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Effective Tips On Managing Marijuana Hangovers

Mar 5, 2020
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Do you know what is worse than the depressing feeling before you smoke some weed? The buzzing headache and the drowsy feeling you get the next day, along with some little nausea, if you overdo it. Weed Hangover. Unlike alcohol hangovers, weed hangovers are a bit easier to handle but are still super uncomfortable. Here are our top tried and tested tips to manage the weed hangover.

Before we get started, we’d be remiss not to mention that though there are a lot of useful tips on reducing the effects of marijuana hangover, prevention is always better than cure. Make sure you buy good quality weed from reliable sources. If you are reluctant to go to a brick and mortar store, you can easily buy hash online.

Relieve Yourself

Try going to the loo, the first thing when you wake up after being stoned. The body will have accumulated enough waste for you to exude, maybe a bit too much, when you are stoned. On top of your hangover, this may cause some unnecessary extra trouble for your body to handle, making this one of your priorities after you wake up. It is simply not possible to emphasize the relief people feel after defecating when they are going through a marijuana hangover.

Defecating also helps in clearing the toxins out of your body from the weed inhalation of the previous night (Or day, we don’t judge). This will help put an end to some of the nasty side effects of the hangover.

Kratom For Sleep

Sleep would be the perfect cure for a marijuana hangover, but you just woke up. You want to vomit and not to mention the splitting headache you have. Sleep is the last thing you can think of right now. Although you feel drowsy and tired (almost as if you’re suffering from a weed hangover), you can’t seem to sleep. Kratom can be the perfect solution for you. This herbal remedy, native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, has shown tremendous potential in helping people to sleep when they cannot seem to.

This herbal supplement, available online, would help you sleep soundly through the worst phase of the marijuana hangover, giving you a fresh feel when you wake up some 4 hours after. Sleep and rest are necessary for your body to reset and go back to being healthy.


Yes. You read it right. CBD, which ironically is present in the marijuana you consumed that led to this hangover in the first place. Though CBD is present in cannabis, it is another chemical called THC, which gives marijuana it’s signature high. CBD, though present in marijuana, does not provide its users with a psychoactive experience like THC. CBD, when taken without THC, has shown the potential to treat some of the side effects of THC, like weed hangover. CBD does this by counteracting the way THC works in the endocannabinoid system, as both chemicals act differently with the receptors present in the body. Even coffee is available to help with hangovers.

CBD, like Kratom, is also available online, and in many varieties like super lemon haze strain, oils, tinctures, vapes, among others.

Nutritious Breakfast

Though the other tips in this list are beneficial, nothing else can even come close to helping treat a marijuana hangover other than a nutritious breakfast. Junk food is to be avoided at all costs during a hangover, as junk creates further strain on your body, thus, slowing your body down. Hunger will be on the cards after an extended stoned session. A healthy breakfast will freshen you up and treat your digestive system right, making the body’s job to reset itself easier. Something along the lines of whole-grain carbohydrates, with just a bit of protein and good fats, will go a long way in helping your body reset and go back to normal.

Managing The Symptoms

Though this is less than ideal but is definitely a notable method to tackle marijuana hangovers. Managing the different symptoms, like the headache and nausea with some over the counter meds, or home remedies will go a long way in treating the hangover. Tylenol, Ibuprofen, paracetamol, among other drugs, are tried and tested medicines that can help reduce the effects of the splitting headache, while Bismuth subsalicylate, is effective in treating nausea.

Home remedies like a steaming cup of ginger tea is an age-old method to help reduce the effects of the headache and nausea.


Exercise is the best way to respect and treat your body. Going through a mild regimen of exercise will warm your body up, get the blood pumping well, and wake you up like nothing else. In the words of TFS Vegeta, “Pushups, situps and plenty of juice” will go a long way in helping your body wake up and have a fresh start to the day, even when you are hungover. This requires a lot of willpower, though, so this is only recommended if you can. Alternative mental exercises like yoga and meditation can also help.

Weed hangover is manageable, especially if you follow the tips mentioned in this article. Ensure to stay within limits, and you’ll never have to go through this ordeal again. Stay healthy!

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