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Jun 13, 2020
Tania Padley
Core Spirit member since Apr 23, 2020
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Further my article on day Seven…


Love is the source of everything that transpires, and understanding it frees us from all events. When love is understood there is nothing more that can happen, because liberation from all the processes of evolution is reached, and matter is no longer necessary for experimenting with the Laws, because all of them have been understood, and also all experience with the physical worlds have been transcended.

However, even though it has reached its complete evolution, consciousness will continue in its dynamism in a mysterious way…

The creation of the Universe is the response to the Absolute’s purpose for His/Her children: that they are able to codify in their innocent consciousness, all the information of the Universe and of the Laws that govern it and in this way become one with Him.

The Creator of the Universe does this so that it fulfils the function of being His/Her children’s school, taking the total information that exists in the Absolute.

Everything which occurs in the Universe occurs because of Love.

We recognise the Law of Love in everything that is eternal, perfect, pure, peaceful, joyful, harmonious and happy, regardless of anything else happening that may clash with our beliefs, because Love does not belong to the concepts, beliefs, feelings and emotions that we experience as human beings, but only to mental understanding and Permanent Consciousness.

In daily life we can begin to live in Love when we are ready to respect all living beings in their functions, experiences and behaviours, and stop using any type of aggression, imposition, prohibition, punishment, or blame, and let go once and for all ideas about evil, injustice, confrontation, power and domination.


The Law of Manifestation allows the pre-existing or unmanifest to be manifested in all that which is created, from the most subtle to the most dense, and is the origin of every thought, idea, word and deed.

It is impossible to imagine, think or create something that does not already exist in the unmanifest, as part of the absolute information of the pre-existing Universe. Any process of what we call Creation is merely the result of the manifestation acting on polarity; it is not actually something new.

In the Absolute, is to be found the information used for the manifestation and creation of the suns, planets, animals, humans and in general of everything that exists and occurs in the Universe.

Because the Absolute is in an atemporal dimension (the 40th dimension), we cannot speak of before or after, but of the state of Eternal Present.

In the Unmanifest Absolute, past and present can be observed simultaneously, because the states where time can be measured correspond to the lower dimensions, where the learning experiences for understanding are had; i.e. in the three physical dimensions and in the six mental dimension.

Therefore, only up to the ninth dimension can one speak of time and space and before and after; beyond the tenth dimension, past and future are observed simultaneously.

At the source of the unmanifest at a neutral point or point zero, which is why the Law of Manifestation is also called the Law of Conciliation, - or resultant of the unions of extremes -. The Law of Manifestation can be recognised in the thoughts that enable the creation of new developments for planet Earth.

Care should be taken not to confuse the non-physical with the unmanifest. For example, thought is nonphysical, but it manifests in the mind, which is also nonphysical. Dreams also are not to be found in the physical dimension, but that does not mean that they are not real, just that they manifest in other nonphysical dimensions.


Creation, movement and understanding occur between opposites. The Law of Polarity controls the interaction between masculine and feminine poles in the Universe, from divine creation to the most complex matter, passing through spiritual human, animal, plant, mineral and atomic levels of the Universe.

The Law of Polarity makes it possible for everything to manifest in what we call Creation, causing the movement, dynamism and evolution that are expressed in everything that exists and happens as a result of the principle of polarity.

The absolute dimension (the 40th dimension) or Unmanifest Absolute is androgynous, that is, it contains both the masculine and feminine principles simultaneously. The masculine principle is the receiver and container. This is why God, the Masters and Angels are generally referred to in the masculine; because to transmit any type of information – whether it be to create, teach or guide- the transmitter characteristic, which is masculine, must be used.

However, transmitters cannot achieve any manifestation without the receiver, because the characteristics of the feminine principle are needed to receive information, learn and maintain creations and their processes of operation.

This Law operates basically through the mutual attraction of complementary elements, which is the constituent basis of all matter. Atoms exist because protons and electrons are attracted to each other, molecules are created by the attraction of one atom to another that provides it with electrons with the complementary magnetism; the masculine and feminine are attracted to each other to give birth to new life; the smooth complements the rough; the soft the hard; the bright the dark; the difficult the easy; the long the brief; the tall the short; the action the result, etc.

Polarity is expressed in this way to give rise to the diversity and interactions that general the necessary experiences for human beings to reach understanding of the Universe and of the perfect Laws that govern it.

Polarity is not the same as equilibrium – which implies harmony -; it is interaction, which is totally different.

Once something has been created it can be in a state of equilibrium or disequilibrium, and this has to do with the Law of Harmony. But polarity is not related to equilibrium, but to the attraction of complementary opposites, such as the masculine and feminine, because without both of them there is not possibility of any creation.

Lastly, all the matter in the Universe is feminine because it is what receives the information.

Tania Padley
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