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Holotropic Breathing
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Holotropic Breathing

Holotropic Breathing
Alexis Alcalá
May 27, 2024, 07:00
Eduard-Arnhold-Straße 9a, 16356 Werneuchen, Germany
The InnerCamp Breathwork Method Training in Berlin

16-19 December in Berlin

Learn everything you need to start a new career as an InnerCamp breathwork instructor!
​This method of breathwork cultivates self-awareness and enhances physical and mental well-being.

4 days onsite training in Berlin
3 months online follow-up of supervision & breathwork classes
65+ theory videos

Our course is based on conscious connected breathwork techniques and is split in two levels.

​Level 1: onsite training

focuses on healing your breathing pattern and learning the main breathwork techniques learning how to guide one-on-one sessions couple sessions and group sessions bodywork holistic coaching techniques to hold the space and music composition.

Upon successful completion of Level 1 students will be presented with the Breathwork Practitioner Certificate proving their active participation in the course and that their newly acquired skills are for personal use only.

Level 2: online training and follow-up

focuses on breath science psychology inner child work trauma healing how to organize breathwork workshops and retreats. In order to receive the Breathwork Teacher Certificate and be able to facilitate your own events and work with clients you will need to successively complete both levels.

The venue

Charming rustic barn tucked in a natural setting in a beautiful Brandenburg village approx. 20 km from the North-East Berlin border. Here you can rest your soul and enjoy the hilly and foresty landscape. Idyllic getaway for personal and professional transformation.

Our facilitator - Alexis Alcalá

Alexis is the founder of the InnerCamp Breathwork Method. He is a holistic coach and facilitator of transformation processes and is also certified as a facilitator of tantra social meditations and Reiki. He has worked in people management and as a mentor in Europe Asia and Africa and has experience helping to promote people and companies of different sizes. He works intuitively and uses his experience in transformation processes to create a safe space for healing and transformation. Alexis has been facilitating breathwork for over six years in Europe and Asia has run more than 100 retreats and has participated in hundreds of onsite and online events. He has been certified in three different breathwork schools

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Holotropic Breathing
Ashley Frost
May 27, 2024, 07:00
Breathwork Release Session

Breathwork Release and Trauma therapy session (90 mintues).

This approach focuses on directly communicating with pent up emotions that are stored within the body.
The unique combination of breath and some guidance allows the client to safely release deep, otherwise hidden blockages from the past.

This allows someone to come in profound contact with him/herself like never before.
Enabling them to break through the daily negativity into the life of their choosing.


Session structure
Introduction - establishing issue and goal
Main chunk - breathwork session
Closing - Integration and after care

Ashley is a Holistic Transformation Coach. Using the INTUNE five frequency method to bring your life into alignment, and empower you to break free from shackles of your past to create your dream life. Having left a corporate career in project management at the young age of 27, after experiencing burnout and the physical symptoms triggered by deep emotional wounding and pain. Embarking on her healing journey, leaving her corproate job to qualify in holistic energy life coaching (specialties on energy work, limiting belief clearings, impactful action), ICF cettification, NLP master Practitoner, and most importantly Emotional Release & Breathwork certification.

She uses the five frequencies of MIND, CONNECTIONS, BODY, DIRECTION and SPIRIT to guide clients through practices, explorations and deep dives into themselves.
Her mission is that every person in this world, recognises their own innate power to be their own healer. To go into themselves and their past, family patterns, their beliefs, and create epic transformation in their life.

Ashleys journey herself has taken her through deep family & ancestral constellation healing, shamanic medicines, plant medicines, mental reprogramming of paradigms, feminine leadership and energetic clearing work.

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Holotropic Breathing
Amanda Castilone
May 27, 2024, 19:00
1:1 Breathwork Healing Sessions

Breathwork is an incredibly powerful way to get out of the head and into the body in order to release stored energy and to heal our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. .

Each session that I offer is completely unique to YOU and your needs. Your breath is the guide. I'm here to facilitate a healing experience for you to access your own healing power - your magic - within.

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