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Spirit Guide Letters

$55 USD
$55 USD

I’ll send you a questionnaire. After I have your answers I’ll commune and write out your letter. I type up the original and then email that and images of the original to you. Then I can burn or mail you the original.

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Denver, CO, USA

Hello from Amelia the heretic fairy. I’m a genderqueer spirit and light worker. I am actively striving to bring about a new age since the onset of 2020.

On Core Spirit since April 2020

Amelia Martin
You're not a lawn

That may sound weird or vague to some people. The longer I spend time in isolation from society the deeper within I have traveled. I share my space with my younger sister and husband so I am lucky enough have my core community with me. My path of facing the world alone has come to an end. Even in the new world that in manifesting I can see my family and community growing. The hope that fills me is also unprecedented. The joy I have is contagious (too soon?)

I’ve also made my way through most of the TV I was watching before the world changed. As I look for new entertainment I find the narratives of families and parenting seem to pull me more than previously. My work has focused so deeply on healing my inner child that feeling the call of my inner mother is strange. As the spring comes I can her rising like Persephone from her home with Hades to show that she is no longer Kore, the maiden, but instead she is with child, she brings new life from the realm of death. Like many others I have been praying and working so that the earth will heal. I see this new age and it fill me with such faith. I believe in my dream of a family, a new community, a new home.

So what’s with that title, right? Well. I hate lawns. Historically they come from the tumultuous time of French aristocracy and revolutions. Socially they have always been a means for showing expendable wealth. When I think of the home, family and community I want I do see identical houses with lawns approved by Karen from the Home Owners Association. I see wild. I see biodiversity. I see living with the land not on the land.

But if my reality is a mirror of my inner universe then why do I have a lawn in my brain? I mean why am I expecting my brain, heart, soul or body to live in each other and not with each other? Just as the earth is not meant to be just one thing so too I can allow my interior world, my connection to source, my expression to be as diverse as any healthy yard or field or forest. As a kid all we had was a small, wire fenced yard against a cement alleyway. Against one side was a swing set that I considered my haven. If I was out on the swing set then my Mom didn’t bother me. We moved to a larger house with a yard next to the local highschool when I was ten. It was amazing. I could suddenly, safely wander up to 30 or 45 minutes of a walking from home. There were parking lots to bike in. There was forest around the back side of the campus. There were tennis courts and a track/football field. When I went to high school in Rhode Island we spent every Saturday and Sunday at the various state parks or beaches in the state.

It was out in the “wild” that I found the space and ability to hear my own voice. I could hide from the voices that told me I had to change, cut myself down, be like everyone else or I would hurt other people. The narrative was that I hurt people. The woods, wilds, fields and yards I took solace in over the years taught me that healthy growth shows when many things can grow in unison. To the individual this looks like not needing to be the master of any one craft or the ability to heal in the midst of chaos. As a community it means each person needs to be themselves in order for true peace and harmony to exist. As spring come to this age of isolation maybe don’t worry so much what your lawn looks like and strive to grow a more natural space as a reminder to let your heart and soul grow with your mind and body. Let go of the need for old standards and devout your energy to listening to your intuition and hope for a healthier tomorrow.

Amelia Martin
How To Be Mad At God - Mini Bio

Step one. Pray.

All the time. From a young age. Allow God to speak in a way that makes you feel known. Hear in your heart the call to leave everything behind so you can change the world. Ask to be chosen. Seek advice from spiritual leaders on how to know if you’re called. Find a way to follow that inner voice to the bitter end.

Step Two. Discern.

So when the Christ supposedly returned to the hand of the Father the Church it became obvious the second coming wasn’t coming any time soon so the Church broke into pieces as the message of redemption spread. Christianity would come to dominate the West and from that would rise up religious groups to solve the social problems they believe God wanted them to fix. They couldn’t be idle. But when the divine no longer sends burning bushes or angels of light how do you know what God wants YOU to do? Discernment.

Belief in the Christ and his mission demands actions. But when the divine no longer sends burning bushes or angels of light how do you to know what God wants YOU to do? Discernment.

Learn to grasp and comprehend the obscure. See a rise in emotions during church as a sign of Gods presence. Consider the imaginations of what life would be like as a nun in medieval times as a call to consecration today and now. Dismiss your lack of meaningful relationships as proof you’re meant for something, not someone, extra special. Ask experts to help dismantle the deepest, most private part of your psyche to get external confirmation that you’re called.

Step Three. Follow.

You think I’m tricking you at this point. I’m not. For I believe that to be mad there has to be a relationship. Therefore I propose that to truly feel anger at God, to hate God, you have to have followed the path or the rules or whatever.

Which I did for 9 years from 13 to 22 in a religious group that’s since morphed and changed almost as much as I have. Knowing that there was a Mater Ecclesiae College on Austen Ave in Greenville Road Island seems like an secret for a cult. The building is still in use. I want to go stand in those halls and imagine myself back to the feeling of “being in formation” with my day spent going from chapel to dining hall to classroom to chapel to bed to wake to do it all again.

Step Four. Change.

It’s the only constant.

Its the one thing the Church hates.

Church can destroy you using everything you ever loved as the means and motivation. Only it’s just people trying to control their worlds by manipulating mine.

Step five. Resurrection.

That’s where it ends. People deciding that who I was, how I loved was too out of their control. So my religion died. My resurrection was fueled by anger at Gods as I knew them. It’s an anger that burns. It’s an anger that’s rooted. It’s an anger like a hurricane. It destroys all that came before except the knowledge that I was made from and for love.

Amelia Martin the Heretic Fairy

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Joan Wilson3y

Hello! How accurate is the practice? Thanks in advance!

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Apr 22, 2024, 08:00

Geopathic Stress
Geopathic stress is the distortion of Geo-electromagnetic energies in the earth’s field of underground water courses, mineral deposits; faults and underground cavities. These distorted or negative energies may radiate through your house or work place, affecting the health of the occupants in different ways. The problem arises when people spend long periods of time working or sleeping in these lines or zones of ‘Geopathic stress’ (GS). The healing of land and houses is essential for good health and wellbeing

Symptoms of Geopathic stress

While Geopathic stress does not cause illnesses directly, it may weaken the immune system which in turn weakens the body, making it slower to heal and more susceptible to illnesses such as cancer.

Sleeping in a Geopathic zone is particularly stressful. If you sleep on a spiral, where two Leylines of the negative energy cross, for example, two underground rivers, not alone may it affect your sleep patterns by causing broken or restless sleep or nightmares, you may wake up in the morning feeling more tired than when you went to bed. This is because the adrenal gland works overtime to compensate for the distorted earth radiation. The brain also cannot relax into a deep sleep to repair and regenerate the body due to the high content of adrenaline in the blood. Over time, the fact that you sleep in this energy overnight, may lead to energy imbalance or long term illness.

Any of the following are believed to result from exposure to Geopathic stress:

Behavioral problems, e.g. Aggression, hyperactivity
Emotional instability
Sleeping disorders and restlessness
Cancer, M.E. And M.S.
Aches and pains, e.g. Headaches
Back problems
Infertility and cot deaths
Asthma and allergies
Stress and nervousness
Lack of concentration or memory loss
Exhaustion, fatigue or loss of strength
Absenteeism at work due to sickness
Not responding to medical treatment

Physical indicators of Geopathic stress

Animals that gravitate to lines or zones of GS include: cats, owls, slugs, snails, insects such as ants, bacteria, viruses, wasps and bees. Most mammals avoid areas of Geopathic stress. Horses and cows stabled over GS may become sick or prone to injuries. In Ireland in the days of old, people used to put cattle into the fields to see where they would sleep knowing that they would not sleep in areas of negative energy. This is then where the buildings were placed, in the good old days before planning permission!

Areas of non-productive fruit trees, gaps in hedges, twisted growth, patches in lawns and trees where lightening has struck can indicate areas of GS.

Animals and very young children can feel instinctively if a place is healthy or not i.e. If there are lines or zones of Geopathic stress within it. If children are oriented differently from when they were tucked in, or don’t want to sleep in their beds it is wise to check for lines of the GS.

Can the level of Geopathic stress be measured?

Through the art of dowsing, Dr. Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, the ‘Grand Old Man’ of GS, developed a scale to analyze the strengths and effects of the contaminated leylines

The scale runs from 1 to 16 with the following effects:

Up to 4: No effect.
5 – 6: Obesity, swelling of joints, headaches, sleeping problems, anxiety.
7 – 8: Mental disorders, addictions, suicides, depression.
9 plus: Cancer, leukemia, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s and many other disorders.
In both Germany and Austria it is the law to have your house checked for Geopathic stress before you move in.

Love and Light
Joanna Rose Tierney

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Chakra Balancing
Praggati Anand Oswaal
Apr 22, 2024, 08:00
7 Day Chakra Challenge

READY to bring balance to your body and mind.
READY to ignite your passion and creativity.
READY to boost your self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-love.

Life is busier than ever, and we can get more done than ever before! But our need for productivity can lead to burnout.

  • Do you feel like you’re drifting through life on auto-pilot?
  • Are you constantly stressed and anxious?
  • Is communication always a struggle?
  • Do you feel run down with no energy?
  • Are you constantly questioning your decisions?
    These are all symptoms of blocked chakras

Here’s what’s possible when you learn to balance your chakras…

  • Create a positive attitude that attracts joy into your life.
  • Feel more energized and driven.
  • Connect to your purpose and live with a deep sense of fulfillment.
  • Ignite your creativity and motivation.

What if I told you everything you needed to live your best life was already within you?

Each chakra can be correlated to everything from physical pain and discomfort in the body, to our relationships with others, emotional wellbeing, and our sense of purpose. Balancing our chakras ensures that our energy is flowing smoothly, and brings a sense of calm and peace into our lives.

This course includes a 60 min Yoga practice for balancing each Chakra and also 15-20 min meditation to connect with the Chakra at the energy level. All these videos are part of this course and you have access to them for lifetime once you sign up for the course.

Day 1 : Root Chakra
When the Root Chakra energy is vibrant and flowing well, we have a great connection to the earth and feel reassured.We are not struggling to feel safe and secure. We just are! This Chakra and energy governs our survival and stability, controlling fight or flight responses.

Day 2 : Sacral Chakra
This Chakra and energy governs our emotions. It is linked to our feelings, creativity, sensuality, and sexuality. When this energy is vibrant, we embrace and enjoy life .We can easily let go of situations without excessive dwelling, and we can express ourselves without being selfish or cruel. We tend to ooze happiness and find joy everywhere!

Day 3 : Solar Plexus Chakra
This Chakra and energy is all about your personal power and how much of your life you take accountability for. When this energy is vibrant and flowing well, we are confidently decisive but still able to enjoy the spirit of spontaneity. We have a strong sense of purpose combined with healthy self-esteem. When it is out of balance, you may feel out of touch with the fire within you.

Day 4 : Heart Chakra
This Chakra energy plays a significant role in attaining overall energetic balance. It relates to our ability to give and receive love. It circulates our emotional energy and governs our empathy, ability to forgive, compassion, divine love, and how we process grief. Without your heart Chakra being open, love cannot and will not prevail.

Day 5 : Throat Chakra
This Chakra and energy governs our communication and creativity and is linked to our independence, use of language and ability to speak our truth. Not being able to freely communicate or express your thoughts and opinions will cause this Chakra to fall out of balance

Day 6 : Third Eye Chakra
This Chakra and energy governs our intuition, thoughts, and imagination, resulting in our ability to self-reflect and have a vision. When this energy is balanced, we have clarity of mind and great focus. We’re able to accept and live our truth. We are not easily distracted.

Day 7 : Crown Chakra
This Chakra and energy is linked to spiritual awareness, presence of true mindfulness and universal unity. When in balance, we are open to knowledge and the wisdom of others and are living our best, most fulfilled, and peaceful life.


  • Video on various meditation postures and breathing techniques
  • Chakra Balancing Manual
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Shamanic Healing
Joanna Rose Tierney
Apr 22, 2024, 08:00
Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing is done distantly or face to face.

In a shamanic healing I do a list of healings in one session. For me it is like looking at each piece of the puzzle to make sure all the piece are in line and ready to go back into place to make the person whole again.

In a shamanic healing I do:

  • Ancestral Healing
  • Crystal Healing,
  • Curse, Hicks and Spells Removal,
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  • Past Life Healing,
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Love and Light

Joanna Rose Tierney

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During the initial consultation for the Light Body program, we'll delve into a holistic approach aimed at helping you achieve weight loss without resorting to traditional diets. We'll explore how this program can support your weight loss journey emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically, emphasizing a more profound understanding of your body and its needs. Through this comprehensive approach, you can attain lasting, sustainable results while nurturing your overall well-being and personal growth

Target audience

All adults looking to lose weight and adopt a holistic outlook


Insight into your weight issue
Emotionally stable
Mentally Able


Initial consultation to discuss a tailored weight loss program

Other comments

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Astral Core
Apr 22, 2024, 14:00
Vocational Analysis


An introduction to the most reliable astrological process ever devised that is specifically curated for identifying one’s vocation. Have you ever asked yourself, "what is my calling in life?" Does the prospect of job vagaries make glum? Are you finally where you aimed to be professionally, but now questioning everything, including the path you chose to take?

Target audience

Candidates often are undergoing their first or second Saturn Return, or perhaps are in college.


Save time and anguish by zeroing in on a direction that is most fitting and suitable for your natural aptitudes and interests. Done well clients realize the potential of a Vocational Analysis when the work life aligns with life's goals, and ultimately leads to fulfilment (The Midheaven). Alignment seems to be the key, to discover and attend to whatever the spirit finds agreeable, natural, and for the most part, generates well-being.


15 minutes: this is not a full session, but only one small sidebar to a comprehensive consultation.

Other comments

The Midheaven Extension Process is remarkably reliable, but no process is foolproof. Many non-astrological variables are at play to either affirm or deny individual life direction. Still, with over an 80% success rate most people find incredible value in this service.

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Elaine Snyder
Apr 22, 2024, 13:00
Oracle Card Reading

Receive guidance about current life circumstances through an Oracle card reading. Using a three-card spread to reveal an intuitive reading of your energy, ask a question and gain insight about what is happening in your past, present, and future. Learn whether or not your actions are in alignment with a desired outcome, what challenges are holding you back, who or what may be helping you along the way, and how to progress. This is an introduction to my card reading, and is perfect for discovering whether or not we are a good fit for continued work together.

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