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My weightloss formula


HOw to loaw weight with no diet

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Cagliari, Metropolitan City of Cagliari, Italy

Rossella Tocco born in Cagliari, Sardinia – Italy in 1977. Rossella graduated in Law in 2002
She obtained her master’s degree in professional coaching a and later she became Coach and the first Trainer in Sardinia of the “Right Weight Forever” method where she offers a unic weightloss protocol.
She’s certified by ICF (International Coach Federation) as PCC and PCC Assessor.

On Core Spirit since July 2022

rossella tocco
Lose Weight without counting calories

We are all influenced by educational figures, environment, past dietary failures.
All our beliefs can be changed, otherwise we would all vote for the same political party or support the same football team!

If I failed every time I went on a diet, I will be led to think that this works for me and that I will fail this time too, right?

Beliefs provoke useful behaviors if they are empowering beliefs, or useless behavior if we build prisons within ourselves.

Customers who come to me often tell me: I am overweight and I want to lose weight but ...
It's genetic
I have big bones
I'm not constant
I like eating
I'm very swollen
I am greedy
I don't eat anything but fatten up
thin people are sad
thin people are nervous
I am in meopause
I have slow metabolism
I have a certain age now
I don't have time because I work
I eat too much because I'm always at home
I don't deserve it

What are your beliefs and how can you doubt them today? Find your beliefs and counterexamples that you've never noticed before!

I'll give you some examples:
if the client says that she cannot lose weight because she is in menopause I ask her if she knows other ladies of her age who have kept or found the shape in that precise physical condition and what exactly those people do to keep the right weight
if a client tells me he is fat because everyone in his family is fat, I ask him if he knows any friends who are skinny even though their parents are overweight
or again:
if he tells me that the lean are nervous I ask him if he knows any skinny friend who is calm and nice, despite being a normal weight.

The funniest situation happened to me a few months ago with a client who lost so much weight but who at one point tried to self-sabotage and return to old behaviors by saying:
I am 60 years old, why should I keep the right weight at this age?
and I answered her with another question: of course you're right, I thought you wanted to get to the fourth healthy age and able to take your grandchildren to kindergarten, didn't you?

What do you want to believe?
If I think it is difficult it certainly will be, so if I think it is possible it will be. I'll still be right in both cases.
When our inner dialogue perceives a difficulty, our unconscious part will look for proofs that it is true.
So for example, if I have a meeting at work with the boss and I tell myself that it will be difficult, my unconscious part will think about when I will be scolded, when they will make me notes about mistakes, the fact that the previous meeting was difficult and so will be the next.

We put a filter in our head that allows us to see only the mirror of what we have decided to see.
But luckily the same mechanism can be used positively!
If you want to change the car and have decided to buy a new one, red, have you ever seen so many red cars running from that day onwards?
Like when we decide to have a baby and see so many pregnant women ..
or even worse when we can't do something and suddenly we only see the people who succeeded !!!

We want to choose USEFUL beliefs. I don't care that you believe me or what you have always believed, you just need to try to believe what is useful for you. We often think that certain beliefs or thoughts are true only because we have thought of them many times and therefore we simply recognize them.
It may be false what I believe in or what you believe in, in fact you will be free in your path what works most for you.

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