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Pendulum Reading Session (10 Questions)

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For millennia, pendulums have been used as tools of divination and energy guidance. By dowsing (or scrying) and connecting to your intuition and higher power, you can gain insight and answers to help make decisions, align your chakras, cleanse negativity, direct healing energy, and so much more!

I am an experienced reader with over 20 years of experience. By connecting to Spirit and channeling, my readings are quite accurate. Each reading is treated with extreme care and meditative ritual prior to the reading. And as your reader, I will treat each session with care and confidentiality.

This reading is for 10 questions. Please have your questions ready at the time of consultation. Questions can only be answered by Yes/No/Undecided. Please provide questions that can only be answered in this manner. I will also provide any additional information to each question that may be channeled from Spirit (if provided during the session).

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I am an eclectic chaos practitioner, specializing in sigil work and manifesting. As a lifelong claircognizant and empath, I practice divination through dowsing, tarot, and oracle, as well as channeling when I create sigils for clients. As a dedicated student of life and the craft, I have started including ancestral and shamanic work. My goal is to help others manifest the life they envision!


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$10 USD
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