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Jun 1, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
Reading time 5 min.

Wow, we are already halfway during the year! Yet, at the same time, it feels as if I have lived a lifetime during these turbulent few months.

As much as I am aware of all the stresses that we have had to endure, I remain very optimistic towards the future. So many people have seen right through this “epidemic”. They know exactly what steps to take to in order turn this energy in the right direction. They have been taking the appropriate action!

Never before have I witnessed so many people from all over the world, uniting in prayer and meditation at the same time on a weekly basis. This in itself is a miracle and The Creator of All will acknowledge our manifestations and prayers.

There are great lessons to be learnt by all who inhabit Mother Earth this year.

As for all the movement in the Heavens this month, we can expect a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride. It is time to remove our rose tinted glasses, see the truth for what it is, and adjust accordingly!



Brings with it; love, peace, harmony and beauty, with a focus on your love relationships, creativity and finance. However because Venus is retrograde, this will be focused on the past.

05 JUNE 2020 FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN SAGITTARIUS - A sign of significant beginnings and endings. It is not a good time to make any big life changes or plan any important events.

06 JUNE 2020 SUN IN GEMINI SQUARE MARS IN PISCES - An angry and super competitive aspect that could waste your energy, so do not go on the offensive because your strength and courage may be at a low point.

11 JUNE 2020 SUN IN GEMINI SQUARE NEPTUNE IN PISCES- This annual aspect could cloud our judgement and bring confusion, disappointment, and delusion, as this transit has a weakening effect on our vitality, making it hard to get motivated about anything. We need to be above board with all our dealings.

17 JUNE 2020 MERCURY GOES RETROGADE IN CANCER - The next three weeks are ideal for making repairs and renovations at home. However, this energy could make us overly sensitive and could cause some miscommunication and tensions between family / relatives / friends.

20 JUNE 2020 SUMMER SOLSTICE / SOLAR ECLIPLSE IN CANCER - The Sun enters Cancer on the first day of Summer / Winter (depending on geographical area), making it the longest day of the year.

NEW MOON IN CANCER - Not a good time to start something new. This lunation is better spent reflection and focusing our attention on our home.

22 JUNE 2020 NEPTUNE GOES RETROGRADE IN PISCES - For the next five months, the rose coloured glasses could come off, opening our eyes to unwanted realities and fantasies. This is the point where we have to face our truths, regardless of whether we want to or not.

25 JUNE 2020 VENUS GOES DIRECT IN GEMINI - Relationships are back online as the planet of money and finances start to move forward. We have had ample opportunity to lay the past to rest and to make the most of this very favourable transit.

27 JUNE 2020 MARS ENTERS ARIES - The planet of action is at its maximum firepower and together with Venus moving direct, this is exactly the type of energy that we need to get going at full steam..

30 JUNE 2020 JUPITER CONJUNCT PLUTO IN CAPRICORN - This is the second conjunction this year. This is a big deal as the last time Jupiter and Pluto met up in Capricorn was in 1771 during the Russian Plague (info found online). It signals optimism on large-scale achievements, possibly in relation to something from the past. This alignment is a power boost of sorts. It can serve to magnify our ambitions to better ourselves and our circumstances.


What we are trying to accomplish this month:

The Page of Swords talks about being a good communicator, who is very transparent, but can also a little naïve at times. We need to question everything, gather more evidence and not be accepting of “here say”.

What we are currently experiencing in our attempts to accomplish our goals:

The Six of Pentacles talks about giving and receiving; being in the flow of prosperity. This is a card of generosity; a need to share our wealth with others. Seeing that we are moving into recovery mode after Covid-19; the only way to gain momentum is to share with others, be it sharing our energy, knowledge and skills or donating to charity

What may be a challenge to us this month (our unconscious hurdles):

This is a time of Transformation, so the Judgement card has made an appearance. Judgement speaks about absolution, evaluation and reflection. We need to elevate our thoughts and continue to speak our truths.

The Seven of Cups is an indication of illusions, temptations and having rose tinted glass on. This is a card of feeling overwhelmed, having a lack of direction or being faced with several different opportunities at once. We may become overwhelmed. We are to take a deep breath because we do not want to rush into anything that we may later regret.

These two energies will ensure that we focus on making the correct decision, based on all the lessons of the past. We need to ensure that all our dealings are conducted in an ethical manner; and that what we are trying to achieve, is for the greater good of all concerned.

The type of action need in order to achieve our goals this month:

The Six of Swords is a reassurance that we are definitely moving away from an emotional situation, but may still be carrying the burdens with us.

The Queen of Cups speaks about emotional satisfaction. She is sympathetic, owns her own compassion and is all about matters of the heart. When she makes an appearance, she talks about reciprocation of feelings. Finding emotional stability.

The Five of Wands talks about confusion and chaos, this is an indication of dealing with conflict and rivalries (differences of opinions).

Even though we are moving away from the results of our epidemic, there are a lot of scars due to numerous personal reasons. We are being requested to deal with our baggage. To look at our current situation for what it really is. We need to make decisions based on our intellect, our emotions and by using our intuition.

We can expect a degree of conflict because we are going to have to re-establish ourselves in society. It’s more like finding our position in the greater scheme of things.

The Outcome if we put this plan into action:

The Seven of Swords is a very sneaky energy. This is a, clear indication of people around us being deceitful, keeping secrets from us, lying and backstabbing. This is an egotistical person who is underhanded and not telling the truth.

We have the Wheel of Fortune as the overall energy to this reading. This together with Judgement is an indication of Transformation. This message is two-fold.

For those who are reading this message, if you are the Seven of Swords, your time is up and justice will be served accordingly! The wheel has turned and you are going to find yourself at the opposite end of the spectrum.

If you have been on the receiving end of this energy, the wheel has turned and you will have the upper hand over this person / situation.

You will now have the power to remove this energy from your life, once and for all and make better changes for your highest and best and for those around you!

Blessings, love and light.

Tania Padley
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