From Vaping to Gummies: 4 Ways to Use CBD for Anxiety
Mar 16, 2020

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Gone are the days when the first thought that comes to your mind when you discuss cannabis is smoking weed in a shady alley. Also gone are the times when cannabis was useful for a fun high.

Today, the legalization of cannabis has broadened the scope of application in various segments of our lives, including healthcare and fitness. There are tons of amazing options you can use to intake the many benefits of cannabis. And some of them are even drool-worthy.

CBD for Anxiety

Legalization has also helped broaden the scope for research about the various varieties of the cannabis plant and the cannabinoids responsible for their properties. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive compound that promises potential treatments for several physical and mental ailments.

CBD interacts with the serotonin receptors to trigger a sense of calmness and relaxation. These properties helped scientists visualize its efficiency in treating mental ailments such as anxiety. The clinical trials that followed gave strong supporting evidence for the same.

Today CBD is a potent medication to treat anxiety disorders in users of various age groups. But just like any drug, the method of delivery has a significant influence on the type of effects possible. The time required for the efforts to kick in, the duration of the effects, ease of use, side effects and dosage are some of the factors influenced by the different methods of consuming CBD. There are several pleasing forms of CBD from gummy drops to flavor-filled vape pens. Here are four common methods of using CBD for treating anxiety and how they work to bring about these effects.

CBD Edibles

Vibrant colored gummies, creamy chocolates, freshly baked cookies, nutrition bars, and several other tasty treats are some of the many CBD edible options you have.

CBD edibles have strong points of differentiation from CBD oil in terms of how it interacts with the body, which also influences the effects of the compound. Unlike CBD oil that directly penetrates through the capillaries under your tongue, CBD edibles enter the digestive system. The components of the edibles are broken down in the digestive system before it enters the bloodstream. Hence the entire process takes slightly longer to kick in than usual.

One of the advantages of CBD edibles is that given it must first be digested, the overall time users experience the effects are longer. In the case of edibles such as CBD gummies for anxiety, you can chew them for as long as you can, and this ensures that the extracts slowly enter your system, and the effects remain for prolonged periods. But the dosage levels of CBD need to be slightly higher in the case of CBD edibles as the efficiency of absorption becomes lower after the product passes your metabolism.

CBD edibles are available in fixed dosage levels and are hence safe and easy to consume. They add bold flavors and enriching ingredients to the plant cannabinoid that makes it tasty and discreet to enjoy even in public places. CBD edibles are the best method for enjoying the compound for prolonged durations but may not be the best choice to cope with anxiety or panic attacks immediately.

CBD Tinctures and Oils

Tinctures and oils are the purest forms of CBD products you can use for curbing anxiety. Unlike edibles, these products do not contain preservatives, sugar, or other additives that could reduce the potency of CBD or cause side effects of their own. CBD tinctures and oils such as through oral sprays respond fast and provide quick relief for users suffering from anxiety. CBD tinctures are available in liquid form, and users take the liquid sublingually under their tongue.

Once consumed, the CBD tinctures directly enter the bloodstream through the tiny capillaries in the mucous membrane, and the results are evident within ten minutes. Users utilize droppers to measure the required dosage as recommended to ensure the best benefits from the product.

The effects of CBD tinctures could last up to four hours, based on your dosage. Using tinctures and oral sprays can be useful for users of all age groups especially if you have difficulties swallowing capsules. But remember that oils and tinctures are pure forms of CBD, and in most cases, they carry a strong “weedy” flavor, which may not be pleasing for all. If pills and capsules are not an issue, you can go for CBD capsules for anxiety. You can explore the variety of tinctures and oils in the market enriched with refreshing flavors such as peppermint, lime, and lavender that help dial back the original flavors.

CBD Topicals

Like various other parts of our body, our skin, the largest organ, also houses several CB receptors. Hence, the use of CBD topicals is a beneficial way of introducing CBD to your body. With CBD making its way into healthcare and beauty, you can browse a wide range of CBD topicals such as lotions, creams, balms, salves, and transdermal patches. CBD topicals have been the best choice for treating localized problems such as eczema, pain, or inflammation. But some of these products can also benefit users suffering from mental ailments such as anxiety.

Users can carry CBD infused creams and balms for repeated applications during the day. CBD bath bombs can also turn out to become an efficient way of curbing anxiety. The soothing aroma combined with the deeply relaxing effects of CBD can help you throw away the stress and anxiety, and feel calm and at ease.

Topicals are the best choice when the problem area is specific. Hence the effects may not be as powerful as any other method for treating anxiety. Also, topicals need to contain higher concentrations of CBD as the receptors in your skin are not as sensitive as your mucous membrane. Topicals are easy to embed into your everyday routine and can help you get mild exposure regularly.

CBD Vape Oil and Smoking CBD

CBD vape oils are a way of blending extraordinary flavors with CBD oil to give an amazing vaping experience. These vape oils are generally alcohol-based and contain CBD extracts of varying dosages to use. There are many options when it comes to purchasing Compared to the other methods, vaping gives instant effects to the users. The effects do not stay for long, but the experience can be fun, especially with good flavors that enhance the potency of CBD, such as lavender oil that contains relaxing properties of its own.

Based on the quality of the vape pen and cartridge, the experience can be smooth and helpful for treating anxiety. As you inhale the vapors, you experience a calming feeling in your body. One of the disadvantages of vaping is that there is still a lot of skepticism over the safety of the method. Although considered safer than smoking, there might be other side effects due to regular vaping. It is also important to use only quality products for vaping to avoid any discomfort during the experience.

Smoking is yet another powerful method to achieve an instantaneous effect. The cannabinoids directly reach the alveoli of the lung and proceed to the bloodstream where it gets rapidly absorbed. But smoking may not be the best method for utilizing CBD as it can create side effects such as lung inflammation.

The dosage is a critical parameter to keep in mind in cases of both smoking and vaping. While it is still possible to know the maximum concentration from your vape oil label, it is tricky to find out how much CBD you’ve smoked. Also, avoid using strains or vape oils that contain THC as it can initiate psychoactive effects in some users.

These four popular methods of CBD delivery have all shown amazing results in terms of effects on users. Each of them is relevant for different users based on the intensity of the problem, and the level of treatment required. You can pick the methods that suit you best to utilize CBD to curb anxiety disorders.

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