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How To Incorporate Health And Wellness Into A Marriage Proposal
Mar 13, 2020

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When you are looking for ways to incorporate health or fitness into a marriage proposal, you need to consider what your partner loves, how you can make the proposal unique, and how you can find a good place for the proposal. The options listed here make it more fun to propose, and your partner will not suspect a thing because he/she believes you are working out like normal.

Run To Your Favorite Spot

When you enjoy running, you can run to your favorite spot for the proposal. This might be where you met your partner, or this might be a place that the two of you have enjoyed in the past. Your partner believes you are going for a casual run, but you can stop them for the proposal. This is a wonderful way to propose without making it obvious beforehand.

Propose By The Pool

If the two of you love to swim or met at the pool, you can propose by the pool on a nice day. You might have gone there to swim laps, but you can propose to your mate while they are lounging. You might catch them before they jump in the pool, or you could propose in the pool.

Hike To Your Favorite Location

Hiking to your favorite spot is a good way to make the proposal a surprise. When you are ready to propose, you should choose the hiking spot that will make the trip worth your while. You can hike to this location during the day, and you can propose once you get there. Because hiking takes time, you can propose to your mate when you get to this location while they do not suspect a thing.

You can propose while you are camping under the stars, or you could stop your mate on the trail when you find your favorite spot.

Propose Where You Met

If you met at the gym, at a special event, or the grocery store, you can propose in the spot where you met. Proposing at the gym is a way to make health and wellness the centerpiece of your proposal. You are choosing the treadmill where you first talked, or you can propose outside the gym when you both go for a workout.

You can propose at the spot where you two ran into each other during a run. You could propose at the road race you met at, or you could propose at the triathlon where you met. You are incorporating health and wellness into your marriage proposal ideas, and you are bringing back memories from years ago.

Cook Their Favorite Healthy Meal

When the two of you love to eat healthy at home, you can make their favorite meal as part of a much larger proposal plan. You can propose while you are bringing food to the table, or you could hide the ring in the covered dish you are using for the meal. Additionally, you might hide the ring among the place settings for the meal.

Use The Ring As A Topper

You can use the ring as a topper for your favorite healthy muffins or dessert items. When you make something nice for your partner, you can put the ring on top of the pastry while you wait for them to find it. This is a good way to surprise your mate because the meal seems ordinary in every other way.


When you want to incorporate health and wellness into your proposal ideas, you can surprise your partner by sticking to your routine. The things that you love to do together will create opportunities for a proposal. You can add the proposal to a camping or hiking trip you planned. You can run your partner to your favorite place, or you can make a meal that will feature the ring. In any case, your partner will be completely surprised.

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