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Jun 24, 2020

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Further to my article on day eighteen… 3. THE LAW OF TWO OR LAW OF INQUIRY:

Life always has the answers ready whenever we inquire. The Law of Two manifests through the binary language (yes-no) that is recognised in what is facilitated and what is blocked. This Law only responds to questions that are asked by means of action.

The Universe does not respond to inertia, we must ask about what is meant for us through action.

We should never assume anything, but use the ability to inquire; so that we do not stray from pedagogical process governed by the Law of Evolution. By using our “free will” we will discover that life blocks what is not meant for us.

Our inquiry actions should be directed at obtaining life response, which may be different than the one we want. Therefore, if we are going to look for a job, we will look at companies we like the most as well as the ones we like the least.

Sometimes life has great satisfaction in store for us where the personality refuses to work.

Sometimes it is precisely there where we can most serve and be fulfilled as human beings, and the only way to find out is to inquire of life.

However, in order to follow a logical order in the process of inquiry of life, it is suggested that we always start our questions by directing them at the things we would most like to obtain. If after a reasonable period of time we do not obtain affirmative answers, then it is more important to inquire about things that we have been refusing to consider as an option for our lives.

It is also important to establish timeframes for each inquiry, that is to say, that although the initial answer may have been “no”, it is possible that it is not the right time. So we can ask again in a month, in six months, or in a year.

Inquiry actions can be very varied, because we can inquire anything of life: from what to study, wear or eat, to how to enjoy ourselves, where to travel, where to work or live, what business to set up, how and with whom to have relationships, etc. To stay within the Law, we must use what we possess and enjoy what life gives us.

In this case, “I want”, as a tool of inquiry, is healthy.

If we want something and when we ask for it and we receive it, then it is not a simple “I want”, but a necessity for our function. If on the contrary, we do not receive it, we will dispose with it, because we are being told that it is not what we need.


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