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Package of 5 sessions. QHET Quantum Hypnotherapy .

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A superior change for many Lightworkers, we are speeding up in the ascension within and as it, we also bringing more recognition in our DNA, Starseeds awakening to their life purpose; each session brings more of what is needed to see, acknowledge and expand, each session is like bliss, a wink from the universe :)
QHET Quantum Healing, the portal for a SOUL expansion
Many times I’ve been asked, what is the quantum field? Is it really real? For me is only one answer, leave the imagination to do the work, feel like a child playing around, touching for the first time the great unknown, like in the quantum healing hypnosis session. quantum field is always here, around you and tapping into it has never been easier then now. Another question, most common one, is do I need to prepare myself for the session? I would say, you are already in the session from the moment you started thinking about it, imagine that your Higher Self is working behind the scene to make it happen for you. It is like two dots looking for each other, yourself is looking for a practitioner and the invisible realm make it happen, and all I ask for will be, be patient, smile. Do I want to go under, I would prefer to be aware what will happen. It is also one of question from my beloved clients, can I have a moment with your controlling mind please ))) just for a moment, as we meet, let “the little controller” leave a site, let the You speak up, experience, receive peace of mind, all is already prepared, not that you loosing something, everything there, in you, is getting ready for the most wonderful session. I don’t have imagination, my imagination is rather poor, that’s one of my favorites approaching before we even start. What if I’m here to guide you, gently, what if I have practiced quantum hypnosis for years, what if with my voice you will have something greater then imagination….. imagination is a state of coherence, in relax state of mind (Delta Theta)* you will go under within seconds. I had many clients, say “thinkers” like math geniuses, boxers, IT managers, just to name a few and you know what, we had an amazing adventure, one of them been shown his life purpose protect Gaia, the other one was there, in the field, to write a book. Does it sounds like something you wish to experience? The hypnosis is more likely to be effective for man not woman, woman can’t concentrate. Yes and yes, and what if the brain is one, what if women think they can not and men think I can do better then that. I leave you with that ))). I heard that hypnosis can make harm. Well, if it is your approach to quantum healing hypnotherapy sessions I have no further implementations for you. How long it takes to healing occur? in the quantum love field everything occur now. The benefits are often noticed straight away, but the full results will be continue over the coming weeks and even months for most people. Can Akashic records ancestral healing take place during the quantum healing hypnotherapy session? I’ve been working with Masters of Akashy (Earthy and Universal) for several months now. I can only say that the healing in multidimensional NOW is always available (intention for your session). I’m here to provide the best outcome, to support yourself journey with all of my skills, as my intention, to ensure that you receive the most benefits from your session.
I offer the series of QHET sessions for one purpose to support your self-journey, to help you with self-manifestation of vibrational coherence, in Light. the fee is for 5 session of price of 4. One session for FREE.
Loking forward to hearing from you! Many Blessings. Alexandra
One of testimonies
After we completed here, I found myself still sitting in the most amazing Quantum love energy all around my body. I just recorded about 9 min of light language and channel message with such amazing love vibration and light codes.Much gratitude for all you share

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Founder of Quantum Healing Experience Tachnque QHET Hypnotherapy, Transitional Coach, Akashic Reading, Alexandra is a channeler of Kryon, Voice of MaRTaDa' Walk-in. Delivering messages of Unity, Peace, Love. Herself, as Ma'rtada’s represents Star Mothers helping people with heart activations, healing in multidimensional Universe, connecting to a Higher realm of Consciousness. Author

6 years of practice
On Core Spirit since June 2021

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