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How To Easily Improve Your Stomach Health
Apr 17, 2020

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Your stomach health is vital to your overall health, but it can sometimes be overlooked. Too often, people focus too much on what foods are good for losing weight or gaining muscle. However, it’s also important to eat foods and do things that are good for your overall gut health. Check out the tips below to learn how to easily improve your stomach health.

High-Fiber Diet

If your stomach troubles cause constipation or any other bowel issues, then adding more fiber to your diet can help to ease these problems. When most people think of high-fiber diets, they first think of whole grains. While whole grains are full of fiber, there are a number of other foods to choose from, some of which are listed below.









Lean Meats

Eating lean meats can also help to improve your digestion and your overall gut health. This is because fattier cuts of meat (and other high-fat foods) can slow down your digestion system. This can lead to stomach aches and constipation. Sticking to lean meats, rather than fatty cuts, can ease up on these troubles.

Choosing lean meats doesn’t mean entirely cutting out red meats like many people might think. Instead, it means choosing cuts of meat with low percentages of fats. When possible, choose meats that are less than 20% fat. Outside of lean cuts of red meat, some other lean meats include pork loin, chicken, other poultry, and fish.


Probiotics help to improve the digestive system, which can, in turn, improve your stomach health. Probiotic foods have many healthy bacteria living in them, which can help to combat any nasty and harmful bacteria that may be causing you to have stomach troubles. Probiotic yogurt is one of the best foods to eat to get in more probiotics. Taking probiotic supplements is another great option.


Prebiotics are similar to probiotics as they contain healthy bacteria that can help to improve your stomach health by balancing out bad bacteria. One of the best benefits of taking prebiotics is that it helps to combat constipation. It does this by working to soften stool, which makes it easier to pass. Some great prebiotic foods to add to your diet are listed below.







Lectin Shield

Taking dietary supplements is another great way to improve your stomach health. One type of dietary supplement to consider adding to your diet is a lectin shield. This supplement works to prevent a lectin overload in your body. Some great lectin shield ingredients that make this supplement work include bladderwrack and okra fruit.

Lectins are naturally found in many healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, and vegetables, so they’re near impossible to avoid. While taking in some lectins is good for you, taking in too many lectins can lead to inflammatory bowel disease and other digestive issues.


If changing your diet isn’t in the cards for you, try out yoga instead! Practicing yoga on a regular basis can help to improve your digestion, which can, in turn, improve your stomach health. Doing yoga helps your digestion because it gets your body moving with slow and steady motions.

There are even specific yoga poses that are known to be helpful. Some great poses to try out include triangle pose, forward fold, bridge, and peacock pose. If you are new to yoga, check out some YouTube videos on the topic to learn how to do the poses.

Whether your stomach is feeling upset or not, it is always a good idea to change up your diet or try some light exercise to improve your digestive health and overall stomach health. Of course, before you start taking any supplements, it’s best to talk to your doctor; the same goes for extreme dietary changes. If you make some of these changes in your life, your gut will be sure to thank you!

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