Dana Claudat


Dana is a modern Feng Shui master and designer. Her account is perfect if you need some daily motivation to improve your life and wellbeing. Here are some examples: “Your home should be the antidote to stress, not the cause of it,” “All that clutter used to be money,” “Fewer things - more peace.”

3. The Feng Shui Collective


This account is owned by a mother and daughter who are both experts in Feng Shui. Their instagram feed will inspire you by its greenness, coziness and natural vibe. Also, if you feel like your home is cluttered, The Feng Shui Collective has a free clutter clearing challenge!

4. Anjie Cho


Anjie is all about art. She is a professional architect so Feng Shui in her perspective acquires a look of an expert. Follow her for tips, tricks and inspiration. You will want to change your space immediately!

5. Jayme Barrett


Jayme is a bestselling author and she leads women’s workshops and retreats. We fell in love with her Instagram account the second we saw it. So many helpful information about Feng Shui, astrology, inspirational quotes and beautiful interiors will not leave you indifferent.

6. Patricia Lohan


Patricia is from Italy but Bali is her home now. She is the author of The Happy Home and is mentioned in The New York Times, Forbes and Essence. On her Instagram, she talks about Feng Shui and announces her podcasts, giveaways and workshops - everything to be happier.

7. Phoenix and Rose


This is an account of New York City Feng Shui consultant. Even if you are not in NYC, don’t hesitate to check it out because it is so beautifully organise that you will want to change your space right away. As the account says: Heal through your home, find peace and love.

8. Home Heart Feng Shui


This account belongs to a certified classical Feng Shui practitioner and is all about Feng Shui, interiors, wellness, healthy recipes, eco living and green beauty. If you want more of this vibe in your live, make sure to follow!

9. Priya Sher


Priya is a Feng Shui expert and her mission is to help people attract positive energy into their home, work and mind. The images on her page are so stunning but don’t forget about the text - her well informed Feng Shui facts will be a great source for you.

10. saramaria


Saramaria’s account is devoted to Feng Shui, yoga and organization. If you are also into minimalist style, you will love her feed as it’s all about simplifying through different Feng Shui techniques.

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